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RUSH: I’ve got people sending me e-mails: “Hey, Rush, look at this, look at this.” You know what it is? It’s little campaign buttons and stickers and stuff with Hillary Clinton posing with the Confederate flag, and Bill Clinton posing with the Confederate flag, smiling and happy, all from the 1990s. It isn’t gonna matter a hill of beans. Until you see all that at Yahoo News, ABC, CBS, NBC, it isn’t gonna matter. And even then it wouldn’t matter because the Clintons are Democrats and get the benefit of the doubt on caring about people and having good intentions.

I have yet to see any hypocrisy argument carry the day and discredit a Democrat. I mean, here the Democrat Party owns the Confederate flag. The Confederacy was Democrats. The ancestors, the heirs of the Confederacy were Democrats. The governors, the police chiefs, the segregationists were all Democrats. The Confederacy was Democrats, it was the Democrat Party.

Abraham Lincoln was the father of the Republican Party. It was the party of the North. Fritz Hollings, a Democrat governor, hoisted the Confederate flag in South Carolina. Everything to do with the Confederacy the Democrat Party owns lock, stock, and barrel. They gave it to us. Bill Clinton signed all kinds of proclamations. Hillary Clinton did proudly appear with caricatures and replicas of the Confederate flag, and people are finding these and they’re posting them all over Twitter. It isn’t gonna matter because nobody in the media where the low-information people go that confers authority is gonna give the Clintons any grief over it. Because it’s not the target, it’s not the reason.

The whole thing in South Carolina, the Confederate flag, it’s not to identify hypocrites or racists. That’s what it’s made to look like. This is nothing more than the latest technique from the Democrat Party to advance their political agenda, with, of course, the media as willing accomplices.

So you can show me all of the Hillary paraphernalia you want with her loving the Confederate flag and kissing the Confederate flag and the Confederate flag all over her campaign operative posters, and Bill Clinton, too, it isn’t gonna matter, folks. It just isn’t going to matter. It isn’t gonna disqualify Hillary. It’s not gonna get Hillary thrown in the same pot with all these. I mean, what Republican had anything to do with what happened in South Carolina anyway? How did this all of a sudden become a Republican Party problem? But it is, isn’t it?

And now we have the New York Times doing stories, homegrown radicals, meant to be like this Dylann Roof, they are far more deadly than ISIS and Al-Qaeda. And then white terrorism is as old as the nation. Let’s go this Chris Stirewalt piece at Fox News, also from today. This is the one with the headline: “White House Blames White Male Resentment for Obama Failures on Guns, Race — It is perfectly emblematic of the empty, hashtagging political era that the primary role of government after a mass murder would be as a semiotic interpreter for the nation.

“As governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton celebrated his state’s Confederate heritage with a special star in his state’s flag. Now his wife is running for president as an ardent foe of Confederate remembrance,” but her picture’s all over Confederate paraphernalia as well. “The GOP consensus of 20 years ago was that the display of the Confederate battle flag was up to the ones displaying it. Now they are falling over each other to denounce its public display.

“None of it makes much difference in the lives of Americans or on the question of good governance. These are things that politicians do not as part of leadership but of followership — public cues intended to show voters that a candidate is ‘one of them.’ But they do not do much to shape outcomes. Quite the opposite. These are things you do when you can’t do anything real. Is racism a problem in America? Not nearly what it was, but of course it is.”

It’s worse than ever. It must be worse than ever, in order for the Democrat Party agenda to advance. Everything must be worse than ever. Everything must be as bad as it’s ever been. And, of course, with the first African-American president, that makes it even worse, because the first African-American president, this should have ended all this, but it’s even worse. You know what that means? It means these white Republicans are even more racist than we ever knew. That’s the narrative. That’s the meme.

So Stirewalt asks here: “So what’s with all the focus on the flag? We get an insight into the thinking of the president and his party from a WaPo piece on his many frustrations with his administration’s failures on gun control and race relations.”

A senior administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said, “If you are a white man in America, this country is changing dramatically. You have always been in charge.” But now you’re not. “So there is something to white men feeling like something has been taken away from them.” So this is apparently, this spokesman, this is what Obama thinks. The reason for all these atrocities is that white people, they used to run this country, they had it all, they founded the country, they wrote the rules, they wrote the Constitution, but finally we’re catching up to ’em, and now they’re no longer the majority. They don’t get to be the majority. We’re taking it away from ’em, and they don’t like it.

So if you’re a white man in America, this country is changing dramatically. You have always been in charge, but now you’re not, nah-nah-nah-nah. And so this would explain why they cling — what did I Obama say, bitter clingers — they cling to their religion, they cling to their guns, they cling to their beer, whatever the stereotype is. What this tells me is that what’s happening here has been intended and is part of the Obama agenda from the get-go. It is part of his transformation of America. It’s happening right before your eyes. And even while these things happen and the things that are happening give a great indication of what will happen next, when you point to that, “No, no, no, Rush, the flag’s not gonna be.”

It already is, folks. The American flag, maybe not specifically, but what it stands for is already under assault and it has been since Inauguration Day of 2009. Now, a lot of people, “I don’t want to go there and admit that, deal with that,” so they’ll accept it’s just about the flag and the church shooting in South Carolina, but the other stuff, that’s too scary to contemplate. But it’s undeniable.

