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RUSH: Yesterday on the radio. This is NPR radio, public radio, in New York City, the Brian Lehrer Show. His guest was the cofounder of National Lampoon, the author Henry Beard. He’s got a new book called Spinglish.


RUSH: They’ve got this guy at the NPR station in New York City, Henry Beard, talking about his new book — Spinglish: The Definitive Dictionary of Deliberately Deceptive Language — and since I live rent free in these people’s heads…

LEHRER: Each spin phrase you’ve defined, you’ve taken from real life and you meticulously footnote. This is like a dictionary. It’s in alphabetical order. The very first phrase is “abortion machine,” said by Rush Limbaugh in 2013, as in “[Democrats are] turning [women] into abortion machines.” Henry, you want to go any further on that one?

BEARD: Rush is just a master of this kind of — of, uh — of stuff. He’s more extreme than the more sensible, uh, Republican strategists, uh, like Frank Luntz who insists on calling, uh, what used to be, uh, the estate tax “the death tax.” Uh, they’re — they’re a little more controlled than Rush. But, certainly, there’s a lot of expressions to — to, uh — that, uh, tend to denigrate women. That’s just… It’s just part of a political process.

RUSH: What? Denigrate women? Does the Democrat Party not stand for abortion? Is it not the holy sacrament of the Democrat Party and the American left? The Democrat Party is devoted to abortion. I come up with clever language to illustrate the point. Let’s face it, folks: It made the guy’s dictionary, the number one item. You know the crazy thing is? I don’t even remember saying it.

I say so many memorable things, I utter so many profundities, not even I remember them all. And I am blessed with a great memory, as you all know. I have a better memory than most. A great memory. And not even I can remember all of the wonderful, beautiful, profound, intelligent, pithy things that I have said, and I don’t remember having said that.

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