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RUSH: Well, we knew it was gonna happen, everything we knew was gonna happen, everything we predicted that was gonna happen is happening with the pope. And everything we predicted is gonna happen with Trump is happening. Some things we didn’t predict about Rachel Dolezal, because who could? And they are happening, too. What an interval. What a wonderful interval. This country needs a break from the absolute sadness, depression, and downward spiral just for some laughs and we’re all getting it, except there’s a bunch of people out there trying to put you on a guilt trip if you’re laughing at anything besides Trump.

Greetings, my friends. Welcome. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh, already Wednesday here on the fastest week in media. It’s 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

So where do you want to start? Do you want to start with Trump? Do you want to start with Rachel Dolezal? Do you want to start with the pope? I guess we can start with Jeb Bush. Did you see what Jeb Bush did? For crying out loud, can nobody take this seriously? Jeb Bush, there he is last night on Jimmy Fallon slow-jamming the news. A serious Republican presidential candidate’s out there on The Tonight Show slow-jamming the news. Of course that is actually being touted. That’s being praised because Jeb’s out there showing that he was human. And it’s cool.

We didn’t get to Jeb’s announcement yesterday because other things — well, frankly, they were just a little bit bigger, a little bit larger. And it’s early. And, folks, I want to tell you something up front just so you know. I don’t want you sitting out there having to ask the radio questions. The presidential race is interesting to me. Don’t think otherwise. But it’s so early that there’s nothing really happening right now that is gonna matter much to the top-tier candidates. The top-tier candidates are who they are, and unless they do something just totally bad, they’re gonna remain top-tier candidates.

Now, we can chronicle all this, anything major that happens. But right now discussing every poll and discussing everything every one of these candidates says, to me, it’s a little bit premature. I just want to be up front and honest with you. I’m not a thousand percent into this yet, and I know some people are. Cable news media is totally absorbed with it, for example. There are other things out there that, to me, are more important right now, or hold more interest for me. And I always, on this program, have focused on the things that interest me. I have not made an effort to talk about things I think you want to hear about. That would be, for me, a recipe for disaster, because there are too many of you for me to know what all want — trying to, you know, take an approach here that satisfies everybody is guaranteed to satisfy very few.

So I’m gonna continue with following my instincts, and if something happens of major import and substance in the presidential race, and I mean the Republican primary, we’ll get into it, have no fear. And even though I may not spend a whole lot of time on it day to day right now, never doubt that I’m aware of it. If you want to call about it, I mean, feel free, have at it, particularly on Friday. But being up front here with you, the thing that really distresses me more than anything distresses, interests, what have you, is what’s happening to our culture, is what’s happening to our society.

We’re going insane, folks. We’re literally being swept up by the insane and being told we have to join them in their insanity. And I’m not trying to sound funny. I think it’s a terribly serious thing, but it contains some of the greatest comedy and humor at the same time. And so that is what fascinates me. The presidential race is gonna shake out and it’s gonna end up being what it is in due course. It’s, what, 12, 13 Republican candidates now, if you throw Trump in there.

Rachel Dolezal is a microcosm of some things that really deeply trouble me about society, culture, where it’s heading. Do you realize we live in a time now where there is no objective truth? And do you know how damaging that is? Do you know how precariously balanced a culture is when there is no objective truth? When there are no objective facts, when everything is up for dispute, when things that are undeniably fact are not permitted to be, we have a problem.

Like Rachel Dolezal, do you know why she’s doing what she’s doing? I mean, there are many reasons, and I predicted many of them, and the Rachel Dolezal Stack today is a series of I told you so’s. Here, look at this. This is the top story I have on the Rachel Dolezal Stack. “I sometimes don’t want to be white, either.” It is a piece in the Huffing and Puffington Post by somebody named Ali Michael. “I sometimes don’t want to be white, either.”

This woman, Rachel Dolezal, there’s something wrong here, folks, seriously, seriously wrong and yet on the left this is being treated with sincerity and seriousness and gravity as though it really matters, as though it’s cutting edge stuff, as though it is a great indicator of some unrevealed truths. It’s none of that. What it is, if we can stop laughing about it for a moment — and I don’t want to sound all Miss America candidate-ish here, but it’s dangerously sad. “I sometimes don’t want to be white, either.”

Did you hear on television a couple of nights ago, maybe it was last night, a renowned college professor and well-known race-baiting civil rights activist by the name of Michael Eric Dyson said Rachel Dolezal is more genuinely black than Clarence Thomas is? And it just so happens (Guess what?) HBO put out another press release today; they are preparing a movie called “Anita.” It’s about Anita Hill and the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings in 1991.

And the reason they’re doing it is because a whole generation of Millennials does not know the story, do not know the story, and the left is going to make sure that their version of that story gets told in the popular culture. So you take a very popular current day actress, Kerry Washington, who was in Scandal; you make her Anita Hill. And the guy playing Clarence Thomas is Wendell Pierce, and Wendell Pierce is a great actor. He was in The Wire.

He’s been on Ray Donovan. He’s a great actor. I mean, I don’t know him, but he’s one of these guys that you watch and you think, “I’d like to know this guy. He’s a cool guy.” Wendell Pierce is gonna play Clarence Thomas. A little overweight, naturally. Clarence Thomas is not overweight. Clarence Thomas is not pudgy. Clarence… Ah, may be, but he’s not overweight. But Wendell Pierce is. At least… Well, he was.

