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RUSH: Mitt Romney yesterday in Avon Lake, Ohio. He was at a campaign event, and this is just a wee bit of what Romney had to say.

ROMNEY: I know that early voting has begun. Get out there and vote. I see a voter right there. Get out and vote. We want you early. We need you. It sends a very strong message, by the way. I mean, I know your vote counts just as much if it’s cast on election day as if it’s cast early. But when it’s cast early all the media follows how much early voting is going on. And they look at your ZIP code and where you live and make an estimate of whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat and they decide whether we’re ahead or we’re falling behind. And we’re doing well right now, so early voting makes a difference.

RUSH: There was a Gallup poll that was released yesterday, and like the Gallup poll that was released the day before, you had to go deep into it to find the nugget. Remember, the day before yesterday Gallup had a poll that said the 2012 electorate and the 2008 electorate practically the same. But they weren’t, when you looked at party identification. In 2008, Gallup said the Democrats had a plus-ten turnout advantage, and they’re forecasting a Republican plus-one turnout advantage in 2012. It’s a swing of 11 points, but the headline didn’t indicate that. You had to dig deep.

The latest Gallup release contains the most depressing news for the left that they could hear, other than Obama conceding before the election. And I doubt that that’s going to happen. Gallup is reporting that Romney is leading Obama in the early vote by seven points, 52-45. The Democrats think early voting is where they win elections. The Democrats think early voting is where they can get involved in the fraud, maybe have people vote more than one time. They look at early voting as their advantage. And that’s why Romney in Ohio yesterday, “If you can go ahead and early vote, go ahead,” because in Ohio Romney is also up in early voting, but overall nationwide he’s up seven points, 52-45.

I guarantee you, this sent shock waves throughout Democrat polling groups, the Democrat Party at large, the media at large, and of course the fringe kook Democrat base. I cannot stress to you how much weight they put on early voting as an advantage for them. There’s that. Also, ladies and gentlemen, Mason-Dixon polling has called it for Romney. They’re pulling out. “Mitt Romney pretty much nailed down Florida,” said the Mason-Dixon polling head, Brad Coker. “The evidence is in the latest polling, where Mitt Romney is carrying the highly coveted I-4 corridor – an area Obama carried in the 2008 race. ‘And there we found Mitt Romney leading with 51%. Obama drawing 45%,’ says Coker. President Obama is also losing support in counties where he’s heavily favored.”

So this is the second polling unit to pull out of Florida. The first one, as you recall, Suffolk, was the first to pull out. They called North Carolina, Florida, and Virginia weeks ago and pulled out and stopped polling. I believed them from the get-go. I think I may have been the only one. You know how I’ve been talking to you about Oregon? I’ve been slipping in Oregon now and then as these individual states are discussed. Back in 2008, ladies and gentlemen, “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” won the state of Oregon 57-41. Quick mathematics will tell you that he won that state by 16 points. Today, Barack Obama is at 47% in Oregon, Mitt Romney at 41%. That is a huge shift. And the poll was conducted for a newspaper, The Oregonian. 57-41 the Bamster won the state in 2008. It’s 47-41, 8% undecided, 3% of voters said they would vote for somebody else, and 1% said they wouldn’t vote at all in this race.

NPR — are you ready for this? — National Public Radio poll, which had Obama leading Romney 51-44 four weeks ago now has Romney up 48-47. That’s an eight-point swing. Are you ready for this? Mitt Romney has instituted an advertising buy in Philadelphia, not just the state of Pennsylvania, but in Philadelphia. Now, Philadelphia, as people that live in Pennsylvania will tell you or people who have lived, Philadelphia is what gets the Democrats that state. It used to be that the suburbs in Philadelphia could cancel out all of the minority, union, traditional Democrat base votes in Philadelphia. Not so much anymore. You gotta have the center part of the state and the western part, the Pittsburgh area, if you have a chance, if the Republicans have a chance.

