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RUSH:  This idea that radical Islam anyway is… We need to ask ourselves, how many nations…? I think I read this. I was just looking for the reference I have during the break and I didn’t find it, so I’m relying here on my memory.  I think I have something here in the Stack, and if this number’s not right, it’s close, that there are 11 Muslim nations where the penalty for homosexuality is death.  I can name three:  Saudi Arabia — and they publicly execute homosexuals.  Iran is another.  Kuwait is another.  Qatar is another. 

I don’t know about Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  They’re trying to do different things there.  But there are… It’s standard; it is statutory law.  It’s not extremist; it’s what is.  You know, it’s almost… I’ve been curious about the feminazis, who don’t seem to consider militant Islam a threat whatsoever, but we are.  We Republicans, we conservatives.  But in Islam, women are barely three-fifths of a human being.  Women can’t do anything without their husband’s okay.

If a woman drives a car without her husband’s permission, she can be severely punished, in public.  And you don’t even want to think about an affair.  If that is uncovered, I mean, that’s death.  And yet, it is never referenced; it’s never mentioned.  And I’m telling you, this is why Obama does not identify who we’re fighting.  It would totally upset — it would blow up — the entire Democrat progressive strategy of defeating us to properly, to correctly identify what we’re up against. 

Obama’s running around, “I don’t know how calling ’em whatever we want to call ’em is gonna change the way they fight.”  It’s not about us.  It’s not about them!  Here’s another thing.  I’ve gotta blow this up.  I’ve been hearing about this since Abu Ghraib, since those pictures from Abu Ghraib, the prison in Iraq and Club Gitmo.  We have been told — we’ve been lectured — over and over again that innocent Muslim minding their own business hear what is said.

They see the pictures from Abu Ghraib, they learn of the existence of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, and that alone turns them into terrorists.  Meaning that they’re sitting around minding their own business, happy as clams, and then they hear what we are saying, and they go nuts.  Let me ask you something: Do you care, do any of us care what they happen to be saying about us?  It doesn’t… It has nothing to do with what we think of them, who they are, what they profess. 

My point is, only the Democrats, only a bunch of progressives could actually try to make people think that average, ordinary, normal people can become mass murderers because of things that are said about them.  It just doesn’t work that way.  And I will guarantee you this.  The head honchos of Islam… Take your favorite imam, take your favorite mullah, take your favorite terrorist leader. They don’t give a rat’s rear end what we say about them.  They don’t need it. 

They already despise us because we are infidels.  It doesn’t matter to them.  Their feelings don’t get hurt.  Their anger does not get enhanced because it’s irrelevant.  And yet that’s what Obama and the Democrat Party want everybody to believe is that we’re responsible for all this because of the way we talk about them and the way we treat them and we put ’em in prisons. It’s just absurd.  But it’s strategic, because it is obvious.  And Obama made it abundantly clear today that identifying this enemy honestly, he’s not going to do. 

That’s what that whole little two-minute bit was about, making fun of somebody who calls ’em militant Islamists. (Obama impression)  “I’m not gonna do that! Why would I do that? It’s pointless! It makes no sense. It wouldn’t help us strategically in any way.  What…?”  He had to lay down the marker ’cause he’s not gonna change his strategy.  He couldn’t afford to, cannot afford to.  Did you see this?  I don’t know what you’ve seen and what you haven’t seen in my absence.  When was this?  Just yesterday. 

You may not have seen it.  It’s from Breitbart News.  “Black Planned Parenthood Activists Blame Orlando Terror Attack on ‘Toxic Masculinity.'” Did Steyn discuss this yesterday? (interruption) Right.  “Planned Parenthood Black Community is blaming ‘toxic masculinity’ for the horrific shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The black community of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund — which says it works to ‘protect and advance the sexual and reproductive rights of African Americans’ — tweeted out that the Orlando massacre, committed by jihadist Omar Mateen, was caused by ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘a global culture of imperialist homophobia.'”

(long pause)

Yeah, you know what?  It was the masculine police who finally killed the shooter.  It was the masculine police who finally got people still alive out of that club, after the masculine police stormed it.  The masculine police thought that the shooter had a bomb in there, but they still went in anyway.  The “toxic masculinity” group saved the day.  Was this club in a gun-free zone in Orlando?  I don’t know.  I’m just asking, because how many people were in this club?  Obviously none of ’em were armed.  If anybody’d been armed in there, this would have been have been a lot less of an incident than it was.  See how that works, too?

