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RUSH: My friend Mark Levin’s latest best-seller is out. It’s called Plunder and Deceit, and it is specifically written for the age group of these kids. Yeah, I’m derogatorily calling them “kids” that run the New Republic. It is an intellectual tour de force. It is a last-gasp effort to knock some sense into them about how the things they are believing and investing in are destroying their future.

Issue after issue, Big Government example after example, everything they believe in is spelled out as easy as pie with facts, demonstrated results. It’s not opinion; it’s not theory; it is fact after fact after fact producing result after result after result that shows everything they hope and believe doesn’t work. It is an effort to reach them intellectually and to get them to understand the things that they are supporting are the very things destroying their future. It’s called Plunder and Deceit by Mark R. Levin. So if there is any hope of reaching these young idealists intellectually, it would be found in this book.

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