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“We’re not exaggerating anything here. I don’t know what Fox News is doing, but I don’t exaggerate any aspect of the Obama agenda. I just point out, unlike the Drive-By Media, all the failures, all the promises, all the lies, all the distortions. Even running around today portraying your economy as one of the greatest recoveries ever is just a flat-out lie! There isn’t any evidence to back it up.” 

“You know what the national debt was when Obama took office? Roughly $10 trillion. You know what it is now? Almost $20 trillion. The national debt has almost doubled, and he’s up there bragging about bringing down the deficit and reducing spending?”

“You know why the unemployment rate’s 5.1%? It’s not because new jobs are being created. It’s because people are leaving the workforce that aren’t being counted anymore. Come on! It’s common sense. Ninety-four, almost 95 million Americans are not working, and they want to talk to us about a plunging unemployment rate?”

“Obama is chomping at the bit to get involved in this campaign. He can’t stand not being part of this. And I’ll tell you why. It’s because the Democrat candidate is such a dryball. The Democrat candidate may as well be an empty podium versus Donald Trump out there.” 

“The American dream is not in government, folks. Well, it didn’t used to be. Sadly, for some people it is now.” 

“These people on the left, they really do not understand. I’m telling you, they do not understand when you’re joking about them. They don’t understand when you’re satirizing them. They don’t understand when you’re mocking ’em. They just get livid. So, now I, Rush Limbaugh, am trending again.” 

“Obama is letting an uncontrolled number in the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens just pour into this country who are not skilled enough and who don’t speak English and are not educated enough to hope to have any kind of a meaningful, productive job. And yet they’re being hired ’cause they’re cheaper than American citizens living in the country, and we are giving them health care, and we are providing them all kinds of benefits.” 

“There isn’t a magic wand. It’s a spirit. It’s an attitude. It’s a desire. It is a vision. And it’s accurate to say the Democrat Party vision today does not have in it a great America, a victorious America, an exceptional America.”

“The view of America in the Democrat Party today is one of shame and guilt and unfairness and racism and bigotry and all these other things that they obsess over.”

“Trump doesn’t have a magic wand. He just has the famous, time-honored, American can-do spirit.” 

“Obama’s policies haven’t led to any economic rebound anywhere other than for the people that are in crony corporate relationships with him.”

“Obama doesn’t like fracking. Obama doesn’t like oil. Obama doesn’t like fossil fuels. Obama thinks fossil fuels are destroying the country.”

“I think Obama looks at America and sees a place that is an undeserving superpower, needs to be cut down to size, needs to find out what it’s like to live in the rest of the world, that we have come by our superpower status in ill-gotten fashion.”

“JFK wouldn’t have a home in the modern day Democrat Party. They might let him in ’cause he was handsome, but outside of that, ideologically, he wouldn’t have a home in the modern day Democrat Party.” 

“I think a genuinely upbeat, positive can-do, America-great-again campaign can triumph, ’cause I, frankly, think there are vastly more people that want that America than the one that we are being transformed into. I don’t think there’s any question about it.”

“We are at war with each other like we haven’t been since the Civil War. Americans are divided and at war with each other by design. Obama’s not been a unity president. He’s been divisive on purpose.”

“Obama is really irritated. He’s one of these people that expects nobody to ever doubt him — and, when somebody does, there’s something seriously wrong with them.”  

“Whenever the Drive-Bys talk to Ivanka Trump, almost every time they ask her about her dad’s playboy past or related matters, but you’re not gonna get one question of Chelsea Clinton about her dad’s sex life.”

“It’s easy for people who have never been defamed, never been lied about, never been challenged, never been attempted to be destroyed. It’s easy for people like that to think they know what they would do, what the people under assault should do. But until it happens to you, it’s — well, when it happens, you’ll have an entirely different perspective on how to deal with it.”

“Most people care desperately what other people think of ’em. Most people live and die based on what other people think of ’em. It’s really hard not to care what people think about you. And in certain areas of life you have to have that attitude if you’re gonna be able to endure.”

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