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RUSH: I tell you, folks, I am having a tough time keeping up with everything. I really am. Bruce Jenner is a woman, but still has his penis. Barack Obama is a Jew. Bill Clinton was the first black president, and Hillary Clinton says her interviews are her speeches. We’re supposed to sit here and just accept all this. And they tell us we’re the weirdos. We’re the weirdos!

Greetings, my friends. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh, back at it — (laughing) — I’m serious. Here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. The telephone number if you want to be on the program’s 800-282-2882.

Yeah, Nancy Grace, get to the bottom of this. Well, she was going in some direction. Yesterday on the program, I posited the possibility… I posited that what if this is all just a publicity stunt, that Caitlyn Jenner is simply engaging in a stunt here to illustrate how easy it is to scam the American media, the American pop culture, and the American corporate world by being paid to do all of this?

And I don’t know if Nancy Grace heard it or not, but she’s now on the case, and I don’t know why she asked. She’s got this poor little guy who’s the media expert at CNN, Brian Stelter, she starts grilling this guy whether or not Jenner still has his penis. I don’t know why she thinks that Brian Stelter would know, but she wouldn’t let the guy go. You want to hear it? You want to hear this? Here. Let’s set this up. You know, the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd is not gonna like this. I was actually gonna start with Hillary, and we’ll get to Hillary, this business that she’s telling the media that her speech is the interview.

Now, I have done that, in a modified way. When I was out regularly on the Rush to Excellence Tour, the media would call and want an interview, and I would say, “Look, you don’t need to interview me. Just listen to the speech if you want to know what I say. Just listen to the radio. Why do you need an interview? Listen to my radio program. Listen to when I go out and do the Rush to Excellence Tour.”

Now, Mrs. Clinton is doing it to avoid the media. I was doing it because they were ignoring what I was saying. They would come in and want an interview so they could distort me all to smithereens. The difference is, they listen to Hillary and they find ways to make what she says palatable, intelligent, and smart. In my case they were ignoring what I say on purpose so as to not have to report it. But I’ve done it. I’ve declined an interview on the basis, “You don’t need to interview me. Listen to my radio program. Or, alternatively, read my website.” But yesterday, let’s go back, turn back the hands of time not even 24 hours, yesterday I posited the following.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Wouldn’t it be great if all this is just a publicity stunt to show how shallow the American pop culture and entertainment culture is and how easy it is to hijack it, by coming out and going through something like this. And look at me, “I could go from a $100 to $500 million net worth in ten years and captivate the attention of the American media. I could get all kinds of endorsement contracts for makeup, and I’m a man telling everybody I’m a woman.” Wouldn’t that have been a great publicity stunt? It would have been one of the best all-time publicity stunts. And I guess there’s an outside chance it still could be.

RUSH: Okay, so given that, we go to last night’s Headline News Nancy Grace show, and she’s speaking with the host of CNN’s media program, Brian Stelter. Brian Stelter, CNN’s media expert. Brian Stelter got started doing a blog called TVNewser, and the New York Times was so impressed they hired him, and CNN was so impressed they hired him away from there. So he’s now the media expert, which I guess that means he knows everything about Bruce Jenner, uh, Caitlyn Jenner. So here’s Grace. She’s talking about Jenner’s physical transformation, man to woman, with Brian Stelter, media expert, CNN.

GRACE: How far has the transitioning gone? Okay, does he have a penis?

STELTER: Well, that’s the part everybody wants to ask, but everybody’s afraid to ask, right?

GRACE: I really don’t have another way, I was trying — I was grasping for words, I didn’t know quite how to put it out there.

STELTER: The best answer I’ve got, is she has said in the past that will be the last part, if she ever decides to go there, that will be the last part.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. You can’t become a woman without… (interruption) Well, what are you saying? Right, the chopadickoffamy operation. You’ve got to do that. This is all academic. How can you become a woman if you have not had the chopadickoffamy? So here’s the next guest. Nancy Grace talking to Dr. Kathy Rumer about Jenner’s transformation to Caitlyn Jenner, and this is how that sounded.

GRACE: I’ve got a question. At this juncture, is Caitlyn Jenner a woman? Does he still have a penis, or does she have a vagina, how does this whole thing work?

RUMER: Well, I think the jury is still out on that one, whether he’s had bottom surgery yet or not.

RUSH: Wait a minute, stop the tape. What do you mean, the jury is still out? Cue this back to the top. (laughing) The jury is still out? It seems pretty cut and dry to me. It seems pretty up and down to me, yes or no, one way or the other. Here it is again. I’ll try not to laugh uproariously and interrupt this.

