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RUSH: Right. That’s it. That’s how it happened. Hillary, it always comes down to Hillary. I have never seen a woman so dumped on by men in my life. I have never seen a woman take the blame for more screw-ups by men in my life. I mean, we’re talking doormat here. We’re talking doormat and supposed feminist leader.

Hi, folks. How are you? Ah, it’s wonderful to be here. Here we are on the day of debate two, and we’ll have thoughts on that coming up. Great to have you here. Rush Limbaugh, behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Telephone number, 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Now, if you listen very carefully to what Hillary said, she flew off to Peru to take the hit. If you listen very carefully to what she said, you will notice that while she took responsibility, she did not accept any blame, and in the world these people live in, you parse words that precisely, that’s significant. She didn’t take the blame. She said, quote, “I’m responsible for the State Department, for the more than 60,000 people around the world. The decisions about security are made by security professionals.” So, in other words, Hillary said she didn’t make any of these bad decisions that led to the consulate not being able to defend itself. The security professionals did. That’s taking responsibility Clinton style. She takes the heat off of Barry, President Kardashian, but she doesn’t take the blame. Here’s what she said. This is yesterday, interview with Mrs. Clinton, correspondent Elise Labott was on CNN Piers Morgan Tonight.

HILLARY: I take responsibility. I’m in charge of the State Department, 60,000-plus people all over the world, 275 posts. The president and the vice president certainly wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals.

RUSH: Yes.

HILLARY: They’re the ones who weigh all of the threats and the risks and the needs and make a considered decision.

RUSH: It seems like she is talking to Big Bird. It’s the security professionals. Okay. Okay, so Hillary’s responsible like Janet Reno was responsible for the Waco invasion. But, ladies and gentlemen, I have a question. Who created the lie about the video? And why did Hillary peddle that lie? She appeared in an ad running in Pakistan, a television ad, spreading the myth that it was the video. So who created the lie about the video and why did Hillary peddle it? She stated it clearly and definitively, and for a week that was their story. And why did it take her so long to step up here?

Do they really think that we are this stupid? They do. And remember, now, this is a move made to the morons. I mean, that’s the Obama constituency. Okay, so after all this, after all the pressure, she finally flies to Peru and says, (imitating Clinton) “I take responsibility. Not the blame. I’m in charge here. Four people dead, and it happened on my watch, but I didn’t do it and Obama didn’t do it and Susan Rice didn’t do it. Well, Susan Rice mighta.” She mighta thrown her under the bus. But who told her about the video? Who created the lie about the video? This goes right to the top. That goes to Obama. That goes to the White House.

We all know why. Obama wanted to create this impression that Al-Qaeda had been vanquished. He’s at the convention, and they mention 21 times that Osama Bin Laden is dead and GM’s still alive. Osama’s dead, Al-Qaeda has been vanquished. The last thing you can have anybody think is that Al-Qaeda’s alive and kicking and doing dirty deeds anywhere in the world, particularly in Libya. So the video, are they gonna let this guy out of jail now? Are they gonna let the Coptic Christian filmmaker out of jail? No way. No way, because they want that as their fallback. That video is gonna be part of the reason why the security people had so much trouble. But who told her about the video? Who put that story out? Who orchestrated this cover-up? ‘Cause that’s exactly what happened here.

Now, will she be fired or is it okay to turn down security requests in the most dangerous part of the world? I mean, they turned down the requests. We know that the requests were made. We know the requests were turned down. And the reason the requests for added security were turned down, folks, is because we couldn’t — I say we, the regime could not do anything to acknowledge there was a security threat. The security request happened in a vacuum. There was no way the world was gonna know that there was any problem there if Obama had anything to do about it.

So this video, they lived with that for a week, ten days. Where did he hear about the video? Did he tell Hillary? Did Hillary tell him? Who started this video story? Who told Susan Rice about the video? Who sent her out on television all over the place? She’s not even in the chain of command here. She was doing obviously political cover by making that statement all over TV. Did Obama jet off to Las Vegas without meeting with the intelligence officials? I mean, there’s so much passing the buck in this regime and in this administration.

But let’s go back. Some of you listening to this program now might be a little foggy on what happened back in the early to mid-nineties when the Clintons were running Washington. Some of you new to the program may not have been old enough to care back then or your memories might have faded somewhat, but I assure you mine hasn’t. This woman, Mrs. Clinton, smartest woman in the world, she came in with all of this prepub. Hillary has always been chosen, and it’s always been her turn next ’til Obama came along to shaft her out of the presidency because of what she put up with Bill, because of what she did. She permitted Clinton to remain in office. Heck, she actually allowed Clinton’s career to stay viable so he could run for the presidency.

