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RUSH: Now, I’ve been talking to you since earlier this week. Suffolk University polling says that they’re gonna stop polling in North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia. Obama can’t win there. That was just a little blurb earlier in the week, and now they’ve caught up with it at TheHill.com. “Suffolk University pollster David Paleologos, whose polls are aggregated into mainstream averages to show where the presidential race stands in the swing states, said heÂ’s finished polling in Florida, North Carolina and Virginia because President Obama has no shot of winning those states.” Florida, North Carolina, Virginia. Can’t win there.

Before the debate the Suffolk poll had Obama ahead 46-43 in Florida. Now they’re pulling out; Obama can’t win there. That was the head-to-head number. “A poor place to be for a couple of reasons. Number one, his ballot test, his head-to-head number was below 47 percent before the debate, and itÂ’s very, very difficult when you have the known quantity, the incumbent, to claw your way up to 50.” If the incumbent’s not at 50, it’s over. “So that was a very, very poor place for him to be. So weÂ’re looking at this polling data not only in Florida but in Virginia and North Carolina and itÂ’s overwhelming.” They’re pulling out of there.

Let’s go to Karl Rove. Karl Rove was talking about this last night on The O’Reilly Factor.

ROVE: North Carolina, that state has been trending into the Romney camp for months, even Real Clear Politics had before the debate, a Romney lead of about eight tenths of a percent. ThereÂ’s only been one poll in North Carolina after the debate and it had a Romney margin of nine. The Obama campaign is spending money in the state, but they’ve reduced the amount of their television buy by 40% from where it was in June at a time when they’re ramping up in every other battle ground state. They can’t pull out of the state without it being a news story.

RUSH: Right. The pollster has pulled out. The regime can’t pull out. But do you remember six months ago, maybe not that long, three months ago we were told that North Carolina was gonna determine the election. And particularly, specifically what they call the Research Triangle. There were 49,000 yuppies. Remember this story? Forty-nine thousand people who live in this triangle area, Raleigh-Durham, they were gonna determine the outcome of the election. It was a serious analysis. I’m not making fun of it. It was people who were dead serious about it. It was a very persuasive case that they were making.

Obviously it was prior to the Democrat convention, and it talked about the circumstance over in Charlotte and Obama having trouble with the black vote and that that Research Triangle area, yuppies over there, whoever they are, the great undecideds, the independents, whatever the makeup was. I don’t remember. I shoulda looked the story up. I shoulda gotten it from the archives. I just remembered this on the fly, just remembered it now. Everybody said the whole election could turn on North Carolina and those 49,000 people. Let’s just assume that they’re right and the election’s over, folks. He-he-he-he-he-he-he.

You know, Obama’s down to 53% in California. He went out to California over the weekend, had a powwow with some of the Big Hollywood types, another $25,000, $30,000-a-plate dinner, Wolfgang Puck’s place. I said, “What’s he doing there? If he needs money, have ’em send a check. What’s he wasting time going out there for?” And now he’s down to 53%. Now, don’t anybody misunderstand. I’m not one of these people that thinks, “Oh, wow, Romney could win California.” I’m not saying that. I’m saying down to 53% in a state where you have to call a search party to find a Republican in that state. To be down to 53% there says something.

And then The Politico today. The Obama campaign is telling everybody not to believe the polls, especially now that they show Romney ahead. They’re even claiming they never believed the polls when they showed Obama to be ahead. That’s right, so don’t believe the polls. Tell everybody out there just not to believe the polls. “We didn’t believe the polls when they showed us way ahead. We don’t believe the polls now.” Now, I’ll tell you why this is ironic ’cause it’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along and I was mocked for it. I was made fun of for it by these very clowns at The Politico a couple of weeks ago. And so now the Obama campaign’s saying it, so it must be true. The polls must not mean anything now that Obama’s saying it.

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