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RUSH: We have posted a new video to Facebook, Facebook.com/Rushrevere — the Rush Revere Facebook page — regarding the new Spanish language edition of Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.

I mentioned it to you yesterday. I didn’t talk about it much. At the end of the program there was a big three-page story at The Daily Beast, all about being upset that I have published my children’s book in Spanish. Oh, yeah. Three pages on how I’m a hypocrite. Do you know why I’m a hypocrite? Because I supposedly want immigrants to assimilate, and I supposedly don’t believe in everything being in Spanish. I supposedly believe in everything being in English in this country.

Yet here I’ve now caved.

I have caved and I’ve published my book in Spanish, in Espanol.

The next thing the article said was that all of you in the audience are livid at me for my hypocrisy in caving. I haven’t gotten one complaint letter! I will now, a bunch of joke complaint e-mails, but haven’t gotten one. In fact, it’s been just the opposite. It’s been high praise for endeavoring to get the first book in the series published in Espanol. It makes all the sense in the world, folks. It was a great move. It took us a lot of time to convince everybody to do this.

But, as usual, I prevailed.

So we’ve got a video that touts this at the Rush Revere Facebook page. It’s Facebook.com/RushRevere. It’s about the new Spanish-language edition. Anyway, this big story was all about the fact that I, El Rushbo, am a hypocrite for doing that and how you are angry at me. It was in the Daily Beast.

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