If Romney’s buying advertising in Philadelphia, it means it’s in play. It means that it’s in play. And, of course, “Bite Me” is in Pennsylvania. Minnesota is, I think, a three-point state right now. So Romney is buying advertising time in Philadelphia. It’s as blue as Los Angeles is. Maybe bluer in ethnic ways, but regardless, they got the money to spend, and that tells me that there’s a chance, and they also, I think, it may be a little bit of a rope-a-dope, spend some money in Philadelphia, make Obama spend some time there as well. Although I don’t know if it’s just a trick. Obama and the Democrats are clearly smart enough to realize it’s a trick and not to fall for it. So if Obama and the Democrats are in there, it’s because there’s a problem. But buying time in Philadelphia, as opposed to, say, Pittsburgh or Allentown or some other city, but Philadelphia, that’s a specific thing.

And, of course, again, NPR just a month ago, four weeks ago, NPR had it Obama 51-44. Today it’s 48-47 Romney. The ABC/Washington Post daily tracking poll is out, and they’ve got it dead heat, I think, 49-49. And it doesn’t matter. In no poll is Barack Obama anywhere near 50%. Well, 49% is near 50, but he’s not at 50, and, even in this ABC/Washington Post poll, they say that their respondents expect Obama to lose. They say that their respondents expect Romney to win.


RUSH: I mentioned that Romney’s buying advertising time in Philadelphia, and here from the… What’s…? Hell, I don’t know what the website is, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a quote. Fast Eddie Rendell said that a startling upset for Romney is possible in Pennsylvania. Former Governor Ed Rendell.

Is he still the governor? He’s a former governor. Fast Eddie is the former governor. But when he made these comments last week, he was clearly sending a desperate call to Chicago for help. Not only there, by the way. Minnesota has been moved from “safe Obama” to “lean Obama.” Minnesota has moved, and the Obama campaign is in Minnesota.

Romney buying ads in Philadelphia. Fast Eddie says that they’re playing defense in Pennsylvania now and that Romney could win. It’s a possibility for a startling upset. We got a guy from the Philadelphia suburbs on the phone. Pardon. Sorry. Chris. It’s a female. Snerdley spelled your name to look like it’s a guy’s name. Great to have on the program. The Philly suburbs, right?

CALLER: Yes. Thank you, Rush. I’m honored to be on the phone with you. I just want to say, “I didn’t think I’d ever agree with Fast Eddie, but I definitely think Romney’s gonna win Pennsylvania,” and I’ve been saying that for months. I can’t believe he hasn’t been out here sooner, because the enthusiasm, I think, for Romney is just growing every day. It looks like a truck filled with Romney signs exploded on my street. It’s literally lined with Romney signs, and I don’t see any enthusiasm for Obama. In fact, I see the opposite.

RUSH: There isn’t any. I mean, this is the dirty little secret. There really isn’t any enthusiasm for Obama anywhere. Even in deep, dark-blue precincts. There really isnÂ’t any. There’s just desperation. There’s praying and there’s no enthusiasm. The guy’s been a disappointment. He’s been a letdown. The enthusiasm, momentum, wherever you go really is for Romney.

CALLER: Yeah, Paul Ryan was here at the rally here, and I was in West Chester, and there were so many people and so many senior citizens. And when you’re talking about Medicare Advantage, I think Pennsylvania’s gotta be one of the states to have the most people that use that program, and that hasn’t been talked about. Romney should mention that, that the Pennsylvania seniors are really gonna be hurt by the Medicare Advantage being just decimated. I don’t know if it’s gonna be totally disallowed or come back.

RUSH: That’s gonna be the case in every state. Forbes is… I’m sure they’ll have a bit on Pennsylvania coming up soon. They just did Ohio and Wisconsin. But Medicare Advantage is devastating. The number of seniors that are gonna be affected by Obamacare in Wisconsin and Ohio is huge. Pennsylvania, it’s facing some demographic shifts with younger population moving out of the state. So, anyway, well, there you have it. ItÂ’s on site. Anecdotal but still on site. Chris in the Philadelphia suburbs. She sees no Obama enthusiasm. It’s all for Romney.

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