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RUSH:  Okay, stop and think of this.  To Obama, to Hillary, to Democrats and the American left, whenever a guy says that he’s a woman, she’s a woman.  When a woman says, “No, no, no, I present as a guy,” the left says, “There’s a guy! There’s a guy!” “See the two boobs?”  “I say it’s a guy!”  So if you’re a woman and you want to be a man and you tell a Democrat you’re a man, you’re a man.  If you’re a man that wants to be a woman — and you tell the Democrats you’re a woman and you want to use the woman’s bathroom and you’re a man — they say, “Fine, have at it!”

Tell ’em you’re a Muslim; they say, “No.  No.  No.  You have to be… You’re inspired by Republicans.”  Men and women who want to present as opposite can tell Democrats that that’s who they are, and there’s no doubt whatsoever.  Somebody comes along and says, “I’m a Muslim!  I don’t like you! I don’t like the fact you’re an infidel. I’m gonna blow up every institution of yours I can,” and, “I’m not sure that we’re dealing with Muslims,” the Democrats say.  Isn’t it amazing? 

It’s unreal.  It’s unreal.  Every Drive-By Media report on the Orlando terror attack still claims that nobody can figure out a motive, except for the fact that Republicans did it, or that “religion” is responsible, but not Islam.  No ho-ho-ho! Christianity.  Yes, Christians, whether they know it or not, threaten homosexuals. Threaten! Heck, Christians threaten everybody, and that’s why people are not themselves.  Christians are to blame for every aberration taking place in this country.  The New York Times, Charles Blow is his name: “Omar Mateen: American Monster.”  It’s America’s fault!  “American monster,” Omar Mateen. 

Trump had it right yesterday: “He was born here, but his ideas are not from here.” That was a good line that’s been glossed over by a lot of people.  Yeah, this Siddiqui Mateen — whatever his name is — was born here, but his ideas are not from here.  Speaking of New York Times, their editorial board is still struggling here to find a motive, and they actually do blame the attack on Republicans! They blame the attack on Christians.  In the New York Times editorial you will not find the words “Muslim” or “Islam” or the attacker. 

But think about it.  Obama and Hillary — and, of course, the New York Times and the rest of the Drive-By Media — demand, the American left, demand that when a man self-identifies as a woman, that we accept him as a woman.  And, in fact, New York City will even fine businesses up to $250,000 if they don’t accept someone’s self-identification and call ’em the wrong pronoun.  Here we have Omar Mateen, a radical Muslim registered Democrat, and everybody from Obama, to Hillary, to the New York Times flatly refuses to accept him at his word. 

You know why? 

“He was obviously disturbed.  He doesn’t know who he is! He doesn’t know why he was mad.  He was mad.  We understand that.  He was upset, yes, but he was upset at Republicans, and he was upset at Christians.” The fact that he’s a Muslim and a registered Democrat, of course, is irrelevant.  These are the kinds of things that can literally drive you crazy and literally think there’s no hope left for the country. I mean, this is the lengths, the bastardization of logic, the denial of reality that the left is willing to do in order to preserve themselves and their agenda. 

Is… I don’t know how you attack it.  You can spend all day, every day, for 28 years — like I have — attempting to inform people of the debauchery, the lying, the misrepresentation, the phoniness with examples like I have given today and it seems to have little impact with people that haven’t made up their minds about things or they have low-information or what have you.  It’s really a puzzling, puzzling thing.  The news today is that Omar Mateen did this attack because the US is bombing his country, Afghanistan.  Wait a minute.  I thought he was an American? 

Wait a minute.  He was born here, right?  His parents weren’t.  His parents came here. (interruption) I’m getting to the CIA, Snerdley.  I can’t do it all in the first ten minutes.  Just be patient.  Snerdley thinks I’m blowing the lede here.  I’m just kidding.  Snerdley didn’t say that.  But, look, the news today is Mateen did this attack because the US is bombing “his country,” Afghanistan.  Afghanistan is not his country.  At least that’s what we’re told.  He was born here.  Therefore, something had to “radicalize” him.  It could not have been Islam!  It has to be something in America.

Yes.  And that’s where Christians and Republicans and conservatives come in.  Well, let’s just take this at its word, though.  If Omar Siddiqui Mateen is angry and did this attack because the US is bombing his country, who’s ordering the bombing?  Paul Ryan?  Fox News?  Talk radio?  No.  No.  It’s our esteemed president, Barack Hussein O, who has ordered the continued bombing of Afghanistan.  And yet not one person — not one media outlet — would dare to blame Obama for Mateen’s attack even though Mateen said, “I am ticked off! I am mad! They are bombing my country.” 

Well, the people in the gay bar were not bombing Afghanistan.  Obama was, and is.  But of course, they’re not gonna blame Obama.  They’re too busy trying to blame the NRA, too busy trying to blame Christians, too busy trying to blame talk radio, Fox News, the usual suspects.  The New York Times editorial board even published a second rant this morning: “The NRA’s Complicity in Terrorism.”  The guy… I’m telling you, this guy was in possession of a gun legally… Who was it?  The Homeland…? Not the Homeland Security guy. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was Jeh Johnson, the homeland security guy. Jeh Johnson. I guess he was on MSNBC this morning, and they asked him point-blank, “What could you have done to have denied this guy the use of a weapon?”  He couldn’t think of anything, ’cause every law that we have on the books, everything that was required, this guy passed.  He passed every background check.  

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