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RUSH: NBC and Donald Trump. NBC’s fired Trump. They cut ties with Trump and the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants on Monday after Trump made comments insulting Mexicans earlier this month. “The pageants, part of a 50/50 joint venture with NBC Universal for the English-language broadcasts that together have in the past year attracted 13 million viewers, would no longer air on NBC ‘due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants.’

Now, as Trump has pointed out, NBC is standing by the lying Brian Williams. They stand by tax cheat Al Sharpton. He still has a show on their sister network. But they fired Donald Trump because he talked about building a border fence and NBC thinks he was very, very insulting to Mexican people.

“The decision by Comcast Corp-owned NBC was announced four days after Spanish-language Univision said it would not air the Miss USA pageant on July 12 and severed ties to the Miss Universe Organization. TrumpÂ’s lawyer said the billionaire would sue.”

Now, didn’t the head of Univision publicly compare Trump to Dylann Roof? I think he’s apologized, but he still has a job.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This is in Chicago, the City Club of Chicago yesterday. Trump spoke with reporters about NBC’s decision to fire him.

TRUMP: I knew that NBC’s stance on immigration is very weak, very weak on immigration. I’ll be suing Univision. Maybe I’ll be suing NBC, too. We’ll have to see. I have to see. I said a long time ago when I come out with a strong immigration stance, and I’m very strong on borders, and I’m very strong on crime. That maybe I’ll lose NBC along the way, and if that happened, that’s fine, I’ll just have to probably bring a lawsuit against them.

RUSH: And then he wasn’t through, had this to say.

TRUMP: They think it’s like Mother Teresa’s coming across the border, okay? This one says 80% of Central American women and girls are raped crossing into the United States. Well, I said drug dealers, I said killers, and I said rapists.

RUSH: He did. I mean, I remember the speech, I remember his speech, he identified what he thought were kind of a people crossing the Southern border, and he acknowledged there probably some decent people in the group, too, but he did describe them. I thought it was magnanimous of him to do that, but he said probably some good people in there. But he described them as racists, purse snatchers and muggers and killers. The point was that Mexico is not sending us our best people. Mexico’s is not sending us our best people. We’re not getting the best and brightest from Mexico coming across the border here.

RUSH: So last night on CNN Don “Black Hole” Lemon spoke with the National Hispanic Media Coalition President Alex Nogales about Trump’s remarks about illegal Mexican immigrants. Don Lemon said, “Are you surprised to hear Trump doubling down on his original comments?”

NOGALES: No! He’s being an irresponsible person by saying whatever he wants to say whenever he wants to say it to justify what he has already, uh, said, uh, that terrible racist rant about Mexicans in very specific terms. So I’m not surprised. That’s what he does!

RUSH: All right. Don Lemon says, “Well, do you think that these comments hurt the entire Republican Party?” See, this is another trick. So here you have Trump out saying what Trump says, and the media immediately wants to lump every other Republican in the same camp, and they never do this with Democrats. You can have some Democrat out there saying some wild and crazy thing, and they never ask, “Is this going to be bad news for all Democrats?”

But, anyway, this is what Nogales said in answer to the question if he thought these comments would hurt the entire Republican Party. What do you think he’s gonna say? What do you think Nogales is gonna say? As far as I’m concerned, these guys already believe the Republican Party’s garbage. I mean, this interview begins with a guest who already thinks that, no matter whatever else. So, anyway, this is what he says.

NOGALES: Of course it does! It makes them look like this is the way to go, that this is a way that they should be talking as well, because Trump is leading the way with this. As you have noted, they have been very quiet about this issue. Tell us very specifically if they agree with Trump or if they disagree. I think it’s only fair that they should, as candidates.

RUSH: Right. So now it’s incumbent on every Republican to come forward and either agree with Trump or denounce it. “You better! You Republicans, you’d better all come forward and do so.” Now, I think a lot of people Republicans probably would feel like doing it anyway without being commanded to by some Democrat. Anyway, Ted Cruz was on Fox & Friends today defending Trump. Brian Kilmeade said, “How do you feel about Trump’s comments that there are drug dealers and rapists that are coming across the border?”

CRUZ: When it comes to Donald Trump, I like Donald Trump. I think he’s terrific. I think he’s brash. I think he speaks the truth and I think NBC is engaging in political correctness that is silly and that is wrong. I don’t think you should apologize for speaking out against the problem that is illegal immigration. I recognize that the PC World of mainstream media, they don’t want to admit it, but the American people are fed up.

RUSH: Right. So back to CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose speaking with Bloomberg Politics co-managing editor John Heilemann about Trump, and Charlie Rose said, “How is Trump connecting with voters with all this, Mr. Heilemann?”

HEILEMANN: A part of the Republican Party that is very open to the argument that foreigners are a problem. We should have protectionist trade policies. We should keep immigrants out of the country. That set of policies and that temperament — “give ’em hell” kind of temperament — is what attracted a lot of Republican voters to Pat Buchanan back in 1996, where he won the New Hampshire primary. Up in New Hampshire, there’s still a pocket of those voters there who like Donald Trump and there’s a pocket of those voters across the country who also like Donald Trump for that reason.

RUSH: Oh, man, you see where this is going. So now we’re back to the Fox News Channel, The Five yesterday afternoon, the cohost Tom Shillue speaking with cohost Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo Rivera was on The Five? Well, okay. Anyway, Shillue said to Geraldo, “I don’t understand what Trump’s doing. I never took him seriously as a candidate anyway. It always seems like it’s self-promotion, but what is this, Geraldo?”

GERALDO: He broke my heart with this thing. I cannot begin to tell you how hurtful his comments about Mexican immigrants (are). Every poll says they commit fewer crimes than citizens, and to label them drug dealers and murderers and the rapists when there are 500,000 undocumented immigrants in New York City in the five boroughs; you never hear about them raping in the Latino community, I cannot overstate how this has been received so sourly, so badly by so many people. I begged him in two tweets… I haven’t spoken to him,; he’s been ducking me.

RUSH: Yeah. So Geraldo’s heart’s broken by this. Well, okay, that’s the latest on Trump and what people are thinking about him.

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