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RUSH: Univision is not giving up on Fast and Furious. This is stunning. I don’t know if any of you have taken the time to go to YouTube and see any of the videos. It is incredible what Univision is finding and what they’re reporting about Fast and Furious. If this were a Republican president, those people would know. If this were a Republican president and Libya had happened, those people would know. Everybody would know.

If this were a Republican president, the American people would know that there are 2,000 dead and counting in Afghanistan in a no-win situation, in a war that’s being prosecuted in a totally inept and incompetent way. If those people did know, it wouldn’t be a question of having a big heart and wanting to give a failed president a second chance because he’s African-American.

It would be: We’ve got to get rid of the guy for the good of the country and my children and grandchildren! “When Mexican authorities took Juarez drug cartel carnage king Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez — better known as ‘El Diego’ — into custody, he had weapons from Operation Fast and Furious on his person, the English-language transcript of the Spanish-language television network UnivisionÂ’s special investigation into the scandal shows.

“‘According to investigations, “El Diego” forms the link between this massacre and Fast and Furious,’ an anchor read on air in Spanish Sunday evening … ‘When he (El Diego) was captured in Chihuahua in the summer of 2011, he was found with weapons that the American government had allowed to enter Mexico,’ the anchor added,” again, on Univision. It is truly remarkable how little press these revelations from Univision are getting.

“When Mexican authorities [captured] drug cartel [boss] ‘El Diego’ … he had weapons from Operation Fast and Furious on his person.” He is one of the many links. “El Diego was … the leader of the Juarez drug cartel’s La Linea — or ‘enforcement arm.’ According to the El Paso Times … Mexican authorities have alleged El Diego is responsible for the murders of at least 1,500 people in Juarez and Chihuaha City [sic], Mexico.

“In fact, El Diego’s gang, La Linea, has been linked to at least three major massacres,” all made possible by Fast and Furious. And massive numbers of Hispanic-speaking Americans know it now. They are hearing about it. It is amazingly uncovered.

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