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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton is out accusing the Republicans once again of plotting voter fraud, and she is making this allegation in front of African-American audiences. It’s as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning, and it’s one of these things where you know it’s coming and yet there doesn’t appear to be a strategy to deal with it. Yet you know it’s coming. In fact, if there’s any voter fraud going on out there, it’s being perpetrated by the Democrats.

The reason for it is so obvious.

The Democrats know… I don’t care what your perception is of the country’s status right now. A lot of people think we’ve reached the tipping point and we’ve lost it, that the forces of evil or change have won and we’re in a constant state of cultural and political decline here. I don’t think we’ve reached it yet. But I think social media and the way it’s hyped and promoted is in part done in order to create the impression that we have entered the point of no return in terms of cultural transformation.

I think the left knows that they remain a minority, a numerical minority. They remain a minority in terms of the way of thinking in this country, and so they use all of the power that they have in their domination of media — news media, Hollywood media, cultural pop media — to create images and impressions. You know, all of this normalization of, say, transgenderism or homosexuality and gay marriage — all of it — we’re talking about less than 2% of the population.

Yet we’re being told here, “That’s the new normal, and you better accept it — and not only had you better accept it, you better love it; you better support it. If you don’t, we’re coming for you.” I mean, that’s the impression, and people are scared. They have been cowed into believing — 70% of the people in this country have been cowed into believing — they actually are a minority. So when a driver in Pittsburgh raises hell about two words– ziggin’ and zaggin’ — on the side of a bus?

“I’m offended! It’s a racial insult!” Everybody makes tracks to get rid of the two words. The point here is that I don’t believe that we’ve reached that tipping point. Some people think that we’re very close and it’s oftentimes a question of perception, and reality and sometimes perception is reality, but it’s a really problematic thing. Here we come now to the Democrats alleged voter fraud. The bottom line is, they’re the ones engaged in it.

Who is it standing in the way of voter ID? It’s the Democrat Party. Why are they afraid of voter ID? You have to have an ID for anything else you do in this country. You can’t rent a hotel room. You can’t rent a car, can’t buy a car. Take everyday things in life that you must have been a photo ID for, and yet when it comes to voting that’s gonna lead to voter fraud?

A photo ID is going to lead to voter fraud, and of course Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats target this message at African-Americans perpetuating a 50-year myth that the majority of this country is racist and bigoted and aligned against them and you want to do everything they can to make sure they have no power whatsoever in the American political system.When, in fact, it’s dead Democrats that vote over and over again.

It’s people registering… You remember the phenomenon of all the superheroes that somehow registered to vote? Batman, Superman, Mickey Mouse. These people were all registered to vote and did vote. They were found. So Mrs. Clinton’s out there warning everybody that the Republicans are planning voter fraud. And right on schedule, everybody in the media is talking about it, exactly as Mrs. Clinton presents it.

So in this instance yet again, the Republicans are on the defensive, answering a charge. Some of them are doing a fairly good job at it, but still it remains a defensive posture. No offense. Once again the allegation… If you’re gonna try to reestablish new norms, as I’ve been saying, at the same time you have to establish the new weirdos, the new uncool, the new unhip, the new squares, oddballs, kooks, whatever term you want to use. It’s all these disparate Democrat minorities, so small you need a microscope to see them.

They’re the new normal.

Yeah. They’re the new hip.

They’re the new what’s happening now.

They are the new cutting edge, and all of you people that comprise 70% of the population? You’re the new oddballs. You’re the new old-fashioned kooks and idiots and uncool people that everybody laughs at and makes fun of. Social media, in part, is used to create that image or impression, ’cause one of the best things that the left can do in their mind is make you defensive and dispirited, to have you just give up, to have you think you’ve lost and that nobody’s championing you and nobody’s standing up and nobody’s defending what you believe in.

When somebody does try to stand up and defend, look what happens to ’em. The left targets them, tries to destroy them. We’re living with a bunch of false images, we’re living with a bunch of false impressions that people think are real. Social media is a big part of that. Yet you strip away all this, you get down to the truth, and you find that the Democrats, everywhere they are, things are going to hell in a handbasket. Pick your city the Democrats run; pick your economy the Democrats run.

This one. I mean, it’s patently obvious. So they’ve gotta do everything they can to cover that up and then shift the blame, and one of the most favored practices that they use is accusing their opposition of the things they actually do. It’s a phenomenon, actually.


RUSH: Let’s now head to the audio sound bites. Sheila Jackson Lee introducing Hillary. This is in Houston, Texas Southern University. See if you can follow this. It’s… Well, just see if you can follow it.

LEE: Apparently those who do not understand as did President Johnson — did not understand the value of this right to vote are still trying to understand. Some do not understand even today. Hillary Clinton understands. Hillary Clinton understands that the right to vote is the most precious of rights. She understands that her work continues on, and she understands it because it preserves all other rights. And right now, the right to vote of all Americans needs a champion.

RUSH: Anybody know what she said there? I mean, I got the last half of this. She’s trying to make Hillary out to be a great champion for the right to vote, which means that Hillary is attempting to suppress the vote. Hillary is trying to garner the vote for people who are not registered to make sure they can while at the same time suppressing other forms of voting. This is classic Democrat strategy: Do what you accuse others of doing. But Sheila Jackson Lee…

Remember, this is the woman who was looking at a video of the Mars Rover tooling around on the surface of Mars and asked if it was gonna go over to where the astronauts had planted the flag back in 1969. Everybody in the room kind of mumbled, looking around, “Jeez, how do we answer this? She thinks we’re on the Moon here. She thinks we’ve been to Mars.” It was kind of like when Algore was at Monticello walking around, and there presidential busts and such there.