Here’s Ken, Livonia, Michigan, as we head back to the phones.  Thank you for waiting, sir.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Thanks for taking my call, Rush.  Yeah, Rush, I had to call in because I’m very concerned that elected officials refuse to correctly identify who our threat is, who our enemy is.  Now, I’ve read the Koran, Rush, cover to cover.  I’ve examined very thoroughly the teachings of Mohammed.  I’ve examined the history of Mohammed from his day until today.  And, Rush, it’s the truth to say this:  When we examine the behavior of ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban — even the governments of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and many others — these people are in harmony with Mohammed. 

These people are doing exactly what Mohammed did.  These people are doing exactly what the Koran teaches.  So these people are not “radicals,” Rush.  We have to use the correctly terminology.  These people are devout.  These people are faithful.  These people are true followers of Mohammed.  If Mohammed was alive today, he would be very happy with these people.  And so, Rush, it is a lie to say Islam is a religion of peace, because for 1400 years, Rush, there has been no shred of evidence to show that they are what they claim.

RUSH:  I’m gonna tell my story again.  I apologize in advance for those of you who have heard this.  It is redundant, but I need to back up what Ken here is saying, ’cause some of you might think, “Who is this guy?  Anybody can call a talk show and claim they read the Koran.  Limbaugh’s letting this guy get away with blaspheming a great religion.” 

So let me back it up here.  You all by now know of our good friend Andrew McCarthy.  You’ve seen him probably on Fox a lot.  He writes at National Review and a lot of other places.  But he used to be a prosecutor in the US attorney’s office, Southern District of Manhattan.  He was — he and a partner were — the lead prosecutors in the trial of the blind sheik, Omar Abdel Rahman, who was the mastermind of the first World Trade Center attack in 1993. 

Short story.  Stick with me.  McCarthy, as part of his trial prep, decided to read the Koran.  It was his impression that Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheik who was advocating blowing up the Lincoln Tunnel and any number of other strategic sites in New York City, World Trade Center, had to be a nut.  He had to be loony.  He had to be an absolute wacko.  So he set out to find out how this guy differed from the Koran.  He was looking for any advantage he could in the trial.  He wanted to get a conviction, wanted to put the guy away, which he did.  And he’s written about this in a couple of books, in a number of columns. 

He finished the Koran and he was chilled because he found out that Omar Abdel Rahman was not a kook.  He was not out of the mainstream of Islam.  He was the mainstream.  It was a brutal realization and awakening. ‘Cause like everybody else, you figure people that blow up buildings and want to murder mass numbers of people, no matter where you go in the world, that’s not normal.  That has to be aberrational.  That has to be extreme.  It has to be way, way out of the mainstream. 

McCarthy found that it’s not and he’s been telling people about this, writing about this, mentioning this.  He’s got a much better version of the story.  I’ve got a time constraint here.  He’s told this story since 1995.  How many years is that?  And still it’s considered a bastardized interpretation.  The telling of the story is still necessary and if you tell it at the wrong place or the wrong time, here comes CAIR following you as close as they can get to you. 


RUSH: There are 10 countries where homosexuality is pushed by death.  They are Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia — not Saudi.  It’s not Saudi.  It’s not the House of Saud.  It’s the House of Saud.  Saudi Arabia.  It bugs me to hear people say Saudi Arabia.  It’s Saudi.  It’s named after a guy named Saud.  So egoistical he named the whole country after himself.  Saudi Arabia.  Somalia, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates, which would include Dubai — remember the ports of Dubai — and Abu Dhabi. 

So there’s 10 of them.  The Emirates is one country, but there’s three there.  I’ve been there.  Do you know in Dubai shortly after I left — it was a way station on my way into Afghanistan for a troop visit.  Shortly after I left there was a British couple that were put in jail for just kissing on the beach, kissing on the beach, they were put in jail. In front of their hotel, put in jail for a year until the British diplomatic corps could get them out.  Just kissing, PDA, public display of affection.  

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