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“Elizabeth Warren as a VP. Is that for the general election, or is that insurance for Hillary if she decides to step down for quote/unquote ‘health reasons’ if this email server thing results in an indictment?” -Buck Sexton

Hillary Placed National Security at Risk

“‘Crooked Hillary.’ Is that really a nickname? It’s more an expansion on the Hillary Clinton brand. The fact that she might have been having discussions about drone strikes is very troubling — although I don’t know how troubled she is about it.” – Buck Sexton

Brouhaha Over Trump’s Judge Comments

“We’ve been told that Donald Trump’s comments on that judge are all the proof we need that he’s a racist. But it doesn’t matter what Trump does. He could walk around giving free hugs, candy canes and chocolate kisses, and they’ll find a way to call him racist.” -Buck Sexton

Movie: The Weight of Honor

The Weight of Honor documentary gives viewers a never before glimpse into the lives and stories of the often unseen and uncelebrated family caregivers of our post-9/11, catastrophically wounded veterans. Their lives — just like those of wounded troops — are changed forever.” -Stephanie Howard

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