She was owed quite a lot. And yet everybody in the Democrat Party when they need a fall guy or they need to dump on somebody, they always go to Hillary, and she always accepts it. You Hillary supporters out there, I know there are a lot of you out there still a little angry over what happened to her in the 2008 primaries. And once again the Democrat Party and Obama are dumping all over her and making her take the blame. Now, she agreed to do it, so there’s obviously something going on in addition to what we know behind the scenes. But let’s pretend for a minute that Obama bears zero responsibility for these four deaths, just the cover-up.

Let’s assume that what she’s trying to peddle here is true: Obama didn’t know anything. He’s minding his own business. He’s trying to lower the sea levels. He’s starting green energy, doing whatever magic he’s still trying to do. He didn’t know anything. He bears zero responsibility for the four deaths. All he’s in charge of was the cover-up. That means that Hillary Clinton is one of the most incompetent, failed, inept people in a generation. She’s a disaster. Let’s go back and review. And I’m not doing anything other here than reviewing histoire.

Hillary Clinton was in charge of the “bimbo eruptions.” She and Betsey Wright handled those during the campaign for 1992. There were all these women that Clinton had had all these dalliances with and they were all popping up like jacks-in-the-box. It was Hillary and Betsey Wright’s job to deal with the bimbo eruptions, and the way they dealt with the bimbo eruptions was basically to threaten the women.

In the modern age of feminism, of course, they’d just trash the women. She was in charge of ruining the lives of women her husband had abused and assaulted. She lied about her role in Whitewater. She should have been charged with perjury in that. She lied about her role in Travelgate. Do you remember Travelgate? Travelgate, folks, very simply, was this.

The White House has a travel office, and the travel office arranges travel for journalists and others accompanying the president on any travel, domestic or international. It’s like the travel agency inside the White House. And the people in the travel office are career. They’re not really political appointees, although they can be. The people had been in that travel office when the Clintons got there had been in there for many years, and basically Hillary came in and fired ’em all.

But she didn’t just fire them all. She put out press releases impugning their character. She charged somebody in the travel office with embezzling money or some such crime. None of it was true, folks. Billy Dale was his name. She coulda just fired the guy. She couldn’ta just said, “Billy, we’re gonna go in a different direction. I want to bring some of my cronies in here so we can skim some of the commissions for ourselves.”

Which is what they were doing.

There are commissions involved here. The Clintons wanted to spread the wealth around to some of their cronies and buddies as a payback for all the help during the campaign. So Billy Dale was not just fired. They leaked stories about the guy’s embezzling or honesty or what have you. They basically destroyed the guy’s character. And they did it without any concern for what was happening to him.

He’d been a lifetime travel office guy. Nobody ever had a complaint about him. They ruined the guy’s reputation as justification for firing him, because they thought it would look cold-hearted just to walk in there and fire the guy. So they had to construct some kind of phony reason to do it. They did. Google “Billy Dale.” My memory on this, ladies and gentlemen, does not fade.

Genuinely good people’s careers were tarred and feathered so that she could put Arkansas cronies in the travel office for a host of reasons. He went to trial, by the way. Billy Dale had a trial. It was so bad that there were charges leveled. All of these lies were told about Billy Dale, there were charges leveled, and he was acquitted. He was exonerated quickly and totally and fully, and it was like Ray Donovan from the Labor Department.

“Where do I go to get my reputation back?”

She probably lied about her role in the 900 missing FBI files. There were 900 FBI files of Clinton political opponents and enemies that went missing, and we can assume that she read them all. What was it that was found in the Map Room of the White House? Were some of the FBI files found laying around in the Map Room? There was something that everybody wanted. It might have been the FBI files.

(interruption) That’s right. It was Rose Law Firm billing records. That’s what it was. Rose Law Firm billing records from where she worked. They had been looking for these to try to find something connected to Whitewater, which was a land deal. Do you know what Whitewater was? I’ll very simply tell you what Whitewater was. Whitewater was a land area, a development area in Arkansas, and there was this clown Jim McDougal who got to know the Clintons.

He brought this opportunity to them, and the Clintons are like a lot of people on the left. They think you can get rich quick, and the way you do that is you cut corners and you cheat and you steal and do favors. In other words, hard work is not what gets you anywhere. Cronyism, knowing people, getting inside deals does, and that’s all Whitewater was. The Clintons didn’t have any money. They wanted a big score.

