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RUSH: Here are just a few of the words that have been given new meaning by Obama and other Democrats just in the last few short years. “Marriage,” totally redefined. Taxes. “Taxes” are now “shared responsibility payments.” “Gross domestic product” has been redefined under Obama to include “thoughts.” There’s even a move on to eliminate a statistic reporting gross domestic product.

You may not have heard about this. It’s relatively new. But some advanced thinkers on the left in the media think that gross domestic product is not a good indication of economic growth, specifically because the gross domestic product under Obama is a disaster. Because there isn’t any economic growth! There is economic contraction or stagnation. So the arbiters of what people are to know, want to get rid of the whole notion of reporting GDP because it “just doesn’t tell the whole story.”

The fact of the matter is, it does tell the whole story and that’s why they want to get rid of it. The GDP documents the economic failures that are the Obama administration, that are Democrat Party economic policies — failures which have given us 93 million Americans no longer even in the workforce! Millennial college graduates reduced to 29 hours a week with $200,000 college debt. There is no economic growth!

We’re flooding the market with low-skilled, uneducated people who don’t even speak English in most cases. There is not a single recipe for economic growth taking place and the GDP reflects that, and so they want to get rid of reporting the GDP. “Full-time job” has been redefined to 30 hours a week. “Employed” has taken on a new meaning. You aren’t counted as unemployed after a certain number of weeks, because if we did count you, the unemployment rate would be even worse than it is.

“Recession” is no longer two successive negative quarters of GDP, because we can’t have a recession reported under Obama. There isn’t to be any bad economic news. So we redefine “recession” by not even reporting it. “Recovery,” economic recovery has been redefined. There hasn’t been an economic recovery since Obama took office. We have been stagnating. We have been in an economic malaise. We’ve been in the second term of Jimmy Carter.

There are no advances in wages. There are no advances in disposable income. The haves are getting bigger; the have-nots are getting bigger. With all this push for equality and fairness by the Democrats, the country is becoming more divided, more segregated in every which way you care to count — financially, racially, sexual orientation, traditional values versus new, whatever. There is no unity and there is no equality.

But those are terms that are being redefined along the way to create the impression that all is well, when it isn’t. There are a host of other words and phrases that no longer mean what they meant. There are a host of words and phrases that now — on their own and by themselves — have become racist, have become sexist, have become bigoted and have become homophobic.

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