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RUSH:  Yeah, well, once again I got the audio sound bite roster today, and I’m in total shock.  I am totally surprised.  I had no idea that a little monologue of mine has made up so much of cable news fodder since the program ended yesterday.  Greetings, folks.  Great to have you with us, as always.  You know, the weeks always go by faster when you don’t work one of the days.  I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, but it is.  It’s great to have you here.  The telephone number is 800-282-2882.  The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

Okay, so Bill Kristol has named his third-party godsend to save us all from Trump: David French, a writer at National Review.  Why not Jonah Goldberg?  Why not Andy McCarthy?  There are a lot of writers.  French is a good guy.  I don’t know him.  I’ve read his stuff.  I’ve cited his stuff on this program.  He’s a lawyer, lives in Tennessee somewhere.  And we’ll have more discussion on this.  It’s obviously not being done for French to actually win.  There’s something else going on. (interruption) Why doesn’t Kristol run?  No, no, no.  He’s above that.  I mean, Kristol as a candidate, what a step down, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.  Kristol is a manager of events and people and results.  He’s not a contestant.  No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. 

Also, John Fund tweeted out that the Libertarian godsend, the Libertarian Mighty Mouse save-the-day character has got $15,000 in the bank.  What’s his name, Gary Johnson. Folks, I’m not mocking here.  Don’t misunderstand the tone in my voice.  I’m just sharing with you the data.  Fund tweets that his $15,000 in the bank and $307,000 in debt or some such thing or has had $307,000 in FEC fines.  The point is these third-party candidates don’t have anything.  But if, for example, what if Hillary isn’t the nominee? 

If they take Hillary out before the Democrat convention and they almost have to give it to Crazy Bernie, which they don’t want to do.  If they take Hillary out, like if she gets indicted by the FBI or some such thing as that, or if Obama finally lowers the boom, however that would happen, after the convention, then they could maybe plug in Plugs, plug in Biden, after the convention, after Bernie’s people have disbanded. There’s nothing to protest, burn down, whatever.

If you have three or four people in the race and these independent guys, remember, they’re not there to win. They’re just there to disrupt and maybe pull off a couple other objectives. The Kristol third-party guy is there designed to stop Trump however.  The third-party, Gary Johnson, Libertarian, designed to stop Trump.  Notice nobody is designing anything to stop Hillary here.  That’s the thing that’s concerning to me.  Anyway, there’s all kinds of scenarios that we’ll go over as the program unfolds today. 

The Zika virus, Obama already wants $1.9 million to fight this virus.  No, $1.9 billion.  Obama’s requested $1.9 billion.  You have to start asking who benefits here.  You know, this is so typical.  You create a crisis. You take what may be a disease out there, we don’t really know.  This is the thing.  We’re prisoners to what they tell us.  We got a deadly disease out there, deadly to children, oh, no, oh, no, don’t have time to ask whether this is true or not.

We don’t have time to ask or have time to investigate whether or not we’re being spun here. This is a potentially deadly disease and we must stop it. We must stop it because it’s dangerous to our children.  Oh, no, oh, no.  And $1.9 billion, and did you hear how Obama sold this?  Obama’s quote, “If the GOP really cares about pregnant women and their babies, they will okay my funding plan for the Zika virus.”  If the GOP really cares about pregnant women and their babies, then they will okay Zika funding. 

We need to break this down. I think we’re being scammed.  I can’t prove it.  Instinct, intelligence guided by experience.  Perfect distraction.  It is something that focuses people on the role of government in their lives and turns people to government to save them or fix it or what have you. It allocates more money, and who benefits from that?  In this case Big Pharmaceutical would benefit, which does have a crony relationship with Obama. 

On the weekend that Harambe, the 400-pound silverback gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo was killed, 69 people in Chicago were killed over the same weekend.  You haven’t heard about that.  You never do hear, in the Drive-By Media, about people shot and killed in Chicago or any other Democrat-led city. 

And try this.  In a Harambe-related story, a woman was driving a bus, which, in this day is not unusual, women drive buses, women drive lots of things, do lots of things on buses.  A school bus driver swerved to avoid a cat in the road.  The driver, after swerving to avoid the cat, lost control of the school bus, crashed into an East Charlotte, North Carolina, home yesterday, injuring 14 children and herself.  She was later suspended from her job. 

