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RUSH: By the way, Joe Biden is… It’s looking serious. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it. Once we learned that after his son passed away — once they leaked the news — that on his deathbed the son of Joe Biden, Beau Biden, urged his father to run, we kind of knew that confidence coming. And it looks like it is. Also, just to show you how unsettled the Democrat side — and there’s apparently big time panic (finally; should have been in there a long time) settling in regarding Hillary.

Because now there’s news out there that the Starbucks CEO is being urged to run, Howard Schultz. Used to own the Seattle SuperSonics of the NBA, urging him to run. And, of course, Bernie Sanders is out there just drawing huge crowds wherever he goes. Meanwhile, there’s absolutely no excitement whatsoever attached to the Hillary campaign, and so there’s a great state of flux on the Democrat side. The one thing that you have to keep in mind with the Democrats.

The Drive-By Media never — I don’t care what they report, they never — report the depths of problems in the Democrat Party. If you ever see the Drive-By Media talking about consternation or angst or whatever it is in the Democrat Party, they’ll write about it as though it’s insignificant, natural, normal, what have you, just to be able to write about it. But you will never, ever hear anywhere near the truth of how bad things are in the bowels of the Democrat Party.

And believe me, there is abject panic there in a lot of places, particularly in the Hillary campaign and how long Hillary supporters. This is, again, not how it was supposed to be. Hillary makes her announcements… How many times has she announced now? Three? I mean, that shows you right there: Two or three announcements, and that was supposed to be it. That was the message to all the other Democrats: “It’s not your turn. Sit down, shut up, and wait. It’s Hillary’s turn. We are readying the coronation,” and it’s not.

Just as it didn’t in 2008, it’s not playing out.


RUSH: The Democrat presidential campaign is an absolute mess right now, with Joe Biden toying with the idea of getting in, Bernie Sanders being more popular than anybody ever dreamed. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz was on Meet the Press and she could not define the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. She was asked by F. Chuck Todd. F. Chuck Todd had Trump also, and had to show Trump respect when he had previously written Trump off.

And then the animal situation here. We’ve had more news of more hunters killing more beasts. A giraffe is dead. An impala is dead. An elephant is dead. All at the hands of evil hunters in Africa. And people are outraged over this, and the young among us are being convinced that all of these species are being wiped out by hunters. And that ends up being part of the global warming or climate change political movement.

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