GRACE: I’ve got a question. At this juncture, is Caitlyn Jenner a woman? Does he still have a penis, or does she have a vagina, how does this whole thing work?

RUMER: Well, I think the jury is still out on that one, whether he’s had bottom surgery yet or not. It’s essential for the patient to live at a minimum for one year in the role as a female, if they are transgender female, or transgender male, living a male role.

RUSH: Why? Why is it mandatory to live for a year before you have, I guess the new term “bottom surgery”? For those of you in Rio Linda, that obviously means below the waist. So why would you have to wait a year? Is there some sort of psychological hormonal thing that you’ve gotta do to adjust, or is it a commitment thing, that you show people that you’re really dead serious about this and you’ve gotta do that for a year? What happens, by the way, if say nine months in, you fail? Maybe that’s probably why they wait, ’cause that would be — I mean, that’d be a point of no return, right? I mean, how do you go back? So maybe that’s why. Maybe they wait to see if somebody is really serious about this. (interruption) Well, that’s a hormonal thing.

The “above the waist stuff,” that would be a hormonal fix, I would think. Brian Stelter is apparently the expert because Nancy Grace goes back to him here.

GRACE: So, Bryan, senior media correspondent, senior media correspondent. Right now … he still has… the penis. Says you.

STELTER: Well, I don’t know any differently. I’m going based on —

GRACE: So you haven’t looked?

STELTER: — all that she has revealed so far. But like I said this has all been doled out one little detail at a time.

RUSH: “So you haven’t looked?” she said to him. (laughing) “So you haven’t looked, Brian”? This poor guy. (laughing) He must have said, “Look, I’m the media expert here. Why are you asking me?” She obviously thinks you’ve got an inside on this, Brian. I mean, she asked you of all the people! There’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta she could have asked. There’s any number of experts in the medical field she could have asked but she went to the media expert on the network. Boy, she was boring in. Did you hear that? She was relentless. When you have Nancy Grace on the case, you don’t want to be in her way. So, that’s the latest on that.


RUSH: Ray in St. Louis, you’re next. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Greetings from Missouri. First name caller. Been listening to you for as long as I can remember. I was listening to your show earlier in your broadcast, and you were talking about Bruce Jenner — isn’t everybody — and wondering what’s he waiting for or why does he do this. I just thought I’d update you there that he’s waiting for probably — if this is when he came out, he’s probably gonna wait a year before he does anything about it, because it’s a medical requirement. Psychologists and whatever, it’s on the DSM IV manual. It says wait for one year of real life experience so that you can find out what it’s like, real life, you know.

RUSH: Wait, I’m glad you called, because I got some questions about this, because I’m just listening to what Jenner or any of other transgender people say.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Why do you have to go through a year? Why is a year of psychological adjustment required when you do this in the first place because you think — if you’re a man, you think you’re a woman. Why do you have to wait a year to find out if you’re right? I mean, why do this in the first place? I’m told that people say, “I knew I was the opposite sex when I was five years old or eight years old or whatever, you know, and I love wearing my mom’s clothes, I knew it, I knew.” So why do doctors say, now, we gotta give them a year after they make the announcement and we do some of the surface changes to find out if it sticks?

CALLER: I think it’s partly because of insurance purposes, because first of all, this person’s gonna spend, 20, $30,000 for this surgery, and surgeons who do this, the better ones, they won’t even accept somebody for surgery without at least one year’s — you know, real life experience. It’s to give the person time to chicken out or realize they can’t take it or whatever.

RUSH: Yeah, I hear you. I understand. I just don’t understand it. You either are or you aren’t, and I don’t know why you need a year to adjust. Now, the medical people, “I’m not doing this until this person’s sure.” What I hear when I hear a doctor saying that is, “They don’t really know, they’re playing around here, and we’re not gonna do this until we’re really convinced they’re serious about this.”

What we’re talking about here, folks, if you’re just joining us and you’re trying to decipher this, Ray here called because we had some sound bites in the first hour. Nancy Grace, Headline News, on the case, asking the media expert at CNN, the media expert, Brian Stelter, if he knew whether Bruce Jenner still had a penis. Because Nancy Grace says if that’s the case, then all of this is academic. There’s no transgender anything that’s gone on here. I mean, people run around putting on makeup and long hair and doing hormone shots, but if that woman still has his penis, then what are we talking about here?

