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Hillary Wants a Coronation

RUSH: Hillary Clinton. This is great. “My greatest weakness is stupid people who don’t...

A Caller Regrets Her Abortion

RUSH: Here’s Luanne in Morganton, North Carolina. Happy to have you on the program. Hello. CALLER:...

How Can Lions and Chimps Evoke More Sympathy Than Unborn Babies?

RUSH: There are all kinds of teachable moments. If anybody has any doubts — and it's hard for me to believe people still do, but there may be some. If anybody has any doubts about the media no longer being the media, about the news, about being objective, this ought to show them.

The New GDP Is BS

RUSH: Eric in Latham, New York. Hello, sir.CALLER: Rush?RUSH: Yes.CALLER: Mega dittos...

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