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RUSH: Sadly, my friends, I’m going to have to continue the theme begun last week. Actually, I don’t know that there’s an end in sight to this because this is only intensifying. Here, let me find the headline. It’s all you need to know. Here it is, from the UK Independent.

I mean, this is not some obscure, never-heard-of website or blog out there. This is the UK Independent. “Earth Enters Sixth Extinction Phase with Many Species, Including Our Own, Labeled ‘The Walking Dead.'” The report was authored by scientists at Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley. We’re the walking dead! We’re done! We’re over! We’re finished. That old joke about God deciding the human race is a failure and ending the earth and calling three newspapers to report the news?

It’s coming true! Absent the call from God. “Earth Enters Sixth Extinction Phase with Many Species, Including Our Own, Labeled ‘The Walking Dead.'” I mean, what…? (sigh) It’s absurd! It is literally absurd. So many conflicting things I read over the weekend. Dana Milbank in the Washington Post is all jazzed and excited that the word “liberal” is no longer an epithet.

They don’t have to use “progressive” anymore. They can call themselves liberal because everybody’s becoming liberal. Everybody’s turning liberal, and there’s some theories, but his favorite theory is you know why the country is moving to the left? In a great, sensible reaction to the rise of the Tea Party. The rise of the Tea Party has awakened a sleeping giant of a country and is forcing them, encouraging them and they’re willingly going way to the left.

Yet, as we make this move to the left where leftists are supposedly excited about it, nobody is happy! As we make the move to the left, everybody is upset; everybody is deranged, delusional, depressed, something or other negative. It is uncanny. Well, it’s not uncanny. It’s understandable to me. Liberalism does not create joy. It does not create happiness. In fact, it can’t thrive amongst such things.

Liberalism requires practically apocalyptic attitudes in order to be attractive to people, but it doesn’t do anything but breed even more of that. It’s amazing if you sit down and think about it, if I put on my sociologist had and back off and look at this stuff objectively, it’s a difficult thing… Well, again, no! It’s not difficult to understand at all. It’s difficult to see.

No, it’s easy to see, but it’s hard to see it. It’s painful to see it.


RUSH: There’s one other thing I need to add before we get to the phones. Do you remember the story last week from, what was this clown’s name, Fred Fenner something or other. This was the guy who predicted that people born today would witness the end of humanity, that we had a hundred years and that was it. Another Reuters story, they can’t contain themselves, they’re so happy over the pope denouncing weapons manufacturing. So you can’t call yourself a Christian if you build guns, make guns, weapons, ammo, you can’t do that. You are not a Christian.

So we had this story last week and I was asking: How many of these stories does it take, how much exposure does it take to stuff like this before young people begin to think there’s nothing left? Before young people like Dylann Roof think we’re doomed anyway? We’re in the middle of the last days, science is telling us we’re destroying the planet. Others are telling us that we don’t have enough food, water, anything else. The whole species is gone in a hundred years, who cares about the law.

My question last week was how much of this stuff does it take before you start ruining people, before you destroy them, before you fill them with nothing but apocalyptic thoughts that become their reality. The left is famous for this, and it’s never ending. This is gonna kill you; that’s gonna kill you. That’s gonna cause the earth to die; this is causing the earth to die. Your parents are driving the wrong kind of car, the polar bears. It’s a never-ending drumbeat of death, destruction, and disaster and so this guy comes along with this prediction.

It turns out, folks, that this guy Fenner is not even alive. He made that prediction in 2010. And Reuters, in reporting his prediction, did not inform their readers what the basis of his prediction was. Birthrates. This guy was from the Paul Ehrlich world that we were having so many births worldwide, the planet simply could not support. His prediction was not based on global warming. His prediction was not based on climate change. He was right out of the already disproven and discredited Paul Ehrlich school of the Population Bomb. Paul Ehrlich, as I mentioned, is still teaching at Stanford. He’s still a guru of the left. He’s been proven wrong about every claim.