And I don’t know why she thought the media expert at CNN would know, but that’s who she kept drilling. And so that’s what Ray is calling about here. Well, the doctors wait to do that surgery for a year because there’s a lot of stuff that has to happen here, if this is serious. I mean, you’ve gotta go down to DMV, you have to change your birth certificate, you have to do everything. You have to change every bit of paperwork about yourself. And believe me, you don’t want TMZ following you. If you have TMZ following you around during that, this — I don’t know. This whole thing, all of this, there’s something about it that, I don’t know, if you really, really, really, really, really — I’m deciding whether I want to finish my sentence here. He-he-he.

If you really, really, really want to do this, then why does all of it have to be on TV? It seems to me that you wouldn’t want all the TV around, you’d just want to get this done in private. If really, really, really, really wanted to do this, that you would get it done, you would get it dealt with, ’cause it’s who you are. Instead of making this big, ballyhooed, pop culture television episode out of all of it. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Ray.


RUSH: Here’s Michael in Morristown, New Jersey. I’m glad you waited. Your turn. You’re up next in the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: Long-time listener from your early days here in New York City. First of all, I want to say I think that was brilliant recognition of the Bruce Jenner thing being a political issue. Absolutely correct, in my opinion as well.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Getting back to that Nancy Grace question, asking if Bruce cut it off? It’s kind of a quandary, maybe. Must Bruce cut it off to be defined as a woman? I relate this to the Supreme Court looking at marriage. You know, we’re trying to take gender out of the equation here. Could they possibly…? Could it lead to an invalidation of any law that references gender to avoid discrimination lawsuits? So you could be whatever you want to declare yourself as. You know, “Today I’m a man; tomorrow I’m a woman.” Whatever.

RUSH: Well, you’re right on the money here because what’s stopping anybody from declaring they want to be anything?

CALLER: Yeah. You had mentioned something about getting driver’s licenses changed. I know in 46 states you have to do the gender reassignment surgery before you can have your birth certificate changed.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: In four states, they don’t say you have to do that. So in those case, maybe those states would have to have their laws overturned. Bruce Jenner has another, more pressing issue I think that you’d relate to. He loses his male golf handicap of 5.3 and he has to play as a woman now and start over from scratch.

RUSH: Well, you know, people are writing stories, did Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn Jenner win the decathlon? No, no. People are writing this seriously. You know, here’s the thing. If you’re gonna go all-in on something like this, there are gonna be people that take you seriously and react to it. Okay, if you’ve been trending female, if you are female, and you’ve been taking hormones, what were you doing?

But, you know, this guy Bruce Jenner, won the decathlon in 1976, but now he’s not Bruce Jenner anymore, so who won? People are addressing this stuff in what they think is a deeply serious intellectual fashion. But here’s one for you. I was just asked this. It’s very rare — Michael, I’m sure you’ll understand this — I’m asked a question that I’m stymied by, but I was just asked if Jenner goes ahead and does the chopadickoffamy, which is Nancy Grace’s question. If you missed the beginning of the program, Nancy Grace was asking of the media expert at CNN whether Jenner still had the male organ. And her belief, if he’s still got that, then all this is just BS, he’s not a woman. You cannot be a woman and have a penis.

CALLER: Well, there’s no legal definition yet out there. I’ve done a whole bunch of searching, and of course the Internet’s got all the truth, right?

RUSH: Well, you raise an interesting point here about taking gender out of everything. We’re taking gender out of marriage, and now we’re taking gender out of humanity. But the question I got was, okay, if Jenner does go through with this and has the chopadickoffamy procedure then how does the new person have or experience or enjoy sexual gratification, since the mechanism for it is no longer there? Is there something that is surgically attached, implanted to replace it, or not?

CALLER: And what if they want to be no gender at all?

RUSH: Well, there’s a place for that on the form.

CALLER: Well, again, maybe the states will be prohibited from asserting gender. I know California last year wanted to remove gender altogether from the marriage certificates, so maybe it should be removed from all documentation where you don’t even specify that.

RUSH: I know people are thinking this is crazy, nobody’s doing that. They are, folks. He’s right about what California wants to do, but the funniest or most relevant thing about it to me is why — do you realize the basis for all this is called freedom and liberty and love? The basis, “Well, who are you to say that somebody can’t love somebody else? There’s not enough love in the world anyway. Why do you care who loves who? Why do you care what makes somebody happy?” There’s nothing that’s wrong if somebody really wants to be or do something, and it’s rooted in love and compassion, then nobody’s allowed to say it’s wrong. And that’s the attack. That’s the assault.

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