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RUSH: You know, folks, there’s been a running theme on the program this week, and that is the very real fact, the very real circumstance that we are watching the deterioration of our culture right in front of us. It’s one of those things where sometimes, you know, you don’t see it happening because you’re in the forest, you don’t see the trees fall ’cause you’re there. People living history are really not aware of it because they’re living it. And it isn’t until later when people who are not involved can look back on it and see what was going on, whether it was positive or negative or destructive or what have you.

But it is so bad, the cultural rot and deterioration is so bad that people are openly asking themselves why it’s happening. And of course the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the latest events about which people are scratching their heads and trying to find the deeper meaning, the deeper explanation. It can’t just be that we’ve got a sick, perhaps drug-addled psychological mess of evil. No, it’s got to be much, much more than that. It’s got to be political.

The left, led by President Obama, went on an immediate rant on guns and his silly statement — you know, I knew it when we played the audio yesterday. Obama’s out there saying it doesn’t happen in other countries. And it does. It happens all the time. It’s the story of humanity. Violence has been around ever since the beginning of time. The idea that gun violence or violence like this only happens in this country is absurd.

I mean, Charlie Hebdo — or Charles Hebdo? Norway? For crying out loud, it happens all over the world many more times than it happens in the United States. There he is saying it never happens anywhere else; it only happens here because we’re the only civilized country that doesn’t have responsible gun control laws. It’s just flat-out absurd. And I’ve got a list — a very short list — of examples of things like this happening all over the world, not just here.

But the left is busy trying to politicize this. The left is busy trying to establish a connection to conservatism, to the Tea Party, to you name it. Other people are honestly trying to figure out, “Well, what in the world would make somebody do this?” The reason people want to know that is because discovering the motivation might lead to prevention down the road, to find out what this that’s screwing people up. Is it the mis-prescribing of drugs? Is it…? Who knows?

But the one thing that most people do not want is the simple explanation that we just got somebody mentally ill who is sick and deranged, the evil at heart. “Nah-nah-nah-nah. It’s gotta be more than that,” because you know, a crisis is too great to waste. So everybody’s trying to figure out why would Dylann Roof do this, what in the world could have made him do this, and they’ve gone talked to his friends.

“Did he indicate any such bias, prejudice, hatred? Did he…?” Yeah, they found a friend who said the last six months he’s been talking about wanting to start a race war. Yeah, they found a number of people to give credence to whatever political outcome from this that they want. So as long as people have opened the door to try to find all of the real reasons why this could happen, there is a story today that is, I think, perfect to make a point I want to make about cultural rot and children.

You know, I mentioned yesterday we had a Gallup poll. Millennials have lost faith in everything. Millennials have lost confidence in everything. In fact, it isn’t just Millennials. It’s a whole bunch of different demographic groups have lost confidence or have lost faith either in the country at large or in the institution of religion or some other institution, but it is oppressive. There is a cloud of pessimism and negativity that people think has just blanketed the nation.

People are scratching their heads, saying, “How can this happen? Why is there so little faith?” I mean, we’ve got the first African-American president. We’ve got a great economy.” That’s what the media says. “We got roaring economy, low unemployment! I mean, how can it be?” Well, let me just posit a couple of things. How often do you think you have to tell a 10-year-old, a 12-year-old, a 15-year-old that their parents are destroying the planet before they get scared to death stiff?

How often does it…? How many times does it take? How many cartoon shows, how many lectures in class, how many casual observances of cable TV? How often? How many times does it take for a kid to hear that the polar bears are dying because of mom and dad and the car they drive? Or that the ice pole is melting and there might be no more Santa Claus, all because of the way mom and dad live, all because of the way the United States is?

Because the United States is the only country that’s ever blamed for any of this stuff. How long does it take before a kid becomes despondent, thinks there’s no future, thinks his country is a criminal enterprise? How long does it take? Does it take one year? Does it take two years? Does it take a week? Well, however long it takes, your average 30-year-old has grown up hearing it. Your average 30-year-old has heard nothing else.