He originally predicted that by now the human race would end, by this time. He wrote it in the seventies that we would be toast by now. So this Dr. Fenner makes his prediction based on birthrates and everybody knows now the US birthrate is below replacement levels right now, so his data back then, 2010, five years ago, is not even accurate anymore. So it’s a five-year-old prediction reworked to be about climate change. I tell you, it’s a disaster. The modern day media has just become an abject disaster. But this overall tilt to the left is itself apocalyptic. There’s no joy in liberalism. Everything is doom and gloom and we’re told that we must accept it.


RUSH: From the UK Independent: “The planet is entering a new period of extinction with top scientists warning that species all over the world are ‘essentially the walking dead’ — including our own. The report, authored by scientists…”

Those guys in little lab coats, the white coats that give them authority? “The report, authored by scientists at Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley universities, found that vertebrates were vanishing at a rate 114 times faster than normal.” (Gasp!) Man, if you’re a low-information voter, that has got to scare you out of your underwear: 114 times faster than normal, vertebrates are vanishing? Then the next thing they ask is, “What is a vertebrate?”

“In the damning report, published in the Science Advances journal,” do you have your subscription? “researchers note that the last similar event was 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs disappeared, most probably as a result of an asteroid.” So we are beginning to repeat exactly what happened to the dinosaurs and except that it’s happening 114 times faster and without an asteroid. “‘We are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event,’ one of the authors of the paper told the BBC.

“Gerardo Ceballos, lead author of the research, added: ‘If it is allowed to continue, life would take many millions of years to recover and our species itself would likely disappear early on.’ The research examined historic rates of extinction for vertebrates, finding that since 1900 more than 400 vertebrates have disappeared — an extinction rate 100 times higher…” You know, every time one of these stories happen about extinction, all of a sudden it’s found.

Something thought to be extinct is found in some remote island, Bali Bali, Bali Mali, wherever it is. I always ask, “How do they know it became extinct?” How in the world can anybody know what’s become extinct, ’cause we can’t go everywhere to find out where something might be. Anyway, the Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich is part of this survey, and the guy has been discredited! Look, this is a problem.

The guy wrote a book in the 1970s called The Population Bomb and he predicted the earth would die with three billion people running around because the earth couldn’t support three billion people. We were to be extinct by now, according to Paul Ehrlich. He has been proven wrong in virtually everything, and he’s still a professor accredited at Stanford! He’s still teaching, still writing, and still a credible guru to the left, and he is the third author of this report saying that our species is the walking dead.

It’s an obsession this guy has.

He has been proven wrong on virtually everything that he has predicted. He says, “We’re all in a tree, and we are sawing off the limb we are sitting on.” So here we have worldwide leftists using multiple experts now — including the pope — to throw gasoline on the end-of-the-world, we’re-all-gonna-die fire. I mean, really, who can argue this isn’t true? Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, and the pope all agree? And it’s climate change that’s doing us in?

And again, how many times do young people need to be told all of this before they start running around and believing it, and when they believe it…? I mean, you and I hear this and we chuckle and we do what we do. There are people that believe this stuff, and they take it to heart. Imagine somebody who believes this and takes this to heart. “We are at the end time! We are walking the last steps we will ever take to the planet, and there’s nothing anybody can do about it except vote Democrat!

“That’s your only hope is to vote Democrat — and even then, it might not save the day.” What are you gonna do? What is your attitude gonna be? If you already… If you’re starting your life out in intellectual quicksand, what’s gonna become of you? Life is gonna become meaningless, it isn’t gonna matter, and it just takes off from there. (sigh) I don’t know, folks. This story’s exactly what I’m talking about, by the way.

When I say that we have all this polling data that results, I’m sure, from stories like this. I mean, Millennials don’t trust anybody. Millennials have lost confidence. Americans have lost confidence in everything. Americans have lost confidence in church. Americans have lost confidence in religion. Americans have no hope. Is it any wonder?

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