Now, Stirewalt writes here, “Not one in 1,000 white males cares about the presence of a Confederate war monument on the grounds of the South Carolinastatehouse. Not one in 1 million would share the racist worldview of the Charleston killer. The overwhelming majority are focused on keeping themselves and their families afloat in the face of enormous challenges.”

He’s right. But what the Regime and the media are trying to portray is that we are all Dylann Roof just waiting to explode. Just waiting for that one moment that lights the fuse that blows up the keg. We’re all but mere moments from being Dylann Roof. That is what the Regime is attempting to convey to low-information voters via their allies in the media. And that’s why we’ve gotta get rid of the symbols, you never know what’s gonna happen. We’ve gotta tear down, Jefferson Memorial, flag, yeah, gotta get rid of these parks named after all these racist pigs. They were all Democrats, and ten years ago they were honored and celebrated by the likes of the Clintons, and that’s why they’re paraphernalia exhibiting it.

It’s just like you could never get Ted Kennedy on hypocrisy, and all he did was preside over a woman’s death, and you still could not weaken Ted Kennedy or the Democrat Party using hypocrisy as a technique, because the Kennedys had succeeded wildly in convincing everybody that they really didn’t like being rich and they were doing everything they could to give their own money to the poor so the poor wouldn’t be poor. And that’s what everybody thinks every Democrat does. The Democrats are some of the most miserly. Take a look Obama’s charitable donations on his tax form, look at Biden’s, take a look at Algore’s. It’s embarrassingly invisible, compared to the charity and the good works of conservative Republicans, not even close.

But as far as the low-information public is concerned, the L-I-Ps, it’s just the exact opposite. And on and on and on. But Obama and the Regime want to focus on white males as the villains because the country’s changing, and everything they set up for themselves is being taken away from them. They founded the country, they wrote the rules — Constitution, Declaration — they set everything up for themselves and their heirs, and finally it’s all being taken away. Finally the downtrodden, the minorities, the people that have been discriminated against for 200 plus years are finally getting what has always been theirs. And the white power structure that created it for itself is powerless to do anything about it, so what do they do? Blow up churches.

That’s what the Democrat Party and the media hope to convey that whole line of thought. So that’s why white males are being focused on as villains. But what that really does, well, when it comes to gun control and the other issues that, yeah, the white male, white people are the villains, they’re the bad guys, they’re the ones that protect the Second Amendment. They’re the ones that make it possible for Dylann Roof to do what he did. Yeah, yeah, the NRA, the conservatives and so forth, New York Times warning us, conservative extremism is far more dangerous than any foreign enemy, not even close, says the New York Times. White terrorism has been around since the founding of the country.

Combine all this with everything just this week we have exposed with what is being taught to kids in college and universities. It all adds up. It all makes perfect sense when you look at it. I mean, it doesn’t make sense. It makes sense why people buy it, believe it. They’re being assaulted with it each and every day. And there is no countervailing view. Well, I mean there is here. But where else is there in the mainstream media?


RUSH: All right, now, just a couple of questions here, folks. Here we have this White House spokesman speaking for Obama, and it says here “under condition of anonymity in order to be candid.” So the guy told Chris Stirewalt at Fox: I’ll give you the lowdown but you can’t use my name ’cause I’m gonna shoot you straight. Stirewalt said okay, fire. Guy says, “If you are a white man in America, this country is changing dramatically. You have always been in charge. So there is something to white men feeling like something has been taken away from them.”

Well, why isn’t Obama then worried about backlash? He’s always worried about a backlash against Muslims. He’s always worried about a backlash against the Iranians. And where’s all the talk about needing to understand white males and what might be upsetting them? I mean, wasn’t it just a couple of months ago, Hillary Clinton said that smart power was understanding and empathizing with our enemies and seeing their point of view. Do you remember when she said that? We played the audio sound bite for you here. She did say that. Smart power was understanding and empathizing with our enemies.

We are giving the Iranians nuclear technology. We are going to enable the Iranians to ramp up their entire nuclear apparatus and eventually to include weapons. But in the United States, the objective is to get guns out of the hands of the NRA, which Obama and his buds consider to be conservatives.

And don’t forget this professor at Georgetown, Paul Butler, professor, criminal law and race relations, who says, “American history is a history of racialized violence, and our history of racialized violence means that everything white people have they have in part because they are white. We have to disrupt that status quo. That’s what the president meant when he said that racism is part of our DNA, and our DNA has to be changed.” Meaning racism is part of this nation’s founding blood flow. And who founded the nation? Violent white people.

This guy is all upset because the phrase, “Black lives matter” came along and then somebody said no, it’s, “All lives matter” and this professor Paul Butler said, no, no, no, no, that’s racial subordination. You’re subordinating black lives to secondary status again. It’s, “Black lives matter,” and you can’t change that to, “All lives matter” because if you do you’re just again saying that black lives don’t matter as much. Professor, criminal law, race relations,Georgetown. And you are paying this institution 20, 30 grand a year to have your kids learn this type of drivel.

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