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RUSH: Here’s Richard in Port Orange, Florida.  I’m glad you waited, sir.  You’re next on Open Line Friday.  Hi.

CALLER:  Good afternoon, Rush.  It’s an honor to speak to you, sir.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  Just a comment here, it’s something I saw for quite some time, and that is I know the reason why the left despises you so much, and that’s a strong word, but I think it’s apropos. And that is that nobody, but nobody, not even the late great William F. Buckley is better as deconstructing the fetid, rotting, liberal psyche than you.  Nobody has ever done that better that I’ve listened to.  I’ve heard George Will and Dr. Krauthammer and so forth, pretty sharp folks, and even Thomas Sowell, who is great. None of them, none of them take apart, deconstruct —

RUSH:  I don’t know. Dr. Sowell has written a whole bunch of books deconstructing the vision of the anointed.  He’s done great, great work.  I appreciate your comment.  I really do.  And I think he’s right.  I am despised.  I am universally hated by the left.  I mean, it is irrational.  It has to be something due to what Richard here is saying, because it’s irrational.  You know, I’m trending on Facebook.  The hatred and the comments over stuff that has nothing to do with anything.  It’s purely personal.  And it’s never, ever, gonna change.  That’s why I’ve had to learn to take all that stuff as a sign of success.  If I ever stop ticking ’em off like that, you know I’m in trouble. 

CALLER: (laughing) That’s true.

RUSH: But I appreciate your kind words.  I have endeavored to do that in my never-ending quest for people to try to understand them, to be able to spot them right off the bat.  I have found when people really know what liberalism is and what it leads to, they don’t support it.  But it’s tough to get over that hump.  And people don’t naturally look at things and people ideologically, particularly today. Identity politics is the big thing.  But boy, you’re on the money.  I don’t think, the people you mentioned, I don’t think they even try much to do that.  That’s another thing, not a whole lot of liberal deconstruction going on out there.  There’s some, but you’re quite shrewd, you know, you’re very perceptive out there, Richard.

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  Very much.  Keep up the great work.  God bless you.

RUSH:  No doubt that I shall, and I thank you very much.  See, he knows.  See, I wonder.  I sit here and wonder how many people in this audience really understand, but I guess a lot of you do based on that call.  I have to go, however.  Would love to continue this.  Another great Open Line Friday call.  Not that the others haven’t been any good.  Don’t anybody get a complex here.  I’m just pointing it out.

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