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RUSH: We had a phone call on this program back on June 4th. It was from a proud mother named Sally. She was from Maryland and she told us that her daughter was soon to be graduating from Ranger school. Remember? And, lo and behold, “The two female Ranger students left in Ranger School will be the first women to ever graduate from the grueling course Friday.

“The confirmation comes a day after a report from Havok Journal, which stated that President Barack Obama was set to attend the ceremony, prompting speculations that the commander-in-chief would likely not choose to attend, unless at least one woman was going to graduate.”

Imagine that, here you have Ranger school graduate ceremonies, and Obama might show, but if he does everybody knows it’s only because at least one of the women is gonna graduate. Well, we had one of these women, there’s two of them it turns out that are gonna graduate, and, folks, the Rangers are the guys that climbed straight up Pointe du Hoc, the invasion of Omaha Beach. It’s down the beach from Omaha Beach. If you ever, ever have a chance to go to France, make time to get up to Normandy and go to Omaha Beach and the American cemetery.

You will not have a more somber moment in your life. And then make sure you see Pointe du Hoc and go actually where Reagan delivered a speech there, one of his greatest speeches ever, the Boys of Pointe du Hoc, and just take a look. Stand where the German gunners were and look down and just imagine a never-ending parade stream of Rangers climbing straight up and they eventually succeeded and took those German gun positions and it was the beginning of the retaking of France.

Now, the Rangers Special Forces, you know, you hear about women firefighters and women cops and you wonder if standards were relaxed in order for them to qualify because of obvious physical differences. In all candor, I can’t see this happening in Ranger school. I’ve been to Ranger school. Remember the old story with Sergeant Major Ivanov? What a day was that, at Fort Bragg. And whatever happened, I mean, it’s a major, major achievement, and I saw this today, and I remembered that one of these Ranger candidates’ mothers had called this program.

Obama is gonna show up and horn in on it, of course, aligning himself with the female aspect of this. But, Sally, if you’re out there, I just want to let you know that we remembered your call and we send our congratulations to you and your daughter once again.


RUSH: Back to the phones we go. This is Robbi in Sacramento, California, my adopted hometown. Great to have you on the program, Robbi. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. At the beginning of your program this morning you referenced a call you received on June 4th from a proud mother whose daughter was going to be one of the first two women graduating from the US Ranger school, served in the Army. And first, before I say anything else I want to say something to that mother, Susan, in case she’s listening. I want to say, Susan, how fantastic to have Rush Limbaugh acknowledge an amazing moment, a significant moment in your family. And if you’re calling Rush to share that, then you must be a cool person. And I hope that you can consider what I have to say next intellectually and not as any kind of attack or anything that would burst your bubble. And secondly, I want to make it really clear, I have a boy’s nickname, Robbi, but I am a hundred percent female. I was born with a female chromosome. I was born with all the female parts. So with the gender confusion we have going on, I want to be very clear that I am a female.

RUSH: What have we come to in this country where a hundred percent woman has to call here and suggest evidence of it? What in the world has happened to us?

CALLER: Because I am going to speak about the issue of women in the military, and I want everyone to know, I am a woman speaking to this issue. I’m not a chauvinistic male calling in to express these concerns. So my number one concern is that you mentioned that President Obama was making a point to potentially attend this ceremony, and he’s our commander-in-chief, who has systematically been weakening our military and minimizing it so that it is a weak force. It is smaller than it has been in decades. And is it any coincidence that he’s making a point to go and attend a ceremony that is making women part of our elite fighting forces? I’m the sort of woman, by the way, I think women are amazing. I know many strong, capable, competent women that are more competent than males in leadership positions, things like that. I’m the kind of woman that believes that women who want equality with men have no ambition.

RUSH: Okay. All right. You don’t have to qualify this. We know where you’re coming from. Now, I have to take a break here.


RUSH: ‘Cause I think we all know where you’re heading.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: So we’ll get there. We’ll be waiting for you when we get back.


RUSH: That’s what I meant. That’s what I meant. Welcome back. You are tuned to the most listened to radio talk show in America, the most talked about radio talk show in America featuring the most talked about host in America.

Back now to Robbi in my adopted hometown of Sacramento, California. Okay, so you’re a woman. You know strong women.


RUSH: You know strong women in leadership, you know they’re just as good if not better than men. There’s a giant “but” coming.

CALLER: So our president has promoted race neutral, gender neutrality and gender confusion issues. But one thing that is not confusing if it’s approached honestly is science, and studies have been done on how men in combat respond to having women present. And it has found… And these studies are not talked about because they’re very politically incorrect. But it has found that it compromises men’s safety because these studies reveal that they have deep within them an instinct to protect women. We are weaker, physically. Women are weaker. And the studies show that no matter how —

RUSH: Wait. Wait just a second about that.


