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RUSH: I can’t get past… Friday — something about it, I always try to just attitudinally be lighter on Friday, attitudinally and not so weighty and serious.  It’s not an actual aspect of programming format.It’s just something that has evolved into the week, weekend coming up.Let’s not wring our hands the whole day.Let’s take things less serious.I’ll tell you, I’m really having a tough time getting past something, and that’s this Planned Parenthood butchery.  The thing that I’m having trouble with is the attitude of the White House, the Democrat Party and leftists. None of it surprises me, but it nevertheless sickens me to stop and think about what is really happening here, that is incontrovertibly true.I don’t know how graphic you are comfortable with me being in describing what we have learned in the past three weeks and what we have suspected for much longer than that about what’s going on at Planned Parenthood.  And then after having learned it, to listen to people try to make excuses for it, to try to justify it, to try to explain it. And others, such as people in the White House, trying to deny it. It’s stunning.

I know that the left is depraved.  I know that the left is perverted.  I know the left is miserably unhappy.  I know that they’re constantly angry.  But, man, if this is that we have learned about what is happening to human beings and that taxpayer dollars are paying for it doesn’t get a rise out of some people, it’s so instructive that it is literally almost paralyzingly shocking.And then after that, I become overtaken by just sheer anger.  What are we talking about here?  We’re talking about infants at a stage in the womb that were they to be born they would be considered babies and they would be alive, and they would be able to open their eyes and laugh and cry and pee and poop and smile and exhibit every aspect of the complete total innocence that they are.We would be embracing them and cuddling them and showing them off to our family and talking about the miracle of life. We would be thanking God.  But there is a group of people that just days, seconds, hours before that miracle occurs are inserting forceps into the womb of the mother where this little angel of innocence is awaiting birth, and that little bundle of joy and love — that little miracle — is extracted while it’s capable of knowing what pain is.The forceps are inserted in such a way as to extract a full functioning brain, and then, in order to extract the remainder of what used to be what everybody who experiences it calls a miracle, a gift of God, the skull is crushed so that the remainder can be easily removed, and from there, an organization in the academician of Josef Mengele takes over.  Actually, they start the whole process.  They then salvage (or try to) that which was moments ago — was in moments going to be a baby.A bundle of love.A miracle of God.Smiling, laughing, crying, peeing, pooping, everything that happens. Just moments, days, weeks from being shown off proudly to members of family, the liver, the lungs, other body parts, are attempted to be taken whole, and then those items — the heart, the liver, whatever they can get — are sold. The White House says nothing to see here.  Hillary Clinton says she’s troubled by the videos.  Nancy Pelosi is praising the whatever she described Planned Parenthood as being. A great, compassionate organization.Selling these body parts — the life — for medical research.  And yet, there isn’t one medical advancement that any of the people responsible for this can point to and say, “Look what we’ve done! Look at the advances that we’ve made!”  It’s purely for money and profits. It’s barbaric beyond any ability I have to describe it.  I have waited. Two weeks, three weeks have gone by.  There’s no room for equivocation on this.  There’s no room for, “Well, what if there’s something we don’t understand here?”There’s no room for that.  This is clear-cut depravity, murder. And that human beings are doing this to one another and claiming that people who oppose this somehow are conducting a War on Women or are unaware and unfeeling of another person’s rights?  Are you serious? Seriously, are we to be told — are we to believe — that the people doing this procedure and this extraction, they’re the ones that have the monopoly on human rights?  And that those of us who are repulsed by this, we’re the ones that don’t care about human rights?Everything about this is not only upside down and inside out, it is literally sick.  And because there are no pictures, actual pictures of what these people are doing, it is hard for a society which is conditioned to be shocked only by what they see, to really understand it.  Because it’s been so successfully portrayed as women’s rights, freedom, liberty, equality, or what have you.  We learned just yesterday that some of what I just described happens after, if somebody at Planned Parenthood makes a “mistake” and the baby is born.They don’t call it that.

They call it “arrives intact.”