Your average 30-year-old… Just climate change alone. That’s just one issue. Take every other item in it. “If you’re gonna eat this, you’ll die. If you do that, you’re gonna result in people dying. If you do that, you might be responsible for people dying.” Take your pick. There is an endless supply of stories in the news that are consumed and absorbed by young, impressionable minds that are nothing but apocalyptic. And it’s always the adults who are to blame for it.

And if you want to get even more disciplined than, it’s always conservative or Republican people who are actually doing the damage. “Eat this, you get cancer. Eat that, you get TB. Eat that, don’t eat that, you get whatever.” It is a steady drumbeat of apocalyptic news from the moment they turn the TV on or their iPhones on until they go to bed at night — and then they dream about it. And we wonder why people are doing whatever they can to escape that reality or why people have lost faith.

We wonder why people are pessimistic? Put yourself, if you can, in the position of an eight-year-old, a 10-year-old, a 12-year-old, who hears nothing but that kind of stuff. If they turn on Saturday morning cartoons, they see that kind of stuff. And I’m not talking about Batman and Robin and all. I’m talking about actual things like that Captain Planet, which is a Ted Turner-sponsored cartoon about how evil corporations are because they are polluting the planet, killing the animals, and we’re next.

I’m talking about political content that is disguised as children’s programming. You find it everywhere. I’m just asking: How long does it take? Is it weeks, days, months, years before the consumption of all of that takes root? Here’s the latest example of it. “A Child Born Today May Live to See the End of Humanity.” It’s a serious news story by an Australian microbiologist named Frank Fenner. Reuters can’t wait to write this story! Reuters, you can see the saliva on your computer screen as the reporter salivating writing this up.


RUSH: In the meantime, back to the standard, ordinary, everyday news.

“A Child Born Today May Live to See Humanity’s End.” This is Frank Fenner, an Australian microbiologist, and obviously he’s a fearmonger. Now, how many guys like this are there on the left? How many people are predicting the end of the human race? How many people are telling young people, “If we don’t something in 10, 20 years, it’s the end of us”? Ted Danson did this 25 years ago. Algore’s been doing it for 25 years. The pope now joins the bandwagon. Now we got this guy.

I’m asking you: How often does a child have to be exposed to this before it really sets in and begins to affect the child and his outlook on his own life and the future? Yet we are the fearmongers, according to them, these doomsayers. These phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roll doomsayers are never held responsible for their blatantly wrong predictions. You know why? Because their intentions are good. Yeah.

They’re only trying to save the planet. They’re only trying to advise and guide humanity into taking the right steps so that we’re not all wiped out. Their intentions are good. It’s the nature of the evidence; forget whether they’re right or wrong. They have big hearts. They’re trying to help. And that is a thousand percent wrong. They are fearmongering. They are lying. They are making money getting grants, promulgating false allegations and predictions. It’s nonsense.

How much has this nonsense cost us financially over the years? How much money has been wasted preparing for a doom that isn’t happening, that hasn’t happened, that isn’t gonna happen? And how about the costs that are not dollars and cents? How about the effect on people? How many lunatics has this created? How many genuinely normal people have been driven to the brink of insanity simply by the news media every day? We know that not everybody is rock-solid stable.

How many times does somebody have to read that the end of the…? And I’m not talking about from a preacher raising money, with the globe on fire on TV, which I’ve seen. I’m talking about the Drive-By, mainstream media — the media that everybody believes, the media that everybody trusts, the media that very few people think has a bias. This Frank Fenner, microbiologist, he’s not perceived as a religious kook. He’s not perceived as some sort of oddball. No, he’s a mainstream microbiologist.

He’s a scientist. Right here it is. This is Reuters, by the way, an ecstatic Reuters. They can’t wait to write this story. “Humans Will Be Extinct in 100 Years,” because the planet will be uninhabitable. Do you realize there’s not one leftist scientists who has predicted anything like this who has ever been right? The top of that class is Paul Ehrlich, who, back in 1970 some odd wrote a book called The Population Bomb saying by 2000 we’d be finished. That the earth couldn’t even come close to supporting a population that the world indeed has today.

He’s still a guru. He’s still a hero. He’s still a go-to source. He’s still at Stanford. He hasn’t been discredited at all. He couldn’t be more wrong. He’s still a leftist hero because he advances the liberal agenda, which is fear, chaos, panic, you name it, whatever it takes to get people to sign on and vote for bigger government, higher taxes, less freedom. So he’s ideal.