RUSH: It’s an interesting thing that you bring up, because, you know, I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately and everything on TV’s true, right? So I’ve been watching these shows where 120 pound women are routinely knocking out 300 pound guys in under 10 seconds. I mean, every TV show I watch, women secret agents or whatever are physically overwhelming every bad guy. They disarm them and then they beat ’em up, and they do judo moves on ’em and these guys don’t have a chance. These 150 pound at max women. So if it’s on TV, it must be true that women are just as physically strong and powerful as men, right?

CALLER: Well, studies show — and there are many professionals and scientists who work in this area that can speak to you better than I can. But studies show that no matter how much a woman works out she is never going to have the upper arm strength of a man. She has very, very strong lower body strength which is needed for childbirth so it better be strong. But she’s never gonna have the upper arm strength of a man.

RUSH: Okay, so —


RUSH: Let’s cut to the chase. You don’t think women should be in the Ranger corps?

CALLER: Well, what I want to say about the study is it shows that women are willing to compromise their own safety. Men in combat protect a woman, and they’re willing to put themselves at risk that they don’t even put themselves at risk for a fellow man on the combat field. And that weakens the men. Our elite warriors that are out there, that weakens them. In the Marines, we now have women’s on the Marines front lines. Men, their anatomy allows them to relieve themselves while they’re on the go. That’s crucial in combat. A woman has to remove her pants.

RUSH: You have really thought about this, haven’t you?

CALLER: Oh, I have.

RUSH: You have really… I mean, we’re getting in the weeds here now over which —


RUSH: — sex has an easier —

CALLER: — bathroom with Hillary, so he so on…

RUSH: (laughing) Touche, touche, touche.

CALLER: But my point is —

RUSH: So you’re telling me that women have an advantage on the battlefield because they can urinate without stopping.

CALLER: No men do. Women require cover to be able to… I’m talking about Marines.

RUSH: Oh, oh, oh, oh.

CALLER: They have to have their colleagues stop what they’re doing and cover them while they remove their gear so they can relieve themselves. Men don’t have to do that, and I just find it interest —

RUSH: She may have a point, folks. I can cite experience in the golf course to validate what you’re saying.

CALLER: So my question really is, if we’re really willing to be honest about the physical limitations that women have and the risks that it puts men into on the battlefield, are we not weakening our military force by putting women out there in their own combat?

RUSH: Robbi, this debate on women in combat has been raging for over 20 years, and everything that you’ve mentioned here has been thrown out there in the debate, and it’s been chopped up left and right. A lot of people agree with you about this, and the question I raised was, “Did they have to change any of the quantifying standards in Ranger School for some of the women to pass?” I know they’ve had to do that at fire departments, just in terms of the amount of weight they carry. You know, women simply cannot carry a full load, the same amount of weight of equipment that a male firefighter can. Yet they wanted women firefighters for obvious reasons so they had to change some of the qualifications for women in order to pass the test, the exam and so forth.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Is that their point, too, that they’re having to lower standards?

CALLER: Well, this is what I doubt. When there is a political agenda, as there has been in the military to get women into combat positions, even if the standards formally are not changed, I find it very hard to believe that some of the standards informally aren’t waived when a woman is not able to perform the same exercises to the same degree in training. And when things get pretty mushy when people are under pressure to get a political agenda accomplished. So when I hear that women are graduating for the first time ever as Army Rangers, I am a little bit skeptical that they’ve been able to perform to the same physical standards as the men.

RUSH: You studied this. You’ve gotten deep into it, even studying urination skills, patterns, and abilities. So tell me: Why do you think the people who want women in combat do? I mean, what’s the purpose? Why is it necessary for them to have women in combat roles in the military?

CALLER: Well, I have two answers to that. One is I think more mainstream and it’s just liberal position of not willing to be intellectually honest. I have no problem being intellectually honest about the weakness of females and the strength of females because I think men and women are both strong and —

RUSH: No, no. I got all that. But you mentioned Obama going to the graduation ceremony and you think he’s doing that to celebrate what’s happening.

CALLER: Yeah. I think —

RUSH: But you believe wants to weaken the US military. So you’re saying that —

CALLER: I think he is weakening it, yes.

RUSH: Okay, so you’re saying women in the Ranger corps weaken the US military and that’s why he’s showing up to celebrate it? So are you saying that the people pushing women in combat in the military’s actual objective is to weaken the military?

CALLER: I’m saying I wonder, and I’m asking the question.

RUSH: Well, I know that the left has used the military as a social playground, social experimentation laboratory, and I know that the left is obsessed with the whole notion of fairness, sameness, equality, and so forth. I’ve always assumed that this was simple outreach for female votes. I think Democrat Party does the same thing with immigration. They don’t care what happens to the country. They don’t care what happens to institutions that have defined this country’s greatness and uniqueness.