The low-information crowd is not supposed to know what’s going on.  Even after you have a baby outside the womb, the same procedure’s happened, and excuses are made for that.  And the same people who understandably… By the way, this is not a criticism, per se. But the same people who have their hearts melted over cruelty to animals seem unmoved at all by this.  In fact, if you make this analogy and comparison, they attack you for making the analogy and not being sophisticated enough to understand what’s really going on here.

Well, if this is sophistication, if you have to be sophisticated to properly understand what’s going on here, then who wants it?  All I know is that’s not what this country used to be. These are not our values.  “This is not who we are,” as the president loves to say.  We come to find out that Hillary Clinton has profited, benefited handsomely from donations from the group that conducts this barbarism.  First Hillary said she was troubled.  Then they got mad at her.

They told her she couldn’t sell them out that way.  Now she says she’s troubled by the videos, and she’s troubled by the deceit that was used in making them, and she’s troubled and so is everybody else on the left.  She’s really mad about how this came to light.  They’re not mad at what’s happening.  They’re trying to cover that up.  Even the PR firm, SDKRKnickerbocker, or whatever they’re called.  The crisis PR firm handled, hired by Planned Parenthood to deal with this…

Their entire effort is to suppress the videos of Planned Parenthood officials admitting, smiling, laughing, admitting, eating and drinking, describing what they do.  And describing the pricing and the profit. The crisis PR firm wants to suppress that.  The crisis PR firm has scrubbed from its own website its own involvement with Planned Parenthood.  But there is a large, functioning, intact political entity doing everything it can to make sure this does not damage its political agenda.

This party claims to care about little people.  This party claims to care about the defenseless.  This party claims, the Democrats, to be bonding and at one with the innocent and the helpless and the poor, the little guy.  Look at what they’re doing to the essence of the little guy, the essence of the poor, the essence of the defenseless.  Look at what they’re doing and look at what they’re doing to make excuses for it.  And then taxpayer dollars are used to pay for this.

It’s just sick.

The lack of outrage about it kind of tells us a lot that we need to know about other cultural decay and depravity that’s happening.


RUSH:  I checked the e-mail during the break, and this kind of saddens me, too. It doesn’t surprise me, but I got a bunch of e-mails from people who say, “Yeah, you’re just another one of these insane pro-lifers.”  See, this is another great example of just how far, just how low our culture is that the wanton killing of babies and harvesting their body parts is a partisan issue.  Really?  Life and death is a partisan issue?  The sanctity of life is a partisan issue?  Really?  This is something about which we need to be able to cross the aisle and compromise?

Where do you compromise with this kind of evil?  I’ve never been able to have that explained to me. How do you compromise with evil?  That’s what this is.  But that it’s viewed as a partisan issue.  The death of innocent babies! I just…  And here’s Hillary.  She tweeted, “Proud to stand with Planned Parenthood and for access to quality, affordable health care for women, men and young people.”  Is that what’s going on in there, “quality, affordable health care”?  That’s what we’re talking about?

You see how we bastardize our language even?


RUSH:  Remember this too, folks? (interruption) What?  No, no, no, I’ve not forgotten it.  I’ve got the 13 things right here.  I was reminded at the end of the program that I have failed to fulfill this commitment of sharing with you “The 13 Things Mentally Strong People Do Not Do.”  I’ve still got it here, and we will do it, I promise, before the program ends today.

Look at what the left tried to do to this country and continues to do over the notion of torture.  “Oh, yeah! We were a reprobate country!  We were horrible!  We were just the worst, because we engaged in enhanced interrogation techniques.  We tortured terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  We waterboarded ’em!  That’s not who we are.  That was horrible, that was rotten.  We deserved to lose the Iraq war.  We deserved a couple of terrorist hits! We deserve for the ranks of terrorist to expand because we’re so filthy horrible that we engage in torture.”