He points at Benjamin Franklin and says (paraphrased), “Who are these people?” The curator says, “Ahem, ahem, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Mr. Vice President?” “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Benjamin Franklin.” So Sheila Jackson Lee: “Apparently those who do not understand as did President Johnson — did not understand the value of this right to vote are still trying to understand. Some do not understand even today. Hillary Clinton understands.

“Hillary Clinton understands that the right to vote is the most precious of rights. She understands that her work continues on, and she understands it because it preserves all other rights.” This is what we get as entitlement from the Democrat Party. Now, here’s Mrs. Clinton? Brilliant politician, forthright, honest. In a sane world, Mrs. Clinton wouldn’t be anywhere near the Democrat Party nomination. In a sane world, people would figure out the woman is an albatross and has nothing to offer and has really accomplished nothing. But we don’t live in a sane world, particularly when talking about the Democrat Party.

Here’s what she said…

HILLARY: Republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of American citizens from voting. What part of democracy are they afraid of? I call on Republicans at all levels of government, with all manner of ambition, to stop fearmongering about a phantom epidemic of election fraud and start explaining why they’re so is scared of letting citizens have their say.

RUSH: Now, what in the world is she talking about? You know, she’s talking about one thing, and that’s voter ID. They have tried — and apparently they’ve succeeded. The Democrats have succeeded in convincing African-Americans that having a voter ID, having a photo on your voter card, is a way to guarantee that you can’t vote. Now, figure that out. How in the world does that keep you from voting? It’s absurd. Now, we know what Mrs. Clinton’s trying to do.

She is feeding off a paranoid, conspiratorial view that has been promoted by people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and it’s resulted in bunch of African-Americans (mainly elderly ones) who do not trust the whole idea of having to go anywhere in government to get a photo taken to put on an ID. They’ve been told they’re being singled out either being arrested for something or whatever. They think that this is a trick by the government to identify them and charge them with a commission of a crime.

So they aren’t gonna go get their picture taken. Even if it’s free! Even if the government, the state governments offered to do it free, the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton have convinced African-Americans that it’s a trick. So Mrs. Clinton’s building on that and claiming that all of this — a photo ID to vote, when you need one for anything else in our country — is nothing more than a trick to get you arrested, and in the same breath, accuses the Republicans of all forms of trickery and cheating.

This is insulting, and it’s exactly why so many African-Americans are suspicious of things that they really ought not be suspicious of. Everybody else has a voter ID, a photo ID. It’s required. You need a photo ID to do anything in this country. How are these…? You know, I’ll tell you the real sad thing about this. I don’t know if it’s really sad. Look at all of the things that you need a photo ID for that Democrats, the people that vote Democrat are apparently unable to do.

The Democrat Party is convincing so many of their voters not to go for this. “Do not go and get a photo taken for an official photo ID!” Look at all the things they’re not able to do as a result of that. Which, when you stop and think of it, is probably exactly what the Democrats want. The less people can do on their own, the more they need government. Now, these minority voters are voting in Democrat districts with Democrat poll watchers with Democrat election officials.

They’re being picked up by Democrat-chartered buses. They’re being driven by Democrat drivers. They are in Democrat blue cities. They are in Democrat blue states. How in the world do the Republicans have a damn thing to do with anything when it comes to these people voting? I mean, where is she here? She’s in Texas. She’s in Sheila Jackson Lee’s district! It is not a Republican district. It’s a straight district. It’s Mickey Leland’s old district.

The Republicans practically don’t even show up in this district, and it’s the like this all over the country. Here’s Hillary (or take your pick, any Democrat) warning these people that the Republicans are out to get ’em. “The Republicans are out to make sure you don’t vote! The Republicans want you to fall for the trap of going to get your picture taken because what the Republicans want to do is arrest you and put you in jail with all the other African-Americans that are there illegally and unfairly.”

And so the African-Americans say, “We’re not falling for your trick. We’re not gonna go for this photo ID. You’re just trying to fix it so I can’t vote.” Which is senseless. The point is every one of these people lives in a Democrat district driven to the polls by a Democrat bus, a Democrat driver, you got Democrat poll watchers. Hell, many of these people if they showed up could probably vote two or three times. Who’s gonna stop ’em? You go through the line as who you are, then you go back and say I’m somebody else. They look, “I don’t find you here, but that’s okay, go ahead and vote, it’s probably our fault.”

“Republicans are striking back at Hillary Rodham ClintonÂ’s suggestions that they have tried to disenfranchise voters. Potential GOP candidate Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey says in New Hampshire that Clinton wants to have an opportunity to ‘commit greater acts of voter fraud’ around the nation. Ohio Gov. John Kasich says in an interview with Fox News that Clinton is ‘dividing America’ and notes Ohio has 28 days of early voting while her home state of New York doesnÂ’t have any.”

See, what does that mean? See, early voting, it’s a tantamount admission. Early voting is an assistive aid to African-Americans. I mean, everything that we’ve done in this country’s been predicated on the notion that life has been made unfair for African-Americans because this country was rotten from the day it was founded. And so any number of policies have been developed to show African-Americans that we’re trying to change and we’re no longer the way we were, and we’re gonna have early voting.

If you want to vote 28 days before the election, we’re gonna let you do it. It’s specifically done for low income, poor people, African-Americans, early voting, specifically designed for that, and yet Hillary still runs around: Early voting, you know what it’s really for? Voter fraud.

The Democrat Party is the architect of this stuff. “During a speech in Houston on Thursday, Clinton said a group of Republican governors pursuing the White House is ‘systematically and deliberately’ trying to prevent millions of Americans from voting.”

Meanwhile, it’s the Democrat Party that’s trying to open up the vote to felons and illegal immigrants. Talk about voter fraud? What is amnesty all about? It’s a voter registration drive for the Democrat Party.

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