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RUSH: Patrick in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER:  Thanks a lot, Rush. I really appreciate you giving time.  I’d ask a couple questions.  Bill Clinton speaks today representing his wife there. Of course, in New Mexico, we have our primary on Tuesday, next week, and I’m kind of interested to know what to expect.  I’ve kind of wondered. I talked to Democrats and they say they don’t like what he did back in the day with all the extramarital and all that, but why do they still treat him like a rock star?

RUSH:  Well, because he is.  In the Democrat Party, he is.  He’s the closest thing they’ve got to one.  Hillary clearly isn’t.  Bill Clinton is the closest thing they’ve got to… Remember, Clinton’s resume is the kind of a resume for advancement in Democrat Party.  The reason he’s always gonna be a rock star is, no matter what he did with the interns and the bimbos and all that, Clinton is always going to be praised and celebrated for defeating conservatives and getting away with whatever it took to do it.

He’s going to be forever treated as a god, because that is their primary objective, is to defeat us politically.  As far as his message is concerned, try this.  He was in Cranford, New Jersey, yesterday.  He “dismissed Trump’s policies as divisive.”  He was speaking at Union County College.  He said, “White, non-college-educated Americans” are Trump’s base and they “need to be brought along to the future.”

They “have seen great drops in their income, have seen great increases in their unemployment rate, have seen drops in their life expectancy, and they need to be brought along to the future.” Trump’s base is a bunch of dumb white people, and they’re stuck in the past and they’re committing suicide, and we need to bring them into the future because, “they can’t live under the illusion that you can reclaim a past,” which is what Trump is offering them.  You gotta cross the bridge to the twenty-first century. 

What happened to these people?  Aren’t these the people the Democrat Party kind of just rejected and said, “You know what? You guys don’t matter anymore. We’re gonna go after others. We’re gonna focus on minorities and illegal immigrants and so forth. To hell with you guys!”  Isn’t that pretty much what happened?  Here’s Clinton pretty much admitting it, and we had those pieces from Dan Balz and others. Thomas… I forget. The Washington Post columnist thing that Obama was gonna write off the “white, working-class vote.” 

They weren’t interested in it anymore.  I’m sure that African-American, non-college educated Americans have been successfully brought into the future, right?  You see that in Baltimore, Chicago, all over the place, right?  This administration and the Democrat Party is leaving everybody behind, as they focus on themselves and their own enrichment and their own acquisition of power.  Everybody except the super-rich and corporate titans are losing ground under the Democrat Party.  

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