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RUSH: Here is Beth in Poughkeepsie. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, hi, Rush. It’s such a pleasure to talk to you. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet. It’s my pleasure.

CALLER: I’ve been thinking about this since Thursday, because at that point in time you had asked what woman was offended by this current administration. I’ve gotta say that I am so offended that I’m angry (chuckles), because I just feel like —

RUSH: Let me go back and reset the table. Because what was happening last week is that the Obama campaign was running around trying to make a big deal out of the fact that Romney had asked for “binders” of women’s resumes to fill jobs when he was governor. And I was asking women in this audience: “What does it feel like to be so routinely insulted as a monolithic, small-minded, predictable little person like the regime treats women?” So…

CALLER: Yes, it’s infuriating! It’s definitely infuriating. I don’t know how any woman in her right mind could vote for this guy again. They talk about, you know, how women should be offended by Romney ’cause he has a binder? Who cares? This Obama, what did he take, a million dollars from that bitter little man — that comedian with the Napoleon complex — What’s his name, Maher? — for his campaign? I didn’t see Romney take a million dollars. I mean, doesn’t that insult women? I mean, it’s just, “Open your eyes!” You know, like we’re supposed to think that Republicans are against autism and they’re against fresh air. I have an autistic sister, and —

RUSH: Let me just… I want to tell you and everybody else how the Obama campaign looks at women. Every one of them.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm?

RUSH: This is how they approach women. This is how they attempt to get their votes. Beth, you are —


RUSH: Don’t interrupt me here. I want you to hear every word of it. You are a vagina.

CALLER: (laughs)

RUSH: You use it multiple times a day, and you want somebody else to pay for the contraception so that you can use your vagina every day. And then when the contraception fails, you want an abortion, and you want somebody else to pay for that. “I’m your guy, vote Obama!”

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: That’s their appeal to women, and their appeal is that Republicans don’t like your vagina. They don’t want you using your vagina, except when they want to. And then if you do get pregnant, by God, you are going to have the baby! And then you’re gonna be put in jail!

CALLER: Right, right, right. Which is crazy. I wish I had time to use my vagina millions of times a day, but unfortunately due to this economy, I’m working probably 15 hours a day. It’s just absolutely crazy.

RUSH: That’s why it’s insulting.


RUSH: They treat women as one dimensional. You want everything free and you want no responsibility in your life.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You don’t want to accept any consequences for any of your actions. You want to be on welfare. Your derelict husbands don’t love you. Only Obama and government do. Your husband isn’t going to take care of you and you can’t take care of the yourself. Only government can. I mean, that’s their appeal to you.

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

RUSH: Plus the vagina stuff.

CALLER: It is. It is. And, you know, I want to say that, as I would think an average woman, you know, I’m single, I’m divorced, I’m taking care of three kids, I’m working my butt off, and this administration has not made it any easier. I can’t afford to put gas in my car.

RUSH: Right. You’re a human being. You suffer economic consequence like everybody else. You want cheaper gasoline. You want more affordable prices. You want an economy that’s growing. You want to be able to get a raise at your job. You want to have a choice in jobs. You want to maybe have a career, those are things you care about, but not to the Obama campaign.


RUSH: Women don’t think that way.

CALLER: Absolutely. Well, yeah, I mean, you know, that’s what they’re thinking that we’re that stupid, and we’re not stupid, and I want to tell him also, you know, that this administration makes Republicans sound like, you know, they don’t care about anybody, and I thought charity began at home. Doesn’t he still have a brother lives in a tent? I mean, it’s so hypocritical, he reminds me of somebody that has their father’s suit on as a little kid and is playing a role. I don’t understand why people don’t wake up and smell coffee. And I don’t know about you, but, you know, I drive down the road, and I see these bumper stickers on these cars, and I’m social worker, I’m not a violent person, but —

RUSH: Oh, come on, you live in New York, what do you expect? I mean, come on here, you won’t see it. Move.

CALLER: Oh! I want to bump ’em, you know. And then I end up behind ’em at a red light, you know, giving them the thumbs-down and they’re thinking I’m crazy ’cause they’re not thinking about the bumper sticker that’s —

RUSH: No, no. Make ’em think you’re gonna give ’em an enema with your car.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I feel like doing. But it’s just crazy. I mean, you know, I would say women out there who at this point in time — and I don’t know how — but don’t know how to vote, you know, the way that I look at it is a president, I mean, number one, they have to love the country. Everything comes from that premise, and this guy does not love our country. This guy walks around apologizing for our country and weakening it at its very foundation. And that’s number one. I didn’t agree with everything Bush did but I felt his patriotism, I knew he loved America, I knew he loved what America stood for, and you forgave some mistakes that he may have made. This guy doesn’t even love our country. I don’t understand how anybody that’s a true American could vote for this man. That’s just how I feel, Rush, you know, I just get so angry.

RUSH: There’s nothing I can add. I think you got people standing up and cheering out there, Beth. Thanks very much for the phone call.

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