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RUSH: I had a great show. Snerdley, you didn’t hear it yesterday because you were at jury duty. I wonder if it’s anything… I had a great show and you weren’t here. I wonder if there’s a connection. (laughing) You should see the pained look on his face! (laughing) So you had jury duty. (interruption)

I was just kidding. So you had jury duty yesterday. (interruption) Half the people on the jury panel were unemployed? Why is that remarkable? Half of them on the whole panel, not just the jury, because you weren’t accepted. Half of the 12. How did you get rejected? You mention my name? How did you get rejected? (interruption) You told ’em what you did for a living? Who threw you out, the prosecution or defense?

So you told ’em what you do for a living? What did you tell them you do? What did you tell them you do? (interruption) Okay. All you had to say is “Rush Limbaugh syndicated radio show” and you were gone? Yeah, okay. So it was a half day and you were gone, and half of the pool was unemployed? Why does that surprise you? Half the country’s unemployed! Why does it surprise you that a microcosm sample would be unemployed?

What does it matter anyway? Are you saying the unemployed can’t be fair jurors? Are you discriminating in here. (interruption) I don’t know. (chuckles) Snerdley is telling me he can’t believe it. It’s one thing to see the unemployment number and see it as a stat, but he ran into a room yesterday full of them. How many people in that room that you were in? (interruption) Eighteen people in his panel alone, and there are far more.

There are a lot of panels, hundreds of people in there. Half of them were unemployed, and he said it was shocking to run into that many unemployed people. They were unemployed for a year or more, two years? (interruption) Yeah. That’s real life. That’s why I spend time here on this. These unemployment numbers are real people. They are real people. Real lives are being affected by this administration and its ill-conceived policies. Anyway, welcome back. It’s good to have you. What did you do the rest of the day? You spent half day getting rejected, then what’d you do? (interruption)

You went home and went to sleep. That’s cool.

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