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The Clinton Foundation is back in the news. The Daily Caller reports they took in close to $18 million from foreign governments. While Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State, under Obama.

According to the Daily Caller in January of this year, Clinton Foundation officials used an obscure New York State charity board filing to “disclose” the donations. Democrat Party hack Eric Schneidermann, New York’s Attorney General, operates the public charity division where this incriminating “disclosure” was made. And was kept quiet.

The Clinton Foundation president is Donna Shalala, a Clinton insider. Last year, Shalala claimed there was absolutely no reason to believe the foundation “intended to conceal the receipt of government grants. She said the foreign donations were reported on the foundation’s website. Wrong. They’re not listed, anywhere, to this day.

Is that too complicated? Let me break it down for you. While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she and Bill Clinton were taking money from foreign governments that might need official favors. And they neglected to tell anybody.

When people started asking questions about the Foundation’s immense wealth, the Clintons “revised the record” about how much they took in from foreign governments. But they still tried to hide it. With help from Democrat Party hacks.

There’s a reason I call it the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. It’s corrupt, from head to toe! And what do you think they were talking that money for? They’re selling the presidency on the come, in advance. It’s not out country anymore. 

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