So is this guy. “Humans will be extinct in 100 years because the planet will be uninhabitable, according to Australian microbiologist Frank Fenner, one of the leaders of the effort to eradicate smallpox in the 1970s.” See? Imminently credible. “He blames overcrowding, denuded resources and climate change.” Of course.

“Fenner’s prediction,” Reuters assures us, “is not a sure bet, but he is correct that there is no way emissions reductions will be enough to save us from our trend toward doom.” This is a mainstream news story! There’s nothing we can do to save us from our trend towards doom. Now, we adults are smart enough to read this and let it go in one ear and out the other, particularly we conservative adults, but you take the fragile minds of most people on the left and children, who absorb in this stuff, and I ask you, is it really hard to understand when you learn they’ve lost confidence and faith in everything.

Another headline: “‘Orange is the New Black’ Cast Member Ruby Rose Explains Why SheÂ’s Both Sexes.” Well, you may think, who the hell is this? Well, for people that stream video Netflix is big and popular and they love it, and this is one of its biggest shows, Orange is the New Black. If you don’t know what lesbianism is and you’d like to see it in action, go watch this show. I’m told that even lesbians learn things from watching this show. Snerdley, your eyes are lighting up.

“If youÂ’re a fan of NetflixÂ’s popular series Orange is the New Black, chances are you recognize its newest star Ruby Rose, the tattooed actress and model who identifies as ‘gender fluid.’ Rose has been promoting the idea of gender fluidity recently, and told Elle.com that although she was born a woman, she doesnÂ’t feel like one; therefore she doesnÂ’t identify as any specific gender. ‘Gender fluidity is not really feeling like youÂ’re at one end of the spectrum or the other.'”

Now, it used to be, folks, when we had people around us with mental illnesses like this we ignored them at best or we sent them away for treatment. Today we give them reality shows. Today we make stars out of them. We put mentally ill people on TV, mostly in reality shows. We create stars out of them and make other people want to get just as whatever so they can get on a TV show, too. And we all watch them. It’s like going to the circus or the freak show without having to leave home.

But for you young people in the audience, let me just tell you, you cannot be both sexes any more than you can be black when you’re white. You can’t be white when you’re black. You can’t be black when you’re white, and you can’t be both sexes, it simply is impossible.


RUSH: Do you realize that families are killing each other over global warming? You go back to 2010, UK Telegraph: “Baby Survives Parents’ Global Warming Suicide Pact — A seven-month-old girl survived for three days alone with a bullet in her chest after being shot by her parents as part of a suicide pact over their fears about global warming.

“Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, shot their daughter and her toddler brother before killing themselves. Their son Francisco, two, died instantly after being hit in the back. However, their unnamed daughter cheated death after the bullet from her father’s handgun missed her vital organs.”

People have been killing themselves and others — that’s in the UK — because of global warming fearmongering. Now, the above happened in Argentina. It could happen anywhere. A hoax! There isn’t any truth to it. The earth is always warming. Look, I’m not gonna relitigate the argument. The whole business that they’re promoting here, manmade global warming because of life in the United States today is not the reason — it’s just absurd. The whole thing is just flat-out absurd, insultingly absurd.


RUSH: Now, before we get on to other things, I’m not through with this theme. In fact, I don’t know that I’m ever really gonna be through with the theme. Not this whole thing we’ll talk about. But it’s this cultural rot, deterioration, this overwhelming apocalyptic pessimism that is being promoted. You know, I just went new to the UK Daily Mail’s version of the story, “A Child Born Today May Live to See Humanity’s End.” The Daily Mail!

Their headline is, “Will Your Child Witness the End of Humanity?” Folks, this has to take a toll. I’m just gonna ask again: How long does it take before the never-ending drumbeat of this kind of stuff affects people? You know what media influence is. You know how hard it is to fight. And this is utter irresponsibility. This is not a prediction, by the way. Nobody’s got the guts to go out and actually predict it.