This guy McDougal and his wife, Susan, brought the deal to ’em. And because a lot of it was under the table, the New York Times launched a big-time investigation. The answers were never fully forthcoming, but she was heavily involved in that. She made $100,000 on $1,000 in cattle futures. She said that she made that $100,000 profit in cattle futures by reading the Wall Street Journal. That wasn’t true.

It was her insane takeover of health care, Hillarycare, that went down in flames. She has, in other words… In fact when the Lewinsky thing hit and the bimbo eruptions, it was Hillary’s decision as to how the White House played the Monica Lewinsky thing, and it was an utter disaster. The point here, folks, for those of you who are just now starting to remember all this, is that all during that period of time we were trying to make the case on this program that she was not the Smartest Woman in the World. She was not God’s gift to whatever problem existed. She was basically in over her head and allowed to run free because Clinton owed her so much. So she had a free hand in health care, a free hand a number of other things. She could have ended Clinton’s presidency at any time by telling the truth about any of the bimbos or all of them. But she agreed to keep it under wraps. She agreed to lie.

She agreed to go on the Today Show and blame it all on the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” So she was owed everything, including the presidency in 2008. And then when it was hers, when it was in the palm of her hands, here comes a skinny kid from Illinois that everybody starts calling The Messiah, and they dump on her again! The woman is a doormat, not a feminist leader. It’s the most amazing thing. And we keep hearing stories about how the Clintons and the Obamas don’t like each other, right?

We hear that there’s bad blood. If that’s the case, how is it that Obama prevails on her every time to bail him out of something? It’s stunning to me. Obviously things that we don’t know are going on. Anyway, so now she is responsible for the lack of security that led to the deaths of four Americans. Are you kidding me? We did Operation Chaos in this program in the campaign of 2008 to prolong her campaign.

We wanted to give her a chance at maybe securing the Democrat nomination ’cause the rest of Democrat Party had thrown her on everybody in favor of Obama. Now she’s thrown overboard again and has to go to Peru to take the hit! The utter failure of this administration… I’m gonna throw Obama’s top cabinet secretary, Eric Holder, in this mix, too, in terms of incompetence or corruption or what have you.

But Obama is apparently very proud that these people continue to take the fall for him time after time after time. It’s just a mess. A tragic mess.


RUSH: My only point here is I don’t believe her, folks. It’s the only point I’m trying to make. I just don’t believe anything Hillary Clinton says, and neither should you. Do you remember on March 24th, 2008: “Clinton Misspoke About Bosnia Trip”? Remember this? “The Clinton campaign says that Senator Clinton may have misspoke recently when she said she had to evade sniper fire visiting Bosnia in 1996 as first lady.”

She described going into Bosnia and having to corkscrew land to avoid “snipper” fire. (We always called it “snipper” fire because there was a typo in the story.) Hillary Clinton’s out there saying she had to avoid sniper fire. Why lie? It wasn’t true. Why’d she do it? Bravery! “Mrs. Clinton was braving the odds. She was being fired upon. Snipers were trying to bring down her jet!”

None of it was true, folks.

Do you know why we know it’s not true? The comedian Sinbad, if you remember him, was on the plane. He was on the plane, traveled with her, and then news organizations like the Washington Post looked into it and found out it wasn’t true. At one time the columnist William Safire of the New York Times wrote that she was “a congenital liar,” and we’re supposed to believe her now?

She told the world that a video was at fault for the Benghazi murders. She told that lie for a week. She backs up the president, who, by the way… If you want to know why she does all this, why she’s doing this doormat routine, Obama is paying off her campaign debt. If I remember correctly, I think that was a deal that was made. She agreed to accept secretary of state to give his administration some gravitas (if you can believe that).

She’d wracked up a lot of campaign debt and Obama promised to pay it off, and I think she’s still paying that debt, if you will. But for a week it was a video. She was on Pakistan television with a commercial blaming the video for all that went wrong in Benghazi. And, you know, when he went on Letterman, why didn’t Obama say, “Well, that was Hillary Clinton’s responsibility”?

Why not?

They just concocted this at a meeting on Friday afternoon, if you remember.


RUSH: Why are we even discussing this? Joe Biden in the debate with Paul Ryan said that he and Obama were not told about the requests for additional security made by our ambassador, the late Chris Stevens and three other Americans at the embassy, or the consulate in Benghazi. And that was supposed to satisfy everybody. The president and the United States weren’t told. That somehow is standard operating procedure. That’s normal. The president wasn’t told. The president’s not curious. I mean, all hell is breaking loose and he’s not curious. He’s just content to blame it on a video, for a week. And they tried and tried and tried to sell that. The media did everything they could, but it wasn’t flying. And Biden is the one who really blew it.

