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“We have all these activist judges in this country, who are members of organizations that judges ought not be members of. The statue of justice is blind. It’s not supposed to see what skin color you are, or if you’re black, Hispanic, transgendered or what.” -Mark Steyn

What Happens Next?

“The big question now is, what happens next? In this election season nobody is an expert, that means everybody is an expert. What you say is as likely to happen as what anybody else says.” – Mark Steyn

Betrayal by the Political Class

“These guys in the Beltway need to get real. They’re the problem. Trump is not an action. Trump is a reaction. And what he’s a reaction to is you guys who loused everything up.” – Mark Steyn

What Was the Point of Feminism?

“America is being bullied. It’s not about bathrooms. That’s what’s totalitarian about it. It’s about making you live with the lie.” – Mark Steyn

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