All they care about is getting votes to stay in power, because they always know they’re gonna live behind a moat, and they are never gonna have to be really impacted by all the destruction that they are engineering in this social architecture they’re engaging in. So the people that are being damaged by all this are not the people making it happen. But women in combat… You know, there’s two kinds of generals in the Pentagon, I’ve been told.

You’ve got the politically correct generals who will do whatever to get promoted and advanced no matter what, follow the lead the commander-in-chief, whoever in the chain of command. And you’ve got others who will resign and get out rather than take steps they think that will weaken the military. So you’ve got a mixture of all kinds in these institutions. You clearly seem to be saying that you think women in combat is a purposeful achievement or purposeful objective or goal to weaken the military?

CALLER: Well, I’m asking if it might be. And I think another consideration, I worked with children of deployed Navy men, and one of the things that happens with women and men together overseas, well, things happen, affairs happen, families break down, and when you have the emotional morale breaking down, that weakens it, too. And I’m just saying if I were in charge of the military and I wanted to weaken it because I am trying to destroy America, I would flood it with women.

RUSH: Okay. We finally got there. We finally got there. We’ve been waiting for you, you finally got there. I knew that’s where you were headed, Robbi. I’m not condemning you; do not misunderstand. As I say, we have had this debate raging. I mean, I even remember the advocates of it, “Hey, the Israelis have had women in combat for years, Rush, what’s your problem with it?” Other people have said that a society that would send its childbearing population into combat to be killed cares not about its own civilization.

I mean, the Tailhook scandals and all that, women pilots in the Navy and the Marines, I mean, it’s been all over the place. I was just today, when I saw that these two Ranger graduates, women graduates, I just remembered that we had a woman call here from Maryland named Sally back in June proudly telling us that she had a daughter that was about to graduate Ranger school. She’s gotta be proud as she can be. She was then when she called.

Anyway, Robbi, I gotta take a break here again. I’m glad you called. I appreciate your forthrightness and your willingness to get in there, get it, and get out, but I have to go.


RUSH: Staying with the phones. This is J.C. in Durham, North Carolina. Welcome, I’m glad you waited. You’re up next. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Mr. Limbaugh. Greetings from Durham, North Carolina.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Great to have you here with us today.

CALLER: First of all, your last caller, I would love to live in her head with Peter Pan and the Easter bunny. Her reference to if you put males and females together in the military it’s going to affect personal relationships, that is true in any occupation. Any occupation where there are men and women, there will be affairs. That’s just not military; that’s just not police —

RUSH: Well, I know, but in many other jobs you’re not being shot at. There’s not live ammo flying around while it’s happening.

CALLER: Well, I doubt they’re in the act while ammo is flying. But what I wanted to check on was I heard you earlier, and I was in a rush, and I wanted to confirm something you said. Did you say that the standards had been lowered for the two female Rangers and also most of the time standards were lowered for women in law enforcement and fire?

RUSH: No. What I said was, I wonder if they were, and I can’t imagine that in Ranger school they would lower the standards. It’s too important.

CALLER: Thank you. Thank you for saying that. And I can clarify that in the state of North Carolina they do not change the standard for women. The standard is the same for women as it is for men. I know because I spent 20 years of my life in law enforcement in Durham, North Carolina. In fact, it was harder on me because I was a female. They single out females to make it tougher to try to weed you out. You have to get past that, plus the same standards that men go through.

Also, I’d like to address the point that men cannot do their jobs because their natural instinct is to protect the women they’re working with. I did not have that happen. We worked together. We were coworkers. I protected him and worried about him; he did the same for me. But we had the same set goal, which was to get the job done and get home safely. I work with some of the nicest, toughest men, and some of them told me they would rather see me show up on a call and go on call with me than most men they worked with.

RUSH: I have no doubt. People are people, we’re all different. Every individual has different characteristics, capabilities, qualities. I do not doubt that there are plenty of women that can be as banshee tough as necessary in law enforcement, military, or what have you. I don’t doubt that for a minute. I’ve seen it. I mean, I know it’s the case. But the previous caller was echoing some of the sentiments that were used in the early days of the argument about women in combat, the old saw about a man is gonna be more prone to protect a woman in duress on the battlefield in combat than he would a fellow buddy. I’ve always thought that’s kind of crazy because, to me, the motto of the military is they’re all buddies, they’re all brothers and you never leave anybody. Everybody’s out for everybody else whether you’re male or female.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: I always thought that was a little loose. But the one thing, the one thing J.C. that I did have problem with, I do know for a fact in certain communities, I can’t remember which ones, and I’m going back 10, 15 years. I do know for a fact that certain requirements to qualify the firefighter exam in some local communities were changed so that women could pass. They had to lower the amount of weight in equipment that women could carry because they just couldn’t carry what the standard issue for men was in certain emergency situations. And they wanted women in the force for whatever reason. They had to lower some of those physical requirements. It didn’t say a thing about desire. It said nothing about stick-to-itiveness or toughness or whatever. It was just an acknowledgement that there is a body mass difference that you can’t really do much about in terms of muscle strength. There is a difference between men and women.