In a debate where the media tried to make it out like he was the slam-dunk winner, Biden embarrassed himself and put the administration in an untenable position. Basically he said, “We’re ignorant. We have no clue. We didn’t know what’s going on, and we didn’t care. Don’t blame us.” That’s up against Harry Truman, “The buck stops here.” Obama, Hillary, every president, every candidate says that. “I’m gonna take full responsibility. Buck stops with me.” Except now the buck always stops with Hillary when the Democrat Party gets in trouble.

I’m gonna take you back to September the 10th. Firestorm, when we learn that Barack Obama doesn’t attend over half of the intelligence briefings? Do you remember that? He is so incurious, he is so elsewhere, that he doesn’t attend half the intelligence briefings. George W. Bush, every day, Jimmy Carter, every day, Ronald Reagan, every day, Bill Clinton, every day, first thing in the morning. Zbigniew Brzezinski, for all of his faults, Jimmy Carter first meeting every morning in the Oval Office 7:15 to 7:30, Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security intel meeting, first thing. Obama doesn’t even make half of them. Jay Carney blasted the Government Accountability Institute’s findings as being hilarious and said the president gets the presidential daily brief every day. (paraphrasing) “He always reads it every day. He’s a voracious consumer of all of his briefing material.”

Then the National Security Council spokesman, Tommy Vietor, fired back. He said, “This president’s among the most sophisticated consumers of intelligence on the planet.” Whatever that means. So they have been in CYA mode ever since this happened. And they’ve been doing their best to cover up for little Barry and make it seem like it’s totally understandable that he wouldn’t know, that he wouldn’t be told, and that he wouldn’t ask anything about security and additional security at a consulate in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11. Now, they’re asking us to believe a lot. And, ladies and gentlemen, I just want to tell you that when it comes to liberals, particularly this crowd, Mrs. Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the truth is as foreign to them as anything else in their lives is.

“The president is the most sophisticated consumer of intelligence on the planet.”? And then don’t forget the State Department didn’t merely assign average security to Chris Stevens. Where was he? He’s in Benghazi. We’ve just taken out Khadafy. It’s an unstable place. It’s dangerous. We are hated there, despite what people want to believe. The security that was provided Chris Stevens was horrible. It was two local bodyguards. It wasn’t even armed US military personnel. It was two local bodyguards, and we saw the job listing. The job listing when they were seeking the bodyguards for Chris Stevens actually said it’s okay if you are in a same-sex marriage or relationship, in Libya! They have two bodyguards, and they ended up giving up the goods on the location of Stevens when they moved him to the safe house so the mob knew where he was to go kill him.

He didn’t have any decent security to begin with and now we are told that Obama and Biden were not told that he had requested more. And now, after a week of a video being blamed or ten days of it, Mrs. Clinton comes out, (imitating Clinton) “I did it. It’s my problem. It’s my responsibility.” She does not take blame. She simply asserts her responsibility. Here’s this from Reuters: “State Department officials suspected that two Libyan guards hired by its own security contractor were behind an April incident in which a homemade bomb was hurled over the wall of the special mission in Benghazi, according to official e-mails obtained by Reuters.”

This consulate has been under assault since April. (imitating Biden) “We weren’t told, Martha. God, Martha, I tell you, my dad said, ‘Joey, Joey, when all hell’s breaking loose, you gotta get right back up and you punch them in the mouth.’ And, Martha, that’s what I did, but Barack and I, we didn’t know. They didn’t tell us. What are we supposed to do? They didn’t tell us. We didn’t know.” Somehow they claim Biden won that debate. This is an insult to everybody’s intelligence and the memory of our ambassador, Chris Stevens. Here’s Mrs. Clinton, by the way, on CBS This Morning. Margaret Brennan, their State Department correspondent, said, “Who briefed Ambassador Rice about the video? Who told her, who sent her out all over the Sunday shows to blame the video when you’re now saying that you are responsible?”

HILLARY: You would have to ask her.

BRENNAN: You didn’t speak to her before that appearance?

HILLARY: No. But everybody had the same information. I have to say, I know there’s been a lot of attention paid to who said what, when, but I think what happened is more important. We were attacked and four brave Americans were killed. Everybody in the administration has tried to say what we knew at the time with the caveat that we would learn more. And that’s what’s happened. So I think that I’ve seen it before, not just in respect to this. I think it’s part of what the fog of war causes.

