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RUSH:  You all know how I hate to make this program about me. Everybody else makes things about me, you know how I hate doing it, but I have to start out today, there’s two or three See, I Told You So’s that are pretty big out there. We’re going to start with that and then we just pile on with everything else that’s happened between the last time we were here and today. 

Great to have you, folks, always look forward to it each and every day, appreciate you are there.  Telephone number, 800-282-2882, if you want to be on the program, and the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

It was back on the 9th of September in 2015, I want to read to you — (interruption) Oh.  Yes, yes, yes.  Exactly right.  I was just reminded that Trump went out and said that Obama’s angrier at him than at — what did I tell you?  They dislike us — I’m sure Trump was listening yesterday — they dislike us more than they fear the terrorists.  Look, it’s been obvious to me for a while.  Whatever the terrorists do, the terrorists are not running for office in this country trying to oust Democrats.  We are, and as such — and there’s more to it than that, of course.  But they despise us.  They literally despise us. 

And Obama getting mad at Trump, more angry at Trump than he got at the terrorists, Trump pointing it out, is accurate.  It’s exactly right.  In fact, that was one of the See, I Told You So’s.  But back to my website.  ‘Cause there’s a news story out there today, and I first told you about this way back September of 2015, so not quite a year.  Nine months, eight months ago.  Here we go. 

“You know why the Corker Bill exists as it does, why there’s never any serious effort to stop Obama in making the Iran deal?” Remember now, back in this point in time we were discussing why the Corker Bill, Senate bill, Republican bill, which was made to look like opposition to Obama entering into a nuclear deal with Iran when in fact it was just the opposite, and everybody was scratching their heads.  This is a huge deal in terms of people’s memory explaining Trump and everything.

Here you had the president of the United States involved, negotiating with the mullahs in Iran.  We’d been told that we were negotiating with moderates, there’s a new branch of moderates there, we had found ’em, we’re talking.  We weren’t.  We were being lied to.  We were talking to the mullahs, the ayatollahs, and we were going to secure for them a nuke deal. But not just that, we were going to unfreeze $150 billion in Iranian assets that were a result of lifting sanctions.  And everybody, “What the hell are the Republicans doing?”  It was the constant refrain, why are the Republicans not opposing this?  Why are the Republicans not opposing Obama?  Why are they facilitating? 

And, by the way, it continues today.  We now have a couple of Republicans who’ve stood up and announced that they agree with what Obama said yesterday about Trump.  And now there’s a Bloomberg poll out that shows Hillary up by 11.  The Republicans are panicking now, saying we gotta get rid of Trump at the convention, this can’t stand. 

I mean, of all the times to stand up and agree with Obama, yesterday was not it.  Trump got under Obama’s skin.  He got under Hillary’s skin, too, for the first time a Republican has in I don’t know how long.  He put them both on defense.  That never happens.  And so the Republicans are panicking, “Oh, no, oh, no.”  They used this poll from Bloomberg, “Oh, gee.”  We got Dan Senor, the sound bites coming up, still working on secret plans to oust Trump at the convention. 

But, anyway, back to the Iranian nuke deal and ending the sanctions, which was going to make available to the Iranians $150 billion in frozen assets.  And everybody said, “Why are we helping?  Our ally is Israel.  Why are we helping the Iranians nuke up?”  Remember?  This was last fall.  So back to my program on September the 9th of 2015.  “You know why the Corker Bill exists as it does, why there’s never any serious effort to stop Obama in making the Iran deal? Do you have any idea? It was money. There was a news story, I think it was the UK Daily Mail. If not, it was something similar.” It turns out it was a Bloomberg story in July. 

“The Iranian national airline, such as it is, is falling apart. Their aircraft are old and dilapidated, and because the sanctions have been in place, they’ve been unable to buy new aircraft, replacement aircraft or parts to repair what they have now. So basically their national airline is a joke.”

Remember, I’m reading from my own transcript back in September. “Boeing therefore wants the deal. But in order for the deal to happen $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets needs to be unfrozen. Now, Boeing is a contributor to the Republican Party. I wish I could remember what newspaper I read this in. Off the top of my head, I think it’s the Daily Mail.”

But it turns out it was a story from July.  It was Bloomberg.  The headline of that story:  “Nuclear deal means Iran can start replacing some of its museum vintage jets.”  I don’t know why I didn’t get to this until September.  I think probably with the evolution of Republicans and the Corker Bill, I think it reminded me of what I had read back in July. 

So, anyway, the Iranian national airline’s a joke, the mullahs have ordered a number of replacement aircraft made by Boeing.  Boeing wants the deal but in order to for the deal to happen, $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets has to be unfrozen.  Now Boeing, Republican contributor, “the bottom line was that Republican politicians, elected officials basically had to please a very well-to-do donor or series of donors that were going to be able to engage in new –”  In other words, the Republicans went along with this to satisfy Big Donor, is the bottom line.  Everybody’s trying to figure out the substance of this. 

We are going to facilitate a state sponsor of terrorism, perhaps the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, certainly in the Middle East, we’re gonna help them modernize their nuclear power program, they’re getting centrifuges developed, and if anybody thinks they’re not developing nuclear weapons they’re nuts, and we’re helping and we’re gonna lift the sanctions?  It made no sense.  I mean, it made sense why Obama would do it.  It didn’t make any sense why the Republicans would help, until you found out about the donor. 

Well, to cut to the chase, story today, CNN Money:  “Iran: We’ve reached a deal to buy planes from Boeing — Iran says it’s reached a deal to buy passenger aircraft from U.S. plane maker Boeing. The announcement came Tuesday from Abbas Akhoundi, the Iranian minister of roads and urban development. He said details on the agreement would be announced in the next few days, according to reports by Iranian news agencies.”

Now, I run the risk here in mentioning this as coming off as anti-Boeing.  I’m not.  You know, I’m fascinated by aircraft.  I’ve got nothing but respect and affection for Boeing.  I’m not crazy about this.  But this explains it.  We knew last July.  We knew last September.  And I’m just mentioning it ’cause the proof has now come through.  It’s taken a while for it all to develop, but that is why.  And it’s a microcosm of why the Republican Party is in the position it’s in with its voters. 

Voters have figured out that their opinion, their votes don’t matter nearly as much, if at all, when compared to the donor class.  Not news.  I mean, the donor class is determining the Republican position on immigration and amnesty, and it could end up influencing the Republican position on anything, is the thing to be concerned about. 

The original story was from Bloomberg, July 15th, 2015.  “The historic nuclear deal with Iran gives Boeing Co. and Airbus Group SE a rare opportunity to reshape a civilian aviation industry.”  Airbus was part of the original — and they might be part of it now, Boeing might be spending some of the —  They wouldn’t have the money to do this were it not for Obama’s nuke deal lifting the sanctions, and it all happened with Republican facilitation. 

And I’m reminded of the sound bites we didn’t get to yesterday but that we have of Haley Barbour questioning, you know, why, after all these years of loyalty, did we lose people like Rush Limbaugh.  He was really great, Rush was our buddy. It was really great when Rush was out there supporting us, but now something happened three or four years ago.  Stuff like this.  How do you defend this?  Do you realize if I were a Republican shill learning this, I’d have to come here today and come up with some cockamamie excuse trying to convince you why this made sense?  I couldn’t do it.  

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