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RUSH: People are sending me e-mails, folks. I got a note from a guy who was just in Washington. He said he couldn’t find any evidence that there’s a presidential campaign there. He didn’t find any Obama signs. He didn’t find any Obama bumper stickers. (Not much on Romney, either.) I got a story here from the Raleigh News & Observer: “At UNC-Chapel Hill, Finding Volunteers for Obama Campaign is Harder This Time.”

Four years ago here in south Florida where we live, there were college kids all over the place carrying Obama signs and passing out Obama bumper stickers, and there’s none of that. You know, I’m pretty much a recluse, so I have to ask people what’s going on. (chuckles) Nobody’s seeing them. There aren’t any Obama signs out there. I don’t even see Obama bumper stickers. I see some old 2008 stuff, but there’s nothing new.

The guy that wrote me from Washington said there’s no indication whatsoever that there’s a presidential campaign going on, even in the DC suburbs. There are no Obama bumper stickers or paraphernalia on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and that’s the belly of the beast. It really is weird. There is no automatic… It doesn’t seem right, and I don’t know what to make of this, if anything, by the way. ‘Cause this is all anecdotal.

Maybe it’s been decided it’s a waste of money, all these yard signs and bumper stickers, but it’s a big difference from 2008. There’s no spontaneous combustion enthusiasm out there, certainly not for Obama. Nothing like there was in 2008.


RUSH: Now, don’t misunderstand me out there, folks, when we were talking about the lack of Obama signage out there. There isn’t a whole lot of Romney signage, either, that anybody sees. I mean, there’s some. But it’s odd. It’s a presidential campaign. It’s an election that many people feel is the most crucial and important in their lifetimes, and maybe in the lifetime of the country because the future of the country’s at stake and what kind of country we’re gonna be.

And in certain states, you travel around, and there’s no indication that anything is going on for either candidate. You don’t see a lot of Romney stuff out there; you don’t see a lot of Obama stuff. So if you go into a state where it is assumed to be a slam-dunk Obama state, like New Jersey, and you don’t see any signage, what would you think? What would you think it means?

You’d probably think that Romney’s not lighting any fires, right? If you’re in New Jersey, a definite Democrat state, and there’s no Romney sign, maybe — maybe — there’s no prayer there, or no energy, no enthusiasm. I don’t know. It’s just is weird, given how crucially important to so many people this election is, and yet eyeball evidence is that there really isn’t one going on. Yet it is the only subject in the media, for the most part. It’s fascinating.

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