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RUSH: Mark in Houston. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Anti-occupy Libya dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Ah. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: With all due respect to the US military service, to me the second toughest job in America would be the guy hired, the liberal gas-seeker hired to listen to you. Because at some point in time, he’s got to do like that guy yesterday who sits and listens to you long enough and goes, “What the heck am I thinking?”

RUSH: You know, if I can add something to this: I myself have wondered that. They do have these people listening to me. They’re all over. The White House has people assigned, Media Matters. To them it’s obviously pure torture, but how does it not make sense? How does it not get through?

CALLER: I just want to say to them: It’s very okay for them, because many people are doing it, to turn on their party to help save this country — and I thank you for your time.

RUSH: I appreciate your call. They don’t like the country. That’s another thing — you know, try to persuade people of that, but — they don’t like the country as founded. They don’t like capitalism. Capitalism’s unfair! Capitalism steals from the poor. That’s how rich people get rich: They steal from the poor. Capitalism’s unfair. The rich get together and they hoard everything and they don’t let anybody have anything else.

They don’t let anybody have any opportunity, don’t let anybody have any milk, don’t let anybody have a big house or big car. It’s just unfair! They don’t like it, and they think that taking money away from the rich is somehow gonna end in their back pockets, which of course never happens. My guess is that these people assigned to listen to me end up having a shorter career life expectancy than the people that work in animal shelters.

That is tough. Those people quit in about six weeks. That’s some hard stuff. The animal shelter, that’s a tough gig. You gotta watch them euthanize poor innocent animals. That’s a tough gig. They last about six weeks and they’re out of there. Liberal listeners assigned to EIB, how long can they take it before they go nuts? Do you realize how often they probably have to rotate ’em in and out in order to keep ’em from being persuaded and doing a 180 on their own side?

Here’s John in Crofton, Maryland. John, I’m glad you waited. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, you’re a great man. You’re always right. I think that Romney really should listen to you. You said you don’t want to give him advice because they never listen. I’m looking at the second page of today’s Washington Post, and there’s a picture of Romney on his jet, and he’s got his campaign chairman, Bob White there, and Beth Myers, and Ed Gillespie. The three of them are, I guess, discussing what happened in Denver. They’re aboard the campaign plane above Denver, and it’s between Ezra Klein’s column and Dana Milbank’s. But, anyway, this is put in here, and I was thinking, “Well, who’s giving Romney bad advice?” and I’m saying, get rid of — well, you can’t, it’s too late, but stop listening to Bob White, Beth Myers, and Ed Gillespie. You know, here he had it right when he came out against what was happening in Cairo and then Benghazi, and if you remember, the Cairo embassy, it sounded weird, that the US embassy in Cairo is coming out and apologizing for what happened, you know, blame America first.

RUSH: Apologizing before anything happened. The apology was designed to make Al-Qaeda not do anything.

CALLER: Yeah. So what does Romney do? He sticks up for the American tradition, the American Constitution. He sticks up for the First Amendment. He’s not saying that anybody did anything right or wrong. He’s just saying, hey, we’re Americans, you know, we have freedom of speech and everything else and these are guarantees and this supports our freedom. And then he went mute on it. That’s why I blame White, Myers, and Gillespie or somebody —

RUSH: Well, how do you know it’s them? How do you know it’s them and not Romney? Look, Romney got beat up over that, and he got beat up because they’re treating him as though he is president. He shoulda continued to act presidential.

CALLER: All I see are three guys surrounding him on his airplane, you know, before or after Denver. This is recent, like I said, it’s in today’s paper. He’s listening to somebody that’s not giving him good advice. I would read Leo Durocher’s comment, he was the manager of the old Brooklyn Dodgers, and he said nice guys finish last.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: You know what, Romney? I think Leo Durocher was right and you’re gonna find that out if you don’t change your tactics.

RUSH: Yeah. I tell you what, I loved Leo “Lippy.” I loved the guy. I loved Leo Durocher. It’s fascinating. I think what John here epitomizes, ladies and gentlemen, is something many of you feel. You don’t want to sit around and just hope that there’s a majority of people that want to stop Obama that show up and vote. Romney has to get the base out, and nobody wants to just assume the base will show up ’cause Obama’s enough to get ’em out. Go conservative. You know, drop this Obama’s a nice guy in over his head stuff. Nice guys don’t do the kind of stuff Obama’s doing. But this why I said I don’t know how much advice he needs. He’s lived a long life. He’s got his own ideas about things.

I don’t think Romney’s sitting around with no idea what to do and listening to things as a sponge. I know people, and you epitomize it, people want to see some fight. They want to see Romney man up. Look, you got the nomination. Where is the Romney that did all that to Newt and to Rick Perry and all the other Republicans in the primary, where is that go at that guy? ‘Cause those guys are not nearly the problem that Obama is. Maybe we’re gonna see some of that in the debate. We’ll reserve it. We got five weeks. Anything can happen, but people want to see some passion. Passion is a magnet, and they want to see some.

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