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RUSH: Here’s Luanne in Morganton, North Carolina.  Happy to have you on the program.  Hello.CALLER:  Hello, Rush. Happy anniversary.  I pray you never lose your passion.  The reason for my call is we look at World War II and we revere how we defeated Hitler for the atrocities that he and Germany did to 6 million Jews, and yet I look at what America has been doing since 1973 to innocent lives which should be protected under our Constitution.  You know, life, liberty.RUSH:  Right there, they’re not.  Supreme Court, 1973, is the reason.CALLER:  They denied life. They have been denying that first right here.  And this conflict, it hurts me because, well, in 1979, I was in an abusive marriage, and I had to make the choice.  That was before I became a Christian and before my eyes were opened to everything.  But it still kills me every time I think back to the fact that I threw away a life that God had given to me, regardless of the circumstance.RUSH:  If I may stop you there, I read something yesterday related to this at National Review Online and it was written by Kathryn Jean Lopez, who is an executive there.  She is devout Catholic.  I know her.  The piece that she wrote was, in a manner of speaking, a suggestion to everybody talking about this latest episode at Planned Parenthood, because one of the things she feared that a lot of people would not stop to consider is people like you who have had your heart broken over this.It’s a very, obviously, personal and shattering thing.  It’s like Norma, what was her name? The Roe in Roe v. Wade. She changed her mind.  She was the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case and she changed her mind later. Norma McCorvey or something. She became a pro-life individual, and was wracked with guilt.  Kathryn Jean Lopez was reminding everybody, “Keep in mind, as you talk about this, it’s a very, very real and heartbreaking thing to a number of women who may realize later in their lives…”It was a cautionary piece.  “Don’t forget that as you talk about this, you may be awakening very horrible feelings in the hearts and minds of a lot of people,” and I thought it was an excellent point and you are illustrating it.  I appreciate your call, Luanne. Thank you very much.


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