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RUSH:  Hey, folks. I was near the top of the Facebook trending again yesterday.  That’s twice in two weeks.  And, you know, the first time I was top trending because I said, “What difference does it make?” about whether to endorse Trump. “What difference it make?”  That was number one.  Yesterday… You know, this is amazing.  These people on the left, they really do not understand. I’m telling you, they do not understand when you’re joking about them.  They don’t understand when you’re satirizing them.  They don’t understand when you’re mocking ’em. They just get livid.

The reason I am at the top of the trending on Facebook is because I asked, “Hey, folks, can somebody tell me why Harambe the gorilla is still a gorilla?”  They don’t understand that I’m poking fun at their silly evolution beliefs.  They think I’m genuinely stupid.  They think I’m genuinely an idiot and don’t know what I’m talking about.  They have no idea I’m mocking them and laughing at them and making fun of them.  I went on to talk about the missing link, and I talked about Genesis and how obviously these people have never read it if they don’t understand what was really important in the child-versus-gorilla debate at the Cincinnati Zoo. 

They just lost it.  The comments were out of-this-world hilarious, but they were deadly serious and filled with rage.  Just a simple question: “Why is Harambe still an ape?  Why is he not one of us by now?”  

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