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RUSH:  Did you hear that the PGA has moved Trump’s — the World Golf Championships match play event — no, it’s not match play.  The one at Trump Doral every spring, they’re moving it.  The PGA is — grab sound bite number eight.  They’re moving the tournament.  Cadillac pulled out as a sponsor.  They’re moving the World Golf Championship at Trump Doral, which is down in Miami, to Mexico.  Moving it to Mexico City  Tim Finchem, the commissioner of PGA, made the announcement at the Memorial, Jack Nicklaus’ tournament in Ohio, and Trump was in my adopted hometown of Sacramento yesterday and had these comments.

TRUMP:  They moved the World Golf Championships from Miami to Mexico City.  Can you believe it?  Can you believe it?  They moved the PGA Tour, moved the World Golf Championships from Miami, where they’re furious, to Mexico City.  Not good.  But that’s okay.  Folks, it’s all gonna be settled.  You vote for Donald Trump as president, if I become your president, this stuff is all gonna stop.

RUSH:  It’s all gonna get settled. (laughing) Other people, “Oh, my God, he’s a dictator. He’s an authoritarian. Did you hear that?  Trump says he’s gonna deal with it.  What does it mean?  Is he gonna put Finchem in jail?  That’s what he means, right? Trump’s gonna put Finchem in jail.”  No, folks, lighten up.  In fact, Trump was being interviewed about this.  That’s from an actual appearance in my adopted hometown of Sacramento.  I’m sure Trump mentioned that when he was on the radio talking about this. 

This is Trump’s natural-born comedic instincts with his New York joke-telling timing.  He just happened to throw in in his answer, “I hope they’ve got kidnapping insurance. I hope they remember the kidnapping insurance.” (laughing)  “Gonna put it in Mexico City, can you believe it?”  And of course the PGA said that’s just totally coincidental. The tournament has been at Doral since 1962, that’s how long the tournament, it’s been called different things, but it’s been in Miami at Doral since 1962.  And they’re moving it to Mexico City.  And it’s all because of what Trump said way back in July when he got into the campaign.

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