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RUSH: See, I Told You So Number Two.  Department of Homeland Security: “Right-Wingers Pose Same Threat As Islamic Extremists.”  I led this program yesterday reminding you yet again of my opinion that I think has been confirmed over and over again, that the American left, the Democrat Party, progressives, liberals, hate us.  And I mean hate.  It isn’t dislike.  It is an irrational hate.  They hate us.  By us, I mean Republicans, conservatives, traditionalists, Christians, they hate us. 

And the proof is obvious.  This event happens, any event, any terrorist act now, any mass shooting, the first thing they do is try to link us to it, find a way to associate us with it or blame us for it, without fail.  Never, ever, do they make an attempt to actually zero in on who’s responsible, even when one of their primary constituency groups was the target of a mass death attack, in this case homosexuals. 

“One month after the San Bernardino terror attack…” This from the Daily Caller. “One month after the San Bernardino terrorist attack that left 14 innocent people dead, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told advisors that right-wing extremists pose just as much of a threat to the country as Islamic extremists. Johnson made the comments during the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (HSAC) January meeting.

“City of Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, whom Johnson appointed to HSAC, shifted the discussion to the threat of right-wing extremists, according to the official meeting minutes. ‘Member Acevedo reminded the Council that the threat from right-wing extremists domestically is just as real as the threat from Islamic extremism,’ the minutes state. Johnson echoed the sentiment.” There isn’t any right-wing extremism.  There isn’t any right-wing terrorism. 

What are they talking about? 

But it doesn’t matter.  They tell themselves this in their private meetings.  The minutes have leaked.  Don’t doubt me.  Folks, there is nobody who deconstructs the left better than this program, nobody that tells you who they are, how they do it, how they think, how they go about it, what their strategies are. Nobody better.  Don’t ever doubt me when I tell you who they are, what they’re thinking, what they’re doing, how they think they’re gonna accomplish it.  The evidence is just all around us.

“Rush, do you realize how strange it sounds?  We love you, we want to you sound good, but it sounds strange to say that they dislike us more than.” 

They do. We’re considered, by them, a much greater threat to them.  Do you think they care about anything beyond the maintenance of their own power and acquiring more?  That’s what they care about.  Government is the instrument of their power.  They want to always be in charge of it.  They always want to run it.  They want to have control over as much of American life as possible.  The terrorists may blow up a gay nightclub, the terrorists may blow up the World Trade Center, but there’s never a terrorist on the ballot running against them. 

But there are always gonna be Republicans and conservatives running against them.  And that, to them, is a far greater threat that any act of terrorism.  And they’re admitting it.  I’m not making it up, and I’m not wrong. (interruption) What to do about it?  What to do about it is simply learn it and accept it and understand it and realize there isn’t any “common ground” here. There isn’t any looking for compromise, crossing the aisle, shaking hands, making Washington work.

These people… We need to view them within the political arena the same way they view us.  They are to be defeated.  It’s asinine for Trump to say what he said yesterday, Obama to say what he said, for Trump to react, and then a bunch of Republicans stand up and agree with Obama.  If that’s not a clear sign of it’s the establishment versus the rest and all of us, I don’t know what else could be.  But that’s not the only story. 

The guy in charge of catching crazed Muslim killers at Homeland Security is too busy worrying about the Tea Party.  These people are insane! I’m not making a thing up.  This is from the minutes of their meeting last January.  The meeting was also attended by the cochairs of the Homeland Security Advisory Council Subcommittee on Combating Violent Extremism.  These people have so many committees and meetings and so forth, it’s no wonder they’re not able to stop any acts of terrorism. 

“As originally reported by The Daily Caller on Monday, a report published by that subcommittee last week urged DHS to avoid using the words ‘sharia’ and ‘jihad’ (among others) when discussing terrorism…” But you can talk about “extreme right-wingers,” you can mention right-wingers, conservatives. You can call ’em anything you want!  You can insult them as brazenly and as completely as you want, but don’t say “Sharia,” and don’t say “jihad,” ’cause we don’t want to embarrass them!

