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RUSH: Chester in Irvine, California. I’m glad you waited. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, great show.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’m a 16-year-listener, first-time caller, and you sound irate today. I’m glad, because you pale — pale, my friend — in comparison to me. I just got off the phone with Snerdley. I just paid $4.75, Rush, for a gallon of gasoline in Irvine, California, right off the 405. Now, let’s just do the math. And this is for the dolts all over at George Mason. If you have two vehicles and you have an F-150 and you have a Mazda truck and a 17- gallon tank, Rush, that’s $42 more per fill-up multiplied by —

RUSH: Wait just a second!

CALLER: Rush, let me finish. I am so mad —

RUSH: Hold on. Hold on just a minute, Chester. Who you think you are to have all those cars? What right do you have to have all those cars and trucks?

CALLER: You know who I am, Rush? I’m a hardworking (garbled) white guy. That’s who I am.

RUSH: You’ve got more than your share, Chester! You are exactly what’s wrong with this country. I can’t believe the greed and selfishness. Look at all the people that don’t have cars and trucks ’cause of how many you’ve got. I’d be ashamed! I can’t believe it. And now you have the guts to call here and complain about the price of the gasoline it costs to put in ’em?

CALLER: Rush, you don’t even hear anything about it. When Bush was president, every LA news channel had these hacks at the gas station complaining about $2 gas. Now it’s $4.75. If you do the math, that’s $2300 more per car. That’s $4600 more combined per year. Now, I realize that to a hack like that gentleman over at MS-LSD, Chris Matthews, that’s chump change. But, you know, for regular taxpayers, that’s a lot of money.

RUSH: That’s after-tax dollars.

CALLER: After tax. Now, Chris Matthews, who is so anti-white, and Chris Matthews, who is so pro-Mexican… I challenge Chris Matthews — and I hope he hears this, Rush, on Media Matters. Get your ass out of lily white Northern Virginia. Why don’t you move to the barrios of Santa Ana? Move to the barrios of San Antonio, El Centro, East LA. Or if you’re so pro-black and anti-white, move to Cleveland! Move to Gary, East St. Louis, Compton. That guy’s got no credibility, Rush. And to the people that are on, I guess you call it —

RUSH: Why do you want him moving to those places? What is your point?

CALLER: My point is this, Rush. Here’s my point. These undecided voters? Look, Mitt Romney could go tomorrow and run OPEC, Siemens corporation, DuPont, Boeing, Airbus. Barack Obama, Rush, you know this, he couldn’t even work in the mail room. People, wake up. This country’s going to hell in a hand basket! We’re going to be paying $6 a gallon for gas, Rush? Come on, now!

RUSH: We heading that way.

CALLER: Rush, how is a family supposed survive? You got taxes. I mean, if you’re in construction? Drywall, concrete, paint, lumber, power tools, they’re all going through the roof!

RUSH: Chester?

CALLER: You have people saying that they’re doing better? I mean, are you kidding me?

RUSH: Chester? Chester?

CALLER: Rush, where are they getting their crack from?

RUSH: Chester, Chris Matthews lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and New Hampshire.

CALLER: Lily white, huh, Rush?

RUSH: Two places with, I think, the lowest minority populations in the country. Yet your point is he seems to know all these minorities and what they think and how they live, but he wouldn’t know one if he ran into one? That is your point, right?


RUSH: Number two. Number two, you are supposed to suffer. You asked, “What’s a family supposed to do?” Under Obama, you are supposed to suffer. I was only half joking. “You’ve got more trucks than your fair share. You’ve got more than you deserve. You don’t need to be buying that much gasoline. You’re causing global warming.” That’s who Obama is, Chester.


RUSH: He’s not there to make it possible for you to improve your lot in life so you can more easily afford that $6500. His job is to make you suffer because you’re not supposed to have that much and you’re not supposed to be using that much. You have more and are using more than your share!

CALLER: Well, you’re right about that, Rush. Let me close by saying two things. A, I love Two If By Tea. So I hope you’re making a lot of money. I know you’re donating a lot of money. Secondly, you know what? You travel a lot. I know you golf overseas and you golf all over the place. I returned from a trip to Central America. You know, there’s a lot of Americans moving down to Costa Rica, to Ecuador that uses the US dollar, to Panama that uses the US dollar. And, you know, if things continue to go south, Americans that still have a little bit left, Rush, you know what? They can actually take their money with them.

RUSH: You know, it’s an interesting point. I went down to Puerto Vallarta on a golf trip three years ago now. It was in November, and I ended up catching a stomach bug delayed until a month after I got back. Anyway, I was stunned at the number of Americans who live there. And they were telling me, “Oh, yeah, it doesn’t cost anything here.” They were telling me how cheap their apartments were, their condos or whatever. They live there. These are former California residents who moved to Puerto Vallarta. Let me ask you, do you live in Irvine?

CALLER: Yes, I do.

RUSH: You do. Irvine, would you consider Irvine a suburb?

CALLER: Irvine is 25 minutes south, Rush, of Disneyland.

RUSH: Then why don’t you take…? See, what you’re supposed to do in Obamaville, Chester — and I’m not kidding. All of this is supposed to make you get on a bus or a train. Mass transit, Chester. You see, Obama doesn’t like the fact that you’ve fled the city. He doesn’t like you living in suburbia. He doesn’t like it. You have taken your money away from the city. You were able to flee the squalid conditions others can’t.

So the fact that you’re suffering some pain?

That’s the plan.

CALLER: Rush, I take offense to the word “suburb.” That has a racial overtone, and I never once heard the media say that, and if Mitt Romney can’t say the word “apartment,” then President Obama shouldn’t be able to say the word “suburb.”

RUSH: Well, have you heard the latest. Get this. Sununu was on Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, the day after the debate and called Obama lazy. And the left wing machine went into gear. “That is racism. You call our beloved black president lazy! Why don’t you add shiftless to it? Why don’t you just finish it?” They wanted to make it out that Sununu was being racist by calling Obama lazy, because he’s black, and you’re not supposed to do that. And so Andrea Mitchell says, (paraphrasing) “Do you want to take that back?” “No, I’m not gonna take it back. He’s lazy.”

By the way, Andrea, he’s admitted that he’s lazy. He’s admitted it. He’s used the word himself to describe himself. He called himself lazy with Barbara Walters last Christmas. I’ve got the audio here. He’s used the word to describe himself. He said he didn’t like debate prep. He didn’t use the word “lazy” in saying he didn’t like debate prep, but he gave the impression that he is lazy, didn’t want to put in the time, it was a drag. Anyway, this is the depths to which they have to sink in order to have anything, ’cause they don’t have one idea on their side. They don’t have one positive in Obama’s four years on their side. All they have is an attempt to impugn, discredit, smear, what have you, Obama’s opponents. Chester, I appreciate the call.

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