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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton now being beaten by every Republican. And I guarantee you this was not factored. Whatever they thought would happen on the road to the coronation, they didn’t think this was gonna happen. They’re upset on the Democrat side about all the enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders and none for Hillary. Now you throw Biden into this mix. We have a Reuters story here by James Oliphant. “Half of Democrats Want Biden in the Race.”

This is a Reuters poll. “Drumbeat for Joe Biden to jump into the 2016 presidential race is growing louder. Almost half the nation’s Democrats want the vice president to enter the field and challenge Hillary Clinton, according to a new Reuters poll. Biden won’t be at the debate tonight, but 48% of Democrats surveyed in the poll wish he were a candidate, compared with 30% who said he ought to stay out. Support for Biden’s entry into the race does not translate into equal passion for his candidacy, however. Just 17% of those surveyed said Biden would be their first choice.”

So you got 48% of these Democrats in the sample that want him in there, but only 17% of those would support him, would make him their first choice. Forty-six percent, again, of the 48% who want Biden in would support Hillary. Biden would also run behind Bernie Sanders, who remains the favorite of 25% of all the Democrats surveyed. Which would seem to contradict some of these polls that we have seen that claim Biden would be the most popular candidate if he were to enter the race. According to this Reuters poll, that is not the case.

And then a Politico story: “Hillary Donors Worry All The Energy Is With Bernie — Hillary Clinton’s major donors want her to show more fire in Tuesday night’s debate.” Meanwhile, Hillary’s on Saturday Night Live admitting that she’s a robot trying to be funny. Oh, yeah, I’m a robot. Of all the places to go to rehab your image and to relaunch and relaunch and re-re-relaunch your campaign, how many launches has Hillary had now? “With both candidates set to release fundraising totals this week, small donors have provided the overwhelming majority of the $41 million raised by Bernie Sanders through the end of last month, a tally that’s expected to exceed every campaign except Hillary’s. Her campaign pulled in $75 million between mid-April and the end of September, but a much larger percentage came from donors who each gave close to $2,700, which is the maximum.”

So Bernie Sanders is considered to be the candidate of the everyman because he’s getting the lion’s share of the 10 to 15, $25 donation, and Hillary’s raking in the majority of $2,700 donations. You see, the big donors know that Hillary can be bought, or rented. I don’t think you ever buy a Clinton. You actually just rent them. You know, the Clintons ought to just establish themselves as an Airbnb business. Might even do that with the White House if she gets back in there. But you can rent Hillary ’til a bigger donor comes along, and then you’ll get thrown overboard for the bigger donors.

“Clinton’s big-money donors contend she could tap into the small donor fervor if she wanted to, but she’s not,” and this has them very, very worried. And this is not the first story we’ve seen describing nervous donors. We’ve had it about Jeb. We’ve had two or three of these about Hillary. But still, throw all of this aside, because it isn’t gonna be Bernie Sanders. I could end up being profoundly wrong about this. There are powers that be in the Democrat Party, and I just don’t see them letting that happen. That would upset everything the Democrat Party has transformed itself into with nobody noticing in the last 20 years.

The Democrat Party is the party of the rich. The Democrat Party is the party of Wall Street. The Democrat Party is the party of the wealthiest people in this country, and they have managed to keep that a big secret, make everybody think they’re still a big blue-collar party. And they’re not. The Democrat Party is also the recipient of the most foreign government money. That would be the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.


RUSH: Hillary Clinton did not say she was a robot on Saturday Night Live. It was in an interview with BuzzFeed, podcast type interview with BuzzFeed. I didn’t even bother sending the link for the audio up to Cookie because I really don’t want to waste a lot of time on this show on Hillary. I speak of this woman under duress every day anyway. But I’m kind of obligated to now since she’s got this debate tonight.

CNN’s downplaying expectations. I really think that’s a big deal, folks. I really think it’s a big deal. This debate ought to be through the roof if Hillary is so popular and so smart and the country can’t wait for her to be president, why would you downplay expectations of viewership on this?


RUSH: You know, in that poll that shows Hillary Clinton would lose to every Republican, let me give you some numbers. Carly Fiorina would beat Clinton 42 to 39%, margin of error. Jeb Bush 44 to 40, close to margin of error. Donald Trump would beat her 45 to 40. That’s a little above any margin of error. Ben Carson 50, Hillary 39, in this poll that shows Hillary losing to every Republican. And what would be the headline? I mean, wouldn’t it be great if history repeated itself again, Hillary beaten by another black guy? First Barack Hussein O and then Ben Carson, and he’s got the biggest margin of victory over Hillary in that poll. It’s a Fox News poll.

I know you’re asking, “What poll, what poll?” It’s a Fox News poll. What does it matter what poll? I mean, they’re all out there.


RUSH: Pam in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I want you to know that my grandson and I thoroughly enjoyed the Rush Revere books. But Snerdley said to get right to my point, and we were talking earlier about speculation of Donald Trump’s withdrawal. I have my own speculation of Hillary Clinton’s withdrawal. I think she’ll be feigning some type of health issue to get out of this race, because who could possibly — you know, everyone seemed to accept the fact that because of a head injury or whatever, she didn’t know what was going on with Benghazi after she said during her last presidential run, who would you want to answer the phone at two a.m. in the morning? Well, we know we don’t want her, that’s for sure. Is that to the point, Snerdley? He-he-he.

