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“What’s the point of ‘sticking to your principles’ when it comes to Donald Trump, when you don’t stick to your principles when it comes to stopping the IRS from targeting your supporters, or spending, or any of these other vile policies? The word ‘principle’ has to have some real-world meaning. It’s not an aberration.” -Mark Steyn

Ramadan Violence

“The government of France has launched a terror app that you can download to your phone so it will alert you when somebody in your vicinity is about to go Allahu Akbar, boom, there goes the neighborhood.” – Mark Steyn

A Gay, Mexican-American Trump Supporter

“In the United States in the year 2016, it is unsafe to attend the political gatherings of one of the two major parties in this country. Shame on them, because this will not end well for anybody.” – Mark Steyn

Clinton Emails on Film

“At a time when Hillary and the media are trying to tamp this story down, keep it all quiet, don’t talk, there’s nothing to look at, you’ve given us something to look at.” – Mark Steyn

“That’s an actual true story, that happened, and the truth is very compelling.” – Phelim McAleer, filmmaker

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