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RUSH: “Top Republicans Join Obama in Condemning Trump’s Words.”  It’s a Washington Post story.  They can barely contain themselves. 

“Top Republicans joined with President Obama and other Democrats Tuesday in sharply condemning Donald Trump’s reaction to the nightclub massacre in Orlando, decrying his anti-Muslim rhetoric and his questioning of Obama’s allegiances as divisive and out of step with America’s values.” Now, here’s the way this is interpreted.  The majority part in the House of Representatives in the Senate is the Republican Party, the majority party. 

They’re theoretically the opposition party, the party that should have been in there each and every day doing what it could do to stop as much of the Obama agenda as possible.  We know that there has not been much of that.  So what’s happened here is Trumps goes out, says what he says, and “top Republicans” — the majority party in the House and Senate…  But, by the way, their positions are the result of people voting for them. 

American voters have put them in these leadership positions.  And what do they do?  They do not side with the lone opposition to this horrible, destructive Regime, which has not protected us.  No, they stand up and join it.  Republican leaders stand up and join Obama!  Now, in my view, there is rarely a reason for Republicans to side with Obama on a matter of policy.  But, when you started talking about presidential elections, there is never an occasion where the Republican leadership should in any way stand up and side with a Democrat president.

Never. And yet here they are.  This a microcosm, another example of why Trump is where he is.  They were not elected to side with Obama, particularly against Republicans, particularly against the presumptive Republican nominee.  This does not happen.  And yet there it is.  “Top Republicans Join Obama in Condemning Trump’s Words.”  It’s just stunning.  

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