CALLER: Well, I’m sure that happened in some, but I can guarantee you in North Carolina, and especially Durham, you have to pack the gear, you have to be able to do the same thing. And also she made reference to the fact that I believe, if I understood her correctly — and please correct me if I did not — that the military has to stop and break down and make some type of special arrangement for a female to use the restroom as compared to a male?

RUSH: No, she was talking about actual combat circumstances or training in live combat training missions, situations where men can simply not even break stride and take care of business, whereas women are unable to. So it slows things down, that’s the point she was making. Not day-to-day and not in the officer’s mess or any of that, but on the battlefield she was talking about. And, by the way, in that case, I mean, look, prude here. I have yet to see a woman go behind a tree on a golf course. Men do it all the time ’cause they can. It’s not a deal. That’s all she was saying. I don’t think she was talking about everything they’re doing has to stop and a restroom has to be found and this kind of thing. I’m up against it on time here, J.C., I have to go, but I’m glad you called, and we will be back.


RUSH: I took the occasion the top-of-the-hour break to dig deep, and found some interesting things. The Rangers, the US Army Rangers are insisting that no standards were changed and none were lowered in order to secure the two female graduates from Ranger School who will be announced in the ceremony that’ll be taking place on Friday. As you recall, this all started with my recollection that we had a woman, Sally, from Maryland on the 4th of June call here.

She was very proud. She said her daughter was in Ranger School and was probably going to graduate. She was all excited. So when I saw that it was being announced that the ceremony was actually Friday, I remembered that, and got some other conversations. It’s been established President Obama will go to the graduation ceremony since there are two women that are in the class. And we got some phone calls from people, speculation on whether standards were lowered. “How can this be?”

The Rangers insist no standards were lowered. From The Daily Caller: “According to a senior Army official, both of the women are also graduates of West Point… Officials have insisted that the women were not given an easier time, despite critics noting that the Obama administration is dead-set on integrating women into all combat roles in the military.” Now, that is actually about West Point. What I just read to you is not about Ranger School per se. That’s about West Point.

But for all practical purposes, I think we have to assume here that it’s the same for Ranger School, or would apply, maybe even more so. But the Rangers themselves are insisting that standards would not have been lowered. My whole point when I heard this was… I mean, Rangers are Special Forces. Rangers is right up with Delta and SEALs, and it’s elite. It’s the creme de la creme. I just… I can’t imagine. But then again there’s a lot of stuff I can’t imagine that’s happening.

But the military is one of these institutions that I have… My faith in the military would be hard to shake. Let’s put it that way. I think of all the institutions that have existed in this country since its founding, the military is rock solid. Bad actors are everywhere, I know. But I still think ours is the best in the world. I think it always will be. I just can’t see the standards in these elite units being altered significantly or drastically for PC purposes. We have to be open the possibility that it could be.

But I always have faith that somebody somewhere is gonna draw a line somewhere on this stuff. Then we’re talking about Obama, and we’re talking about leftists. We have to be honest. The military is not held in high esteem, high regard by these people. The United States military, to many on the left, is the focus of evil in the modern world. The US military is one of the worst things about us.

I have often said over the years that many on the left actually don’t feel bad if we have a military defeat now and then, because they like the idea being established that our military is not infallible and that it sometimes doesn’t deserve to win. I mean, leftists are cockeyed. But I’ve always assumed that the line would be drawn in these elite units. I mean, it’s just too important, but balancing that out, we know — I mean, without doubt — that the left uses the military as a social-experimentation laboratory.

They use it to test some of their heartfelt beliefs. Whether they’re doing it to weaken the military or not, I don’t know. After 9/11, I don’t know that that’s as much a focus of the left as it used to be, although it could. Now, on the fire department stuff that I referenced with the two ladies that called. In the New York Post, December 11th, 2014, there was a story about the New York Fire Department dropping the physical test requirement, period — just dropping it — because of low female hiring.

They simply weren’t getting enough female applicants, and those who were applying were not passing. So, “The fire department…”

This is from the article: “The Fire Department has stopped requiring probationary firefighters to pass a job-related physical-skills test before getting hired — a move that critics derided as a lowering of standards. The move by first-year Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, which allows probies [sic] to fail components of the Functional Skills Training test but still graduate from the Fire Academy, comes amid criticism of the department’s low hiring rate of women. ‘It’s a lowering of the standards across the board,’ said one former FDNY official familiar with training protocol.”

I knew this was happening in fire departments, and I think it’s happened to local police departments around the country.

There’s no question that it has.

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