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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, just a brief question here. Do you remember when the latest Batman movie came out? What was it, The Dark Knight Rises? In Colorado, a guy shows up and shoots up the theater, and there were people that died in that massacre, right? Did Obama and the media blame the film? Did they blame the filmmaker? I mean, if there was a connection to the film, you could make a great case that this wacko was affected by the movie.

I wonder what woulda happened if Obama woulda said in the aftermath of that incident that the video, the movie, the film was responsible. The filmmaker. ‘Cause those are his Hollywood buddies. Now, remember what they did? They tried to find that the guy was a member of the Tea Party. Brian Ross says, “Yeah, this guy’s a member of the Tea Party!” He was wrong. They were trying to find the guy that shot up the theater in Aurora, Colorado, was a conservative.

That’s the exact case they were trying to make with the filmmaker of this video that supposedly makes fun of the Prophet Mohammed. Just a little question, just a little observation. I’m not trying to stir anything up. No, nothing of the sort. I’m just trying to point out the hypocrisy and the lack of consistency with these people. Even after everybody knows it’s not a video, they keep blaming it on the movie. Then in an instance where a movie — or at least the characters in the movie — might have actually had some impact?

“Oh, no, no! It could not have been that. Oh, never, never, never. The person responsible is in the Tea Party!”

“No, he wasn’t in the Tea Party.”

“Ohhhh, okay. Well, if wasn’t the Tea Party, it had to be conservatives.”

“No, no. He wasn’t a conservative.”

“You sure it wasn’t Palin? No, no, no.”

“It wasn’t Palin. Well, then. (stammering) I… I guess it had to be the guy that pulled the trigger.”

Yeah, after takes ’em two weeks to get there.


RUSH: I don’t believe what I just saw. What did Obama do to tick off CNN? You know, CNN just ran their own montage that we’ve been running since yesterday, with all of the administration people saying it was the video, the video blew up the Middle East, the video. They had Panetta; they had Obama; they had Susan Rice. They’re running their own video. Now they’re asking Stephanie Cutter about it, who obviously is lying and saying nobody saw what they just saw.

CNN has been on their case. CNN went in there, by the way. CNN went to the site and they found the ambassador’s diary, after four days. The administration had not taken step one to secure that consulate where this happened, the scene. CNN had a reporter over there, and four days after the fact, went in and found the ambassador’s diary, and then they published some of it, and that ticked off the regime. The regime got mad that they didn’t give the diary back to the regime, that CNN kept it and then reported what was in it. And ever since then, they put Pat Smith on, the mother of the SEAL that was killed. Now they’re running this montage.

Make no mistake, CNN doesn’t have a big audience, but it’s mainstream media. There are people that watch CNN and nothing else, and you can’t overestimate the advantage Obama has with the media in his pocket. You can’t overestimate it. It’s huge. It’s a huge advantage. Even if their monopoly is gone, even if they don’t have the size audience they used to have, it’s still a huge benefit for him. I don’t know if it’s a total turn, but this is unreal, for this to be happening five weeks, four weeks before the election.


RUSH: Here’s Donna in Des Moines, Iowa. Donna, thank you for waiting. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Professor Limbaugh. How are you?

RUSH: Well, I’m doing pretty well today, thank you.

CALLER: Me, too. I’ve been attending your campus for years. My sister in Colorado and I, we take notes, and then after the show, if it’s worthy of discussion, we get on the phone and we chew it all over again.

RUSH: What do you mean “if”?

CALLER: It is. No. If we have the time.





RUSH: I see. Good recovery there.

CALLER: Yes. Thank you. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: We were on the phone earlier talking about class topics, and I keep seeing that person that they arrested, and he comes out, he or she, ’cause as far as we know it could be Michelle (My Belle) in that outfit, and every piece of skin but the eyeballs are covered. Now, I go into that —

RUSH: No, wait, do you know why?


RUSH: He did that himself. He doesn’t want his face out there.

CALLER: But is it really who did the film, is my question, ’cause they go in with guns and whatever, and he negotiates, “Oh wait, can I put a coat on? Oh, wait, can I put a scarf on? Oh, wait, wait, let me get my hat. Oh, before you put those handcuffs on, can I put my gloves on first?” I mean, how did that all go down?

RUSH: Well, what is your point here?

CALLER: I don’t think that was the filmmaker.

RUSH: Well, who is it?