RUSH: Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. It sounds to me like the call screener really came down on you during this call. You are the first caller that’s ever talked back to the screener on air.

CALLER: Well, I’ve talked to Snerdley twice before, and I got to speak with you, so I tried to listen to —

RUSH: All right, so Snerdley rejected you twice, put you through today —

CALLER: No, no, no, he didn’t reject me.

RUSH: — and so you’re talking back to him now. Is that brief enough, Snerdley?

CALLER: Getting used to him, that’s all.

RUSH: So you think Hillary’s gonna withdraw, and the question is when because she suffered a head injury during the sniper fire incident?

CALLER: Well, it’s something. Why is it that the media never went into detail about why?

RUSH: Because she’s Hillary. They’re not gonna — look, we’ll take this up. I will, when we get back.


RUSH: You know, is interesting thing, our last caller was referencing that the media is constantly running stories on when will Trump drop out, when he’s never said that he would. He was answering a question about his opponents, and he said if I were two points, three points, four points, if I was hopelessly the bottom of these polls I would drop out. And that became: “Trump says if he starts losing in the polls he will withdraw from the race.” He’s never, ever said that and they’re obsessed with it because that’s what they want. And our caller said, in the meantime, isn’t the real likelihood that Hillary Clinton would withdraw because if you look, you can find stories that her health is not good. And it’s not just that she hit her head, had a concussion, just her overall health isn’t good.

There are stories out there about how her staffers are concerned and this and that. The media’s never gonna do stories on Hillary withdrawing. It’s the last thing in the world they want, and it’s not something that they will speculate about. And since I can’t imagine doing this anyway, running for president, I mean, I just couldn’t do it. There are stupid reasons I just couldn’t do it, but these people that do have a — I think in Hillary’s case, I think she’s missing a lot of the things that most, quote, unquote, ordinary candidates have that propel them. And the biggest thing these people have is an almost maniacal belief that the country needs them. That things are either so dire or in some other state that only they can fix, only they can resolve issues.

It’s an ego thing, and it’s not bad. But it is something that is necessary psychologically to propel you through this and to put up with everything that goes along with it, ’cause it’s totally abnormal. The minute you announce you’re a suspect. The media, especially if you’re Republican, start to destroy you. The Democrats and the media, which is one group, try to find everything they can about you to ruin you, not just defeat, but ruin you and your family. So it takes some real interesting psychology to want to do that.

I don’t think Hillary has any of that. I think in Hillary’s mind, it’s owed her, it’s an entitlement type thing, it should be a coronation. I think she’s lived it long enough that she really does believe that everything she’s done to save her husband and save the party and save the country, blah, blah, they owe her, and they owe her big, and they even owe her more now than they did in 2008 because 2008 was hers. That was the deal and then they threw her overboard the first moment somebody they liked better came along, and I think that sting is still painful. I think that sting is still stinging. And I think there’s a lot of resentment and a lot of anger over it, and in Hillary’s case, that manifests itself as even more entitlement.

I think in this go-around she’s not relying on people and their word. She’s been taking all this foreign money, she has been taking all of these donations from outside sources, and I think that she’s got ammo, shall we say, to use if they try to bring forth another Barack Hussein O on her, and that could just be Biden. But I guarantee you that when she sees news stories about all these Democrats wanting Biden, I guarantee you, she gets together with Huma and they start cursing people in the Democrat Party left and right, and they call Bill, “What the hell’s going on, Bill, who is this? What do you mean, Biden? This is mine, it’s mine, it was mine in 2008, it’s mine now, what are they doing?”

I guarantee you in this climate there’s no way she’s gonna give them the satisfaction of dropping out, not for any conventional reason like it’s over, I can’t win. Now, if there’s an illness there that nobody knows about, that’s a whole ‘nother thing we can’t know, but I just don’t see Hillary dropping out. Her whole life — and believe me, she thinks of herself as a victim. She is the number one victim. She’s the most cheated-on woman in America. Look at what she’s put up with. And really all that she’s gotten for it is health care. In 1993, ah, you could say senator, but she had to be elected to that. And secretary of state, big whoop, she had to do that ’cause Obama asked her. She didn’t want to do that, but you don’t turn that down if you’re gonna run for president later on. You have to show party loyalty and all that. She didn’t want anything to do with that. That’s why Benghazi, she didn’t care about it. She didn’t know what was going on. That whole job was just a placeholder for her.

She’s got this big sense of entitlement, coupled now with a bunch of resentment and anger over the fact it didn’t happen in 2008. Coupled with her victim mentality, and don’t doubt me on that. So I don’t see her pulling out or withdrawing from the race. In her mind she probably thinks that she’s running for reelection, essentially, 2008 was hers and going back to 1992, was in the White House for eight years with her husband. It should have been her then, too, all that, given he wouldn’t be anywhere without her. I can see her telling herself this every day.

And you know how women are when they get together and start talking about their husbands. Can you imagine her and Huma sitting around, can you imagine that conversation about Weiner and Clinton? Ha-ha-ha-ha. Man, would you love to be a fly on the wall for those talks.

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