The very same people look at what’s going on at Planned Parenthood, and they care so little they don’t even shrug.  And they don’t even see the inconsistency or hypocrisy in their positions.  These are the people that tell us they have the biggest hearts; they are the most compassionate among us.  They are the ones to be trusted with caring for people because people are not able to do that for themselves.  Well, you can’t get a more striking example of helplessness than a child in a womb.

And here come the forceps of Planned Parenthood.

I know this makes a lot of people nervous, and damn it, it should!  This is a nation losing its soul, and this is not happening in a vacuum.  We’ve got single-digit kids — nine years old, eight years old — killing five-year-olds with guns in Chicago, and around the country.  We have a crime rate that is out of control involving murder, violence. And the root of it — I guarantee you at the root of it — is the loss of appreciation for the sanctity, the uniqueness, the value of life, because it’s cheap now.

You cannot remove that aspect from any of this aberrant criminal behavior that is reaching new lows and is expanding into new boundaries.  Yeah, we’ve always had crime.  Yeah, we’ve always had murder.  We haven’t had nine-year-olds shooting five-year-olds, knowing how to do it. That’s just… I don’t know, folks. The only time we hear of the term “gift of love” is when people talk about illegal aliens crossing the border.  Yep, that’s a “gift of love,” and any outspokenness against that procedure?

“Well, that’s intolerable! We can’t have that.  That’s discrimination.  That is bigotry.  Racism!”  If you don’t sit back idly and just let the border be overrun, you are the problem.  Those are “gifts of love” crossing our border. “White House Says Planned Parenthood Videos Are Fake.” From the place in our country where the leadership should be unquestionable, where the people who live and work, who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution — including the right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness!

The very people we have elected to defend and protect all of us: Nah those videos? They’re fake! There’s nothing to see at Planned Parenthood, nothing going on there.  “The White House expressed its firm belief Thursday that recently-released videos attacking Planned Parenthood are ‘fraudulent.’ Their source: Planned Parenthood.” Planned Parenthood told the White House the videos are fake, so they must be fake.

“Hillary Clinton: Republican Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood ‘Regrettable.’” Planned Parenthood received millions of dollars after the lobbying Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.  Remember the trip to Afghanistan? What was it, 2003?  Was it 2007?  Whenever I went to Afghanistan, I wanted to go on a troop visit, and it wasn’t with USO.  I ended up going with the State Department.  It was a group of people from the Agency for International Development, AID.  The entire acronym is USAID.

That group, USAID, gave millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The State Department’s Agency for International Development.  This is a group that’s to deal with the development of third world countries.  That’s what the purpose of the AID budget is, and $100 million went to Planned Parenthood from Hillary Clinton’s State Department while she was there.  Hillary now says “Republican Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood ‘Regrettable.’”

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe: “The American dentist who killed Cecil the lion a month ago in Zimbabwe had financed an illegal hunt and should be extradited to the southern African nation to face justice, environment minister Oppah Muchinguri said on Friday. In a news conference, Muchinguri referred to 55-year-old Walter Palmer as a ‘foreign poacher’ and said she understood the Prosecutor-General had started the process to have him extradited from the United States.

“Muchinguri also said Palmer’s use of a bow and arrow to kill the lion, who is said to have been lured out of the national park with bait before being shot, was in contravention of Zimbabwean hunting regulations.” Meanwhile, Reuters went to Zimbabwe and they traveled around the country and started asking people about it.  The story, and most people in Zimbabwe had no idea what happened.

So Reuters reporters had to tell them and the prevalent attitude from the citizens of Zimbabwe was, “You mean all of this over a lion?”  The reporter said, “Yeah, it’s a big deal!” The citizens of Zimbabwe said, “We kill lions every day every year here! All of this over one? What was so special about this lion?”  Reuters said, “Well, the American people saw this one.  The American people saw a picture of this one,” to which the people of Zimbabwe said, “Could you share the American people a picture of me?”

So, what lion?