According to an accident report, the driver told police that a cat ran across the road and she attempted to avoid hitting it. That’s when the bus, which was headed to Randolph Middle School, went off the road and hit a parked car before continuing down a 30 foot embankment. It then crashed into the side of a house.

“The bus was traveling at an estimated speed of 25 MPH at the time of the crash. Twenty-three students were on the bus at the time of the crash. Medic says 15 people went to area hospitals with minor injuries. Eight students were taken to Carolinas Medical Center and six students were taken to Novant Medical. Crews say the students only suffered minor injuries. … ‘This bus just crashed into a house. I’ve got bleeding children, broken bones,’ she told the operator before yelling to the students. ‘Y’all get out of the street babies, get out of the street.'”

All that to avoid a cat.  Do you think the woman was thinking of Harambe when the cat ran in front of her bus?  “Oh, no, I can’t kill it, oh, no.”  Probably not.  But what kind of irony is this?

Anyway…  And there are criminal charges being pursued.  It looks like criminal charges being pursued in Cincinnati, but everybody was wrong yesterday.  Apparently they’re not pursuing the zoo.  They’re pursuing the family.  Did I read that right?  I saw a Chyron graphic on one of the news networks today.  At a glance, I’m not sure, but I thought it said that they were pursuing criminal charges or investigating criminal charges against the family. 

Which I thought that this is criminal negligence. The family. Those kind of charges don’t happen in things like this. Even though people think they would be justified, they just don’t happen.  Anyway, and then more animal experts are out now saying there was no choice.  I think it was Jack Hanna. It might have been somebody else. Jack Hanna said, look, that gorilla was gonna kill that kid. There’s no two ways about it; it was gonna happen. 

Some Animal Planet zoo show host, somebody. I think it was Jack Hanna, I’m not sure. The child would eventually die, if they hadn’t shot it. If the gorilla had been left alone, that child… The gorilla might not have even known what he was doing. It would kill the child. The child would have ended up dead if they didn’t take the action they took. And that’s from an animal lover expert TV animal show host, whoever it was. 

Two stories today on, “Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee.” That one is from Doug Schoen, who’s a well-known Democrat pollster and consultant who appears regularly on the Fox News Channel.  And that runs in the Wall Street Journal.  You know what?  I have two versions of the same story.  Maybe there are two-stories.  Hang on, the pages are all together here.  Yeah.  There’s a second story by James Freeman, opinion commentary, Wall Street Journal: “Why Hillary May Not Be the Nominee.”  Plus, in the same story: “Trump Rolls Out a Good Energy Plan.”

This is not gonna make Bret Stephens happy.  Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal, went on CNN recently and said the Republicans do everything in their power to defeat Trump.  Republicans need to be shown a lesson. They need to be shown what a bad mistake they made.  Trump needs to lose in the biggest landslide there’s ever been in politics. These people need to be humiliated, embarrassed. Trump supporters do.  So Doug Schoen and the Wall Street Journal: “Clinton Might Not Be the Nominee.” He explains why. We’ll have details.

And this guy, James Freeman, “Why Hillary May Not Be the Nominee.”  Plus Hillary says, “I think most people like me.”  Oh, and Hillary’s also out there… (laughs) This is great.  Let me… This is one of the things. I’m just setting the table here.  Hillary, quote, “People say, ‘I really like you.  I just don’t know if I can vote for a woman.'”  She claims this is what people are saying to her!  Of course it’s BS.  This is Yahoo News, though, so the low-information crowd is gonna be all over it.  Yahoo… I mean, that’s direct access to Fakebook, you know, and what do they call it?

Trending News.  Hillary Clinton: “Yeah, yeah, yeah. People come up to me and say, ‘I really like you. I just don’t know if I can vote for a woman.'”  That is such BS.  That is Hillary expertly… Well, in her mind expertly.  It’s so transparent.  She’s playing the victim card. “Oh, woe is me! People like me but this country’s so sexist, people say they won’t vote for me because I’m a woman! How sexist and how bigoted.”  That’s what she wants the conclusion to be. 

You think people are actually saying, “Hillary, gosh, I love you! I love you so much! But I just… I can’t vote for a woman. I just can’t see it.” 

Do you think people are actually saying that to her?  She’s making this up. 

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