We don’t want to offend our Muslim buddies.  “New York Times Editorial: Congress Should Secretly Suspend Second Amendment Rights — A New York Times editorial advocates for a new law allowing a secret court to take away citizens’ right to own a gun at the discretion of the federal government.” That’s an editorial in the New York Times.  Now, but I guarantee you if it’s an editorial in the New York Times, they’ve talked about it with somebody.  You know, this is the kind of thing that people like Obama and his Regime are salivating over.  


RUSH:  There is more here, ladies and gentlemen.  This is from the Daily Caller as well.  There is a Syrian immigrant who is a Homeland Security advisor. A Syrian immigrant is one of the sitting members on the Homeland Security Advisory Council Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism.  It “is a 25-year-old immigrant of Syrian heritage who said that the 9/11 attacks ‘changed the world for good’ and has consistently disparaged America, free speech and white people on social media.

“Laila Alawa was one of just 15 people tapped to serve on the newly-formed HSAC Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism in 2015 — the same year she became an American citizen. Just last week, the subcommittee submitted a report to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, recommending that the DHS avoid using Muslim terminology like the words ‘sharia’ and ‘jihad’ … In 2014, Alawa commemorated the September 11 attacks by tweeting that ‘9/11 changed the world for good, and there’s no other way to say it.

“‘I just hope we keep having open conversations about our differences.'”  Three thousand Americans dead “changed the world for good,” and the woman is a new member of the Obama administration, at the Department of Homeland Security.  Another member of the Department of Homeland Security. The same advisory council from Austin is out talking about how right-wing extremists pose just as big a threat or are just as dangerous as Islamic extremists.  Don’t doubt me, folks.  They despise us.  It’s incredible. 

And there’s more.


RUSH: It’s amazing how fast the week goes by when you don’t work one of the days.  I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.  Great to have you as always, as we engage in yet another excursion into broadcast excellence. 

TheHill.com actually reported on something I said yesterday, and they did it accurately.  Headline:  “Limbaugh: Dems Hate GOP More Than Radical Islam.  Conservative pundit…” (I guess I graduated from “talk show host.”) “Conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh says Democrats hate Republicans far more than they do radical Islamic terrorism,” and they quote me.  And Obama was evidence of it yesterday.  He goes out there and starts… Look, I’ll say it again.  He sounded like a defense lawyer to me yesterday. 

He sounded defensive about his own policies, sounded defensive about the enemy. He sounded defensive. Make sure we don’t misunderstand Islamists!  This tortured explanation for why he doesn’t refer to it as what it is: Islamic extremism, militant Islamic terrorism. He won’t go there, and his lame excuse is, “Well, it wouldn’t help us win.  It’s not gonna intimidate them!”  And of course, it wasn’t about them.  It’s always been about us trying to figure out just how seriously this country, this Regime takes this enemy. 

And my point is, he’s more worried about us.  He more worried about Trump.  He got angrier at Trump than he got and has gotten at any of this militant terrorism.  He gets angry at bitter clingers.  He gets mad at them. (impression) “Yeah, they sit around drinking beer in the middle of day at the VFW Hall listening to Rush Limbaugh!”  That’s on top of his previous descriptions of mainstream Americans. He calls bitter clingers. They “cling to their religion and their guns.”  I mean, it’s contempt, folks.  He has no problem displaying it, contempt for us, contempt for…

By “us,” I mean conservatives and Republicans.  Contempt for Trump.  But there’s no contempt, there’s no dislike — there’s no apparent anger, even — when acts of terror occur and Americans are mass murdered.  Doesn’t… It’s odd.  From TheHill.com, a similar story.  Here’s the headline:  “Democrats: GOP Complicit in Mass Shootings.”  By Mike Lillis.  “Republicans’ refusal to consider tougher gun laws makes them ‘complicit’ in the nation’s mass shootings, Democratic leaders charge in the wake of the shooting in Orlando.

“‘These 49 victims joined a long list of victims and families that are hurting because their Congress will stand for a moment of silence but do absolutely nothing,’ Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY)…”  You know, 3,000 Americans were killed on 9/11; not a single gun was used.  Are you aware of that?  Three thousand Americans died, and not a single gun was fired.  But even so, how absurd is it to link us because we are constitutionalists and defend it, including the Second Amendment.  We are now “complicit” in acts of terrorism. 