He was in The Wire. He was in Ray Donovan last summer. But that’s not a criticism. I’m just saying here we have our culture is literally, our society is literally being lied to day in and day out, and without any objective truth. And anybody that has objective truth is destroyed. The left makes sure that they target anybody who is able to see through this fog, this intricately woven web of deceit and expose it. That person is targeted for destruction, personal and career destruction. And I’m sure…

I don’t hear any of the presidential candidates talking about this, and I think it’s important, because we’re talking about people who vote. And we’re either gonna pander to this new, expanding movement of normalizing insanity or we’re gonna stand up to it. And I don’t see too many people who want to be elected standing up to it. I see everybody engaged, in one degree or… There are exceptions. I’m not trying to lump everybody in this.

But for the mast majority of candidates, left and right, Republican and Democrat, they’re pandering. Because the belief is, “Well, that’s what the people think and I need the votes of those people and I gotta find a way to relate to those people. So I will set aside the fact that I know this is sick and obscene, and I will act like it’s okay with me ’cause I want to appear cool and hip,” and I think that’s a problem. So those are the things that have me focused. And it’s not new, by the way.

This cultural rot, this cultural deterioration has been something that’s troubled me for a while. (sigh) The seeming… I mean, it’s just oppressive. The left never stops. The pope today. This encyclical on the global warming. This is disastrous, folks. It is absolutely disastrous. And it’s shockingly painful. It’s disturbing to me what is happening here. The pope, do you know what he’s basically saying? The pope is saying we have to give and give and give. The rich.

We have to give and give and give until we’re all poor. That’s the moral way to attack climate change. (laughs) We have to keep giving and giving, and we don’t give enough and we need to give and give and give. And what have I always said about the left? The left never seeks to change cultures by elevating those at the bottom, but rather take those at the top, punishing them, taking away from them, lowering them so that everybody is living equally in misery.

That’s their objective, so that as many people as possible are dependent on them for whatever they have in life. That’s undeniable. That is objective truth. That is what the American left and its American counterpart, the Democrat Party, is all about. So here comes the pope with this encyclical suggesting that the problem is that rich countries are not giving enough to the poor and we need to give more and keep giving and keep giving until our rich are no longer rich.

Can I give you some objective truth about global warming? You know who’s hurt most by it? The poor. And you know who hurts them? Rich environmentalists. Take your average poor country in Africa, and let’s say in this poor country they discover some oil reserves or natural gas reserves or some other component of modern day energy production that could enrich the country and the people who live there.

The first people going in to stop them are your modern day Algores, your modern-day environmentalist wackos who want everybody to roll their lifestyle back because progress to them is the root of all this evil. If a country in Africa has the ability to enrich itself by exporting newly discovered oil or some other fossil fuel, the first people in there denying them the chance to do it are the very environmentalist wackos that everybody thinks are wonderful and compassionate and trying to save the planet.

The people keeping poor people poor are the Democrats, are the American left, Marxists, socialists, whatever you call ’em. It is us — it is people like us, it is conservatives — who want people elevated from poverty, who have ideas on how to do it and make it last and make it genuine, that do not involve dependency. We are called heartless, cold-hearted, mean-spirited, and cruel. We are the epitome of compassion! The so-called friends of the poor are the ones keeping them poor.

The so-called friends of Africa are the ones making Africa remain a Third World country or nation or continent. Everything’s backwards. Everything’s 180 degrees out of phase. Everything’s upside down. And we are supposed to be swept into it now and join everybody in what I will good-naturedly refer to as their insanity. “I sometimes don’t want to be white, either.” Where does this come from? This is irrational! It can make no sensible… Well, there is no sensible explanation.

Well, that’s not true. There is a sensible explanation, but no rationality to this. This is utter irrationality. Rachel Dolezal is not to be honored. She is not to be rewarded, awarded. She is one of the most visible human beings worthy of sympathy and assistance that’s come along all week. Yet she’s being lionized, by many. Not everybody. I mean, some people are dealing with this in a truthful and sensible way. But to the American left, why, she’s more black than Clarence Thomas.

It’s absurd.

But you say that to some average low-information voter?

“Yeah, man! Yeah, that’s right!”

They don’t even know what they’re agreeing with. The end result, though, is that yet another Republican has been discredited and destroyed in the feeble minds of the low-information voter. So here we have Ali Michael who writes, “I Sometimes Don’t Want to Be White, Either — Rachel Dolezal is a fascinating case study in White [sic] racial identity development. She is stuck in the immersion/emersion stage, in which White people, having learned extensively about the realities of racism, and the ugly history of White supremacy in the US…”

That’s all you need to know right there.

Where has this woman been taught about “the ugly history of White supremacy”?

This woman has had guilt ladled on her from the first moment she was able to understand English language. Then she went off to kindergarten and there was more of it. Then she gets to grade school and there’s more of it. Then she gets to middle school and they really pound it. In high school, if she’s gone to college (which she obviously did), by the time she gets to college, she’s totally convinced the worst thing to be in the world is a white person because of all of the evil things white people have done in this country since its founding.

Guilt tripped like you can’t believe. It’s all happening in the public school education, university, academy. It’s happening in the media. “I Sometimes Don’t Want to Be White, Either.” Meanwhile, on the other side of this, there are some African-Americans that are not happy. Some don’t care, like Whoopi Goldberg. (paraphrased) “Hey, if Rachel Dolezal… fine with me.” Others are not happy.

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