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RUSH: We’re gonna start with Brent in Denver. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network, Brent. Hi.

CALLER: Well, mega Colorado swing state dittos to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: (out of breath) I just wanted to let you know I was at the Romney event last night, and after the event was over there was a group holding up a bunch of signs that said, “Democrats for Romney.” So curiosity got the best of me. I decided to go ask them what made the change. So I asked them two questions. The first question I asked is: What made you choose Romney? And the man I talked to who was black, probably in his late twenties/early thirties, stated that he was disillusioned with Obama’s promises.

And he began to reiterate what some of those things were. But it made him and forced him to do research. He said he compared the candidates’ claims together, compared them to the Constitution, looked into Reagan. He said he wasn’t even born when Reagan was president. And he began to look into it, and he said he wanted to stick with something that was constitutional. It upset him that Obama had been sworn in to protect the Constitution and now says it’s an old, outdated document.

RUSH: Wait a minute. How many people were in this group?

CALLER: This group probably had eight people. It wasn’t really big but they were getting a lot of attention. They were right behind Romney, probably — well, camera-wise — to his left.

RUSH: Now, let me just ask: How common do you think that guy’s answer is if you extrapolate that across the country? How many people are actually doing what that guy told you he did? He wanted to research. He didn’t like Obama. He’s not constitutional. Where does that come from?

CALLER: That’s what his claim was. I don’t know if it’s that often. If you take a look proportionally how big that group was, it wasn’t very big. But it did get some attention there as to, you know, what the people were there for. After the second question that I asked: “What’s the biggest problem that you think liberals have?” He said, “It’s ignorance. They just don’t look into anything.” He says, “That’s the way I was,” and he says, “but it bothered me,” and he wanted to look into it, and he said that he began to doing comparisons. He said the Obama movie —

RUSH: Something had to be the catalyst. This guy… Man, I would love to ask this guy. There had to be an event. Something happened one day to wake this guy up. I would love to know what that was.

CALLER: He stated the 2016 Obama movie shocked him and forced him to look deeper into Obama.

RUSH: Ahhh-ha.

CALLER: He said that was big for him.

RUSH: Okay, there you go. That’s another thing. If that movie were done by Michael Moore, it would have won a big award at Cannes. It would be in line for an “Epidemic” Award, and it would be all over the news. But nobody knows about it except those who’ve seen it.

CALLER: Well, he stated that he was a little reluctant to go at first. But some of his other friends said that they had seen it, and it caused them some worry so he decided to go see it. At first he wanted to put it down, but when he went there he said he was just confronted with too much facts and that made him do all of his research.

RUSH: Interesting. I’ve never heard of this group. It’s the first I’ve heard that there were people showing up at Romney rallies, Democrats for Romney. Well, look, it’s an anecdotal story. You can’t make too much about this. I don’t think there are a whole lot of people doing that, but we’ll take it. We’ll take it. Just keep everything in perspective and in context as you think about that.

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