There is not a single gun control law on the books that would have stopped this guy from doing what he did, and there isn’t any future gun control law that would have stopped this guy from doing what he did.  By definition, criminals break the law.  And, by the way, these Democrats know it.  They know they’re lying to everybody.  They know full well what they’re really after is the erasure of the Second Amendment — and don’t forget this New York Times piece. 

There’s a New York Times editorial today advocating for a “secret” court to suspend the Second Amendment.  “A New York Times editorial advocates for a new law allowing a secret court to take away citizens’ right to own a gun at the discretion of the federal government.” This has been a liberal wet dream, potential orgasm for I don’t know how long, and here they are! They can taste it, they’re so close to it.  Every act that results in the death of Americans is an opportunity.  It is sickening. 

Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” 

It’s an opportunity for them to advance their political agenda, which is what this is.  They know as well as anybody else that taking away average, ordinary Americans’ right to own guns is not going to stop what happened in Orlando.  It’s not gonna stop any act of terror.  It’s not gonna happen what happened in San Bernardino.  They know it’s not gonna stop any crime committed with guns.  That’s not the point.  They’re not interested in getting guns out of the hands of criminals, folks.  They want guns that you own taken away from you. 

They’re not interested in getting guns out of the hands of criminals because everybody knows you can’t, by definition.  Criminals break the law.  They will find a way to get a gun no matter what the law says.  Law-abiding people will not — and this, they know.  So now, you have Joe Crowley, Democrat from New York, saying that we are complicit.  Now, imagine you’re a low-information voter, or you’re a Millennial, and your mind has already been wasted and destroyed by whatever education system that you’ve been subjected to.

So you’ve grown up believing all this tripe, and here comes some Democrat — somebody, just because he’s Democrat, you respect him — and he starts linking what happened in Orlando to the Republican Party.  That the Republican Party was complicit in it because they will not all the Second Amendment to be eliminated.  The scary thing is there are people who believe this, folks, people whose minds are not yet made up.  Leftist “progressives,” of course, have had their minds made up — and they will have their guns, by the way. 

Whatever they do regarding you and me, they will find a way to keep their guns, and don’t doubt for a second that there are many of them, many on the left, many progressives who own guns and like using them, and they’re not gonna give theirs away.  No.  Only conservative Republicans — average, ordinary Americans — will be forced to give up their guns. With every act of terrorism, the left are excited, thinking they are closer to realizing this dream of theirs, which may even be a bigger dream than national health care is. 

And they’re so close to it now, they can taste it!

Now in the old days, a major terror attack would bring the country together.  In the old days a major terror attack would end partisan rancor for a while.  But not any longer.  A terror attack is an opportunity for the American left, the progressives and the Democrat Party to advance their anti-constitutional anti-conservative agenda.  Crowley said these Republicans “would rather these events just continue to happen, I guess. I don’t know what the answer is.”  

They’re complicit in this by not acting and not taking a stance in some way, as though gun control would have stopped him. This guy went through background checks! He did not have an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle or “automatic” rifle like they originally reported.  It gets tiresome defending all this stuff every time it happens, but obviously the need is there.  “Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), the Democratic whip, pointed to an assault rifle ban as the surest way to have prevented the Orlando tragedy.”  There’s no such thing as an “assault rifle.”  Do you understand that? 

There is no such thing as an assault rifle. 

The weapon Hoyer is talking about requires a trigger pull for every shot just like every other firearm in the US.  But they want people to believe pull the trigger once and thousands of rounds are fired. “We gotta get rid of these automatic, semiautomatic weapons!” They don’t exist.  That doesn’t matter, ’cause the low-information crowd doesn’t know that. (interruption) Well, machine guns, yeah. But machine guns have been banned in the US since the 1930s.  In fact, that’s a good example.  Machine guns have been banned since the 1930s, and it’s not stopping the Mexicans, is it?  It’s not stopping the drug cartels, is it?  

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