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“I think that before people either rule him in or rule him out, the entire context of Trump needs to be considered in the same way that I think we need to evaluate the life of Muhammad Ali.” – Mark Belling

Muhammad Ali and Trump

“Does Muhammad Ali remind you of anybody else that’s out there right now on the American scene, somebody who is extremely boastful, polarizing, and charismatic? The political views might be different, but the similarities between Ali and Trump are rather extraordinary. When Ali emerged on the scene he was one of the first contemporary American figures, never mind sports figures, figures of any kind who shot his mouth off a lot and said all sorts of things that nobody else was saying.” – Mark Belling

Alberto Gonzales Defends Trump

“This argument that Trump has crossed some sort of line with the judge comments is silly because this line has been crossed by liberals for decades.” – Mark Belling

Remembering Muhammad Ali

“When Muhammad Ali came on the scene and conquered the sport in the way that he did, he became a remarkable social force.” – Mark Belling 

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