NBC news:  “In shocking news, “No, Chimpanzees Aren’t ‘Legal Persons,’ New York Judge Rules— Hercules and Leo, the research chimpanzees whom an animal rights group went to court to set free, will stay put because chimps aren’t ‘legal persons,’ a New York judge ruled Thursday. The Nonhuman Rights Project, a non-profit activist group in Coral Springs, Florida, sued on behalf of the 8-year-old chimps in March…”  This group started with a different name, The Center for Expansion of Fundamental Rights.

Now they’re the Non-Human Rights Project.  They “sued on behalf of the 8-year-old chimps in March arguing that they’re autonomous, intelligent creatures and that holding them at the State University of New York at Stony Brook is illegal imprisonment. … In a ruling filed Thursday in Manhattan, New York State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe turned down the group’s request to approve a writ of habeas corpus — the legal mechanism under which people are freed from unlawful detention.”

They actually tried to get a ruling of habeas corpus for a couple of chimpanzees.  The judge “indicated that she sympathized with Hercules, Leo,” the chimpanzees, “and their supporters. Jaffe called campaigns to extend rights to chimpanzees ‘understandable,’ noting that humans and chimps share 99% of their DNA. She even predicted that ‘some day (such campaigns) may even succeed,’ because the status of ‘legal person’ doesn’t necessarily equal ‘human being.’”

Who again said that, ladies and gentlemen?  A judge.  Some day, some day.  And she’s right. We’re heading in that direction.  A legal person will some day mean… It doesn’t necessarily mean human being.  Quick timeout.  That’s it for this.  We’ll move on to other things now.  But again, I regret if you found this to be uncomfortable.  It is, folks.  My conscience… I just can’t sit here and act like everything’s normal.  I’m infuriated.

I’m literally infuriated when I look at statements by Hillary Clinton or Barbara Boxer and the White House, and realize that killing certain people is okay to some people.  I mean, this is just… It’s become a partisan issue?  I know it’s always been one. Abortion is a partisan issue.  But this isn’t.  This is above that. This is so far beyond abortion, and these people know it.  That’s why they’re trying to contain it, make it all part of the abortion process.


RUSH: Here’s Ken in Nashville.  Great to have you on Open Line Friday.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I think the only way the left will oppose abortion, it goes back to a prediction you made some years ago that when technology is able to predict the gay gene and then you said there would probably be a mass turn against abortion by the left.

RUSH:  That’s true.  Let me restate this prediction I made in my own words. Ken, congratulations. Great memory.  This was many, many moons ago.  And, by the way, folks, let me say something else here.  When I started the program today, I knew that I was going to lead off with the Planned Parenthood stuff because I finally reached my absorption limit with the things that the left is saying, the White House denying it, saying the videos are doctored.  To me this is just, I don’t understand how there’s two sides to this.

I know it’s uncomfortable.

I didn’t mean to spend as much time on it as I did in the first hour, and I know it’s uncomfortable to hear, and I don’t like making anybody uncomfortable.  You can’t avoid it with this subject.  I’m not trying to guilt-trip anybody.  Far from it.  I’m trying to do just the opposite: Inspire, not guilt trip.  But this says too much about us.  What’s happening in these clinics that we’ve learned is it says too much about where our culture is and it’s got to stop.  Now, what I said about abortion and the left.

I said, “There’s one thing that would reverse the number of abortions and maybe change the balance of power on it, left versus right, and that’s this: The gay community, the political-oriented gay community is all Democrat.  It’s mostly leftist and all Democrat.  Therefore they support leftist causes like abortion.  I mean, abortion to them is sexual freedom.  Sex without consequence, which to a lot of people is nirvana.”

I said, “If the day ever comes in genetic advances, if there ever is factually identified a gene that predicts homosexuality, you’re going to see the biggest turnaround from pro-choice to pro-life that you have ever seen.”  Imagine, if this were to happen, and your OB/GYN can say, “Well your child is going to tend toward red hair and freckles, we see an obesity potential here.  And your child has the homosexual gene.” (Gasp!) The man and wife get together, “I don’t know that we want to burden the child with that.  Let’s abort and try again.” If that ever happens, you’re going to see the biggest turnaround from pro-choice to pro-life that you ever ever seen.



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