RUSH: Okay, fine. So she’ll take the hit for Obama but not Susan Rice. And when she doesn’t take the hit for Susan Rice, it means that she’s not taking the hit for the story on the video. She’s not accepting responsibility for that. She’s gonna accept responsibility for 60,000 people in the State Department, and that’s it. The point is, Mrs. Clinton, our ambassador need not have died. “Everybody had the same information, been a lot of attention to who said what, when, but I think what happens, more importantly, we were attacked.” Yep. That consulate has been under assault since April. There were no steps taken to secure it, none. This actually, folks, is unconscionable. Let’s go back. January 19, 2008, Florissant, Missouri, outside St. Louis during a campaign event. Listen to Mrs. Clinton then.

HILLARY: This is one of the most important elections in our country’s history. I believe we need a president who believed what Harry Truman believed, that the buck stopped in the Oval Office. I will do what I can to run the government and manage the economy because I think we need a president who is hands on, not hands off, after what we’ve lived through the last seven years.

RUSH: The buck stops at the Oval Office, except when a Democrat is in it. And let’s go back again, January 10th, 2006. This is in the middle of the Democrat Party and the media’s efforts to destroy George Bush and secure defeat for this country in the war in Iraq. Diane Sawyer is talking to Mrs. Clinton, and she said, “Recycling in Japan. Did you see that? Recycling.” And then she said, “the head of the Democrat National Committee, Howard Dean, has said that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld should resign. Do you agree?”

HILLARY: I am just bewildered as to how this president and vice president continue to isolate themselves from different points of view. The real buck stops at the top. And it’s the president’s policy — you know, he’s got three more years in office, some of us wish that weren’t the case, but it is under our Constitution, and it’s it up to him to make this right.

RUSH: Wow, isn’t that fascinating? So it’s Bush’s fault! “The buck stops at the top. The president’s policy. Somebody needs to do something. We need to fire Rumsfeld! We need to fire somebody, because Bush is responsible.” Notice how none of that is applicable now. None of it.


RUSH: One sound bite and then we’re gonna grab a phone call. Dan Rather was on Piers Morgan Tonight last night. Rather was asked for his reaction on Hillary Clinton taking a fall here for Barack Obama.

RATHER: As skillfully as possible under the circumstances. But, look, this is hurtful to President Obama, his administration, and his campaign. And with Secretary of State Clinton standing up, she’s doing the best she can to play defense for him, but in the end the president is responsible.

RUSH: Amazing! Amazing from Dan Rather! “In the end the president is responsible,” and that is exactly right no matter what she says. And the reason he’s responsible and the reason this is an issue is because he put his personal political ambition ahead of everything. He put his reelection ahead of everything, and he always has done that. We go to Miami as we start with Bob on the phones. Bob, thanks for calling. It’s nice to have you here with us.

CALLER: Yes. I wonder why nobody makes the comparison to Mogadishu and Black Hawk Down, because the Clintons were in charge at that time, and that gunship at the end of the tarmac would have been so important if it had been there. But they removed it because it didn’t look good. It’s like when these guys called up and wanted to have barbed wire put around the embassy or the consulate. It wasn’t allowed to happen ’cause it would look bad.

RUSH: Yeah, and why wouldn’t it look good? It wouldn’t look good because Obama has tried to create the impression there is no more Al-Qaeda, that we’re no longer under the threat of Al-Qaeda. So what’s a barbed wire fence going up for? It would conflict with the lie that he’s telling. The Black Hawk Down episode is a fascinating analogy. That whole Mogadishu thing…

We went into Mogadishu because the New York Times had a picture on the front page of a starving kid, and George Bush was maneuvered into sending in a humanitarian mission. The US military went in and the media was on the beach waiting when the military arrived. It was like a red carpet arrival. Here come the troops! They were there for a Meals on Wheels mission.

The head honcho in Mogadishu was Mohammed Farrah Aideed Skyhook or some such thing, and he was taking all the food that the world was sending. He was starving his own people, and the New York Times ran a picture. Remember cable TV then. This is 1990, ’91, and CNN is it, folks, as far as cable news and just the three networks. It’s not like it was then. It’s not like that today.

So a picture on the cover of the New York Times could move a lot of public opinion and inspire presidential action. So we go in there and it turns out that Sahib Skyhook’s troops start firing on us and it becomes a full-fledged military conflict. The short version of the story is Les Aspin, Clinton’s military guy, asks for more troops; Clinton turns ’em down. I think it was an Army Ranger who ended up being killed and dragged naked through the streets.

When that happened, Clinton pulled us out of there. He said get out. He couldn’t stand the optics, not good for a brand new administration. That’s when Osama Bin Laden said he knew. He told then-ABC reporter John Miller: When I saw you guys chicken out in Mogadishu, that’s when I knew the United States was “a paper tiger. ” Aspin resigned over that, too.

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