This is just a fear. It is a near prediction. “It might happen if…” Nobody is stupid enough to actually make this prediction because then they could be held accountable for it. “Expert warns mankind will be extinct in 100 years because of climate change.” (sigh) I… I… I… “Humans will be extinct in 100 years due to overcrowding, declining resources and climate change, according to a prominent scientist.

“The comments were first made by Australian microbiologist Dr Frank Fenner in 2010, but engineer and science writer David Auerbach has reiterated the doom-laden warning in his latest article. He criticizes the recent G7 summit for failing to deal with the problems facing the survival of humanity, such as global warming and exhausting Earth’s resources. … ‘A lot of other animals will, too. It’s an irreversible situation. I think it’s too late. I try not to express that because people are trying to do something, but they keep putting it off.'”

Okay, “I think it’s too late. I try not to express that…” (chuckles) Well, you just damn did! “I try not to express that…” So here’s two scientists now, 2010; this guy backed up five years later with this Auerbach guy. We’re doomed! We’re done! A hundred years. “A Child Born Today May Live to See Humanity’s End,” meaning a child born today might die along with everybody else. It’s just… If you’re trying to figure out what’s going wrong in our country, you have to look at this stuff.

Now, let me posit something else. I can honestly tell you that when I was in middle school (“junior high school” it was called then) and high school, evolution was not formally taught like it is today. Evolution was something that… There was biological evolution. We were taught about how certain organisms adapt. It wasn’t called evolution as evolution’s taught today. We were never taught that there was cross-species evolution. People tried.

I mean, there were always the allusions that we were once gorillas. But I never had to face what kids have to face today in school, “the unalterable fact,” supposedly, of evolution. And part and parcel of it, folks, kids are being taught, “There is no God, there is no heaven, there’s only hell, there is nothing. There’s just nothing. This is it. This is all there is,” which wouldn’t be so bad if this weren’t all apocalyptic!

I’m just asking: “How often does it take? How much exposure to this kind of stuff does it take for young people to begin to believe it.” I think we’re seeing the evidence of it here with all these surveys, of people saying they have no hope and they’ve go no confidence in and no faith in anything. Look, when a comedian is viewed to be the most serious newsman for certain people… (interruption) No wait, no. That’s a fact.

Young people think a comedian is the news. Now, evolution. I wasn’t taught evolution, but I have heard… I need those of you who have kids — or maybe you believe it. I don’t know. I have been told that the teaching of evolution, as it occurs today in school and in formal education, involves racism. Now, if this happens to be true… Again, as I say, I was not taught this. I was not exposed to this. I’ve only heard about this from people who tell me what their kids come home from school and tell ’em.

The teaching of human evolution is essentially rampant with racism, because evolution, as it’s being taught, discusses the transition from dark skin to light skin being more evolved. Now, I do know that the original eugenics crowd popularized by Margaret Sanger and her buds back then… This is what amazes me about the left: Margaret Sanger was all about eliminating the black race, and she’s a leftist hero today! Margaret Sanger and her eugenics buds — and there were a lot of supposedly really smart people in her eugenics crowd.

Well, now, if you happen to be a young kid in junior high or high school, and you’re being force-fed evolution, and part of evolution is teaching you that the transition from dark skin to light skin equals more evolved, what are you gonna think of dark-skin people? As I say, I wasn’t taught this. But I’m hearing from people that this is part of the curriculum. Well, if that’s true, for crying out loud, then it makes it a little bit more understandable why people like this Dylann Roof guy exist.

If evolution — which is a left-wing, mandatory requirement now. If evolution is teaching that part of evolution is “becoming” from dark skin to light skin? Holy smokes, folks! Remember Charles Darwin’s book on The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life? I mean, that was the title of Darwin’s book! And in the midst of all this the idea that people want to tag talk radio or Fox News with this stuff?

We have serious problems that apparently few are even willing to approach in terms of source and honest discussion and so forth. If that happens to be true — do you know that to be true about the teaching of evolution? (interruption) You don’t know that to be true? (interruption) I hope it isn’t. If that’s true, that answers every question you’ve got out there. If the evolutionists are teaching that part of evolution is going from you dark skin to light skin, and light skin/white skin is more evolved than dark skin? What if somebody like Hitler believed it? And he did!

Hitler believed Darwin!

What if somebody like Hitler believed it, which he did?

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