CALLER: It could be anybody. Just so they arrested someone, just so —

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Well, the problem is he’s got a name and he’s got a lawyer.

CALLER: Oh, okay. ‘Cause that was my next question.

RUSH: His name is Nakoula. He’s a Coptic Christian, and the story that I have about him is he’s being held in solitary protective custody. He and his lawyer went in, his lawyer asked for him to be released into the general population of the jail or prison, wherever he is, and they were told, no, the judge said he could not lift the protective custody, it’s a federal thing.


RUSH: Even though the sheriff’s department out there is who went and rounded him up, this is a federal thing. The judge is a woman, actually, not that that matters, but just telling you. But he was in court yesterday, he asked to join the general population. He’s being held in protective custody, and his attorney is being quoted in the LA Times as saying, “My client was not the cause of the violence in the Middle East. Clearly it was preplanned.” But that had no impact on the court.

CALLER: Okay. Will we see him, you know, like in a hearing, eventually?

RUSH: Doubt it.


RUSH: I doubt it. So you’re suspicious? You think they might just have rounded
somebody up just to say they did it and —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — that whoever’s in there is in there under totally false charges?


RUSH: And that the real filmmaker is still on the lam? Why would they not want the real filmmaker?

CALLER: I don’t know. And I don’t know — you know, have you seen the film?


CALLER: Me neither. Have we seen pieces of the film?

RUSH: I have not. I haven’t cared to. I know it’s BS. The whole thing is a lie.

CALLER: Right. Right.

RUSH: I know it was up in June, and at some point in June it had 19 views.


RUSH: It was on YouTube, it had 19 views. I had never heard about it —


RUSH: — until the Benghazi thing happened and the regime started talking about it. I’d never even heard of it, so I started working backwards and I found out that it dated back to June or July, something like that. What, are you thinking somebody in the regime might be behind the movie?

CALLER: No. I just think it was another way to make them look legitimate, to make the accusations it was all because of a film.

RUSH: Well, they’re still trying to make that. From what I understand, Donna, is that the filmmaker himself dressed himself in that way because he doesn’t want to be recognized once this is over. Do you realize this guy is a target for the rest of his life now? The president of the United States is blaming countless acts of terrorism, which resulted in death, on this guy. Stop and think of the power of that. Stop and think of the consequences of that. One guy is being laid bare here, one guy is being held responsible. This man had better get some plastic surgery, and he’d better ask for witness protection. Because if it’s ever widely disseminated who he is, what he looks like, he’s finished.

I mean, all of these things have consequences. Obama is just talking about this in the abstract. It’s like everything else, the unemployment number or whatever economic number, there are real people’s lives being affected by all this. In fact, the Pakistani prime minister, some minister has offered a bounty on the filmmaker. It’s almost like he played for the Packers or the Saints, and they had a game against the Saints. There’s a bounty on the guy. Pakistan. I think there are two bounties out of Pakistan now. A bounty on this guy. And that’s all Obama. Obama, Susan Rice, Hillary. This is an American citizen. It’s a Coptic Christian, made a movie that nobody has seen. So I don’t blame him for not wanting to be recognized.


RUSH: Yeah, this Stephanie Cutter (who is the official spokesman for the Obama campaign) said that the only reason that Benghazi is an issue is because of Ryan and Romney. If Romney hadn’t gone out and “shot first and aimed later,” if he hadn’t made those silly statements, nobody would be talking about this! She’s saying we didn’t make it an issue. Ryan and Romney made it the issue.

No, no. The real question is: Who thought up this video defense? Where did this come from? Nobody had ever seen this video, so who came up with the idea to blame it? Where did this start? That’s the great unanswered question to me. We just hear the president say (impression), “Well, there’s this video, and it’s a very humiliatin’ video.” What? Who came up with this idea?

Whose idea was it to blame the video and who heard about it? Who knew that it existed? How long did they know it existed? Were they waiting for the right moment to use it? You know, we just accept here that there was a video out there. Our last caller, she basically said, “How do we know this guy’s the actual filmmaker and not some actor they dressed up to carry this thing out?”

I understand where she’s coming from. Who thought up the video excuse in the first place, and who knew about it? There are a lot of questions about it. Now, if the filmmaker is really, really, really convinced that he’s in danger and doesn’t want to be recognized, he should apply for a show at MSNBC. He will never be seen! Nobody will ever know who he is.

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