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RUSH: David, Springfield, Tennessee, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. I’ve been listening to you since 1998. I’m actually from Calgary. I’m just down here visiting. What I was going to say was, “Welcome to Canada,” as I watch you guys slowly turn socially into Canada. I mean, I can still remember during the 2003 election, I was campaigning for what we call conservative, which are Tories, which I see a lot of your Republican people turning into slowly. And even some of the liberal candidates were against the gay marriage thing. And it didn’t matter. The liberals got in, the majority government. That’s what happened. But the liberals ran on that platform for gay marriage. Obama didn’t.

So I don’t know if he’s kind of duped people or what. But this is what I see. And it’s not that I agree or disagree. I mean, I don’t live here. I’m just watching it happen and I hope it doesn’t become an extreme slippery slope, especially with your healthcare because we have the single-payer. We’d even like to see some kind of a two-tier system to keep the competition going. But we don’t even have that. That’s against the law. I’m just hoping you guys don’t turn into that single payer system. And then what happens is it becomes extremely rationed and then it just goes all to H-E double hockey sticks, you know.

RUSH: H-E double hockey sticks is Canadian for hell. Got it. I know what a hockey stick looks like. And I know how a hockey stick has been used to bastardize the medieval warming period temperature scan, too. The only thing about your comment, this has not been slow. Some people might argue that we’ve been trending in this direction. But this has happened overnight in political terms. These massive social shifts have occurred overnight. It’s one of the reasons people have been caught up short.

Commensurate with all this, a lot of people, “It’s never going to happen. It’s never going to happen.” So there hasn’t been a whole lot of public opposition. And whenever there has been public opposition, those people that dared to engage in it have been targeted for any number of things. So there’s been a successful bullying campaign and intimidation campaign. But, look, it doesn’t erase the fact that there really has not been an opposition structure to any of this.

There’s been plenty of opposition. There just hasn’t been any formal strategic opposition. And that’s because of an abundance of, well, a bunch of things, fear. Look, I’ve been through all that for years. I don’t need to repeat that. David, thanks.

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