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RUSH: Did you hear the joke about the Crime Family Foundation that took in $26 million while Hillary Clinton ran interference for Swedish companies desirous of doing business with Iran? You haven’t heard this joke? Okay, here it is. Billary, Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Crime Family Foundation, walk into a Swedish bar. In there are a bunch of Swedish companies, all CEOs of a bunch of Swedish companies. The Clinton Crime Family Foundation just walks in to have a drink.

At the same bar there are a bunch of Swedish company CEOs and they’ve got strong ties to their government, and they’re trying hard to avoid sanctions by the State Department, run by Hillary Clinton, because they’re doing business with Iran, Swedish CEOs. They’re minding their own business, having adult beverages. The door opens and here comes Bill and Hillary and execs from the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

So the Swedish CEOs at the bar, sitting their minding their own business when the Clinton Crime Family Foundation walks in. So they decide that they’re gonna approach members of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation and offer them a bunch of money in exchange for being protected for having violated the sanctions against Iran. The Swedish arm of the Clinton Foundation sucks up this cash; it was not disclosed to the State Department, despite an explicit agreement to do so.

Everybody lived happily ever after — until this was all discovered by John Solomon and Kelly Riddell of the Washington Times. “Bill ClintonÂ’s foundation set up a fundraising arm in Sweden that collected $26 million in donations at the same time that country was lobbying Hillary Rodham ClintonÂ’s State Department to forgo sanctions that threatened its thriving business with Iran, according to interviews and documents obtained by the Washington Times. The Swedish entity, called the William J. Clinton Foundation Insamlingsstiftelse,” was never disclosed.

They never disclosed it. It was never cleared by State Department officials. The Clinton Foundation set up an arm in Sweden designed to take money from Swedish companies, while Hillary’s Secretary of State, and $26 million changed hands from Swedish companies to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation while Hillary is secretary of state, all in the hopes that these Swedish companies would not be accused and held accountable for violating sanctions with Iran because they were doing business with Iran.

The money did flow.

“As the money flowed to the [Clinton Crime Family F]oundation from Sweden, Mrs. ClintonÂ’s team in Washington declined to blacklist any Swedish firms despite warnings from career officials at the US Embassy in Stockholm that Sweden was growing its economic ties with Iran and potentially undercutting Western efforts to end TehranÂ’s rogue nuclear program, diplomatic cables show.”

I don’t know how to make it any clearer.

Sweden was violating sanctions while Hillary’s secretary of state. They got away with it by giving $26 million in various forms and ways over certain periods of time to the Clinton Family Foundation. But that’s only half of it. The piece de resistance, if you will, is a company called Ericsson — they make cell phones and stuff — gave Bill Clinton $750,000 personally as a fee for a speech. Ericsson is one of the firms at the center of the Iran sanctions scandal.

So Ericcson alone gave $750 million! In addition to that $26 million, Ericcson sent 750 grand to Clinton, ostensibly for a speech. But they’re paying protection money. Sweden is violating sanctions. Hillary says, “Well, I’ll look the other way if you give a bunch of money to our foundation,” and that’s what happened. None of this was reported to the State Department. The Clinton Crime Family Foundation branch office in Sweden was not reported to the State Department. None of this was reported.

The Clinton Swedish fundraising arm was a shell corporation, by the way. What they set up in Sweden was another pass-through. You know, when low-information people hear “shell corporation,” they think it’s the 1% stealing money and getting away with not paying taxes and all that. “Mr. Clinton’s Swedish fundraising shell escaped public notice, both because its incorporation papers were filed in Stockholm — some 4,200 miles from America’s shores — and the identities of its donors were lumped by Mr. Clinton’s team into the disclosure reports of his US-based charity…”

So all of these Swedish donors’ names were just dwarfed by being lumped in with all the names of people donating to the American branch of the Clinton Foundation. This served by “blurring the lines between what were two separate organizations incorporated under two different countries’ laws.” So just to strip all of this away, Sweden is violating Western sanctions against Iran while Hillary Clinton is secretary of state. They find a way.

The Clinton Foundation sets up a shell corporation in Sweden for the purposes of accepting Swedish donations exclusively. Those donations come in to the tune of $26 million plus a $750,000 payment direct to Bill for supposedly a speech from Ericcson. Sweden is allowed to continue violating sanctions, and the State Department? Nobody there is told a word about this. You want to know why she’s not answering questions?


RUSH: By the way, folks, a question. So here we have the Clinton Foundation setting up a shell corporation in Sweden. And, by the way, there’s a name, the Clinton Foundation arm or branch, the shell corporation in Sweden has a name. It’s called the William Jefferson Clinton Insamlingsstiftelse. I’m pronouncing it phonetically exactly as it is spelled. Insamlingsstiftelse. It’s a Swedish word. I have no idea what it means. It probably means shakedown.

In the meantime, while the Clintons are allowing the Swedes to continue to violate Iranian sanctions just for paying them $26 million and Clinton 750 grand directly, who are we investigating? Who are we knocking down doors trying to find out what they’ve been doing? FIFA. FIFA, the football bunch, FIFA, while the Clintons are over here while nobody’s looking, except everybody’s noticing. And then when you dig deep into FIFA, guess what? You find the Clintons are knee-deep, hip deep in Qatar’s bid to get the 2012 World Cup.

The Clintons are out there fronting for the government of Qatar and Sheikh ali-Bin Wad Thani or whatever, whoever he is that got the deal. They are gonna play soccer in 120 degrees in Qatar? Anyway, the reason Mrs. Clinton, the reason why she goes and makes speeches and they say her speech is her interview, is she’s not gonna talk about any of this stuff, particularly the Swedish.

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