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RUSH:  This is Rich.  Rich, great that you waited.  Thank you.  Hello.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Very nice to speak with you, Rush.  I appreciate you being able to work me in.  Rush, the real reason that the massacre took place at the club in Orlando by Omar Mateen was that the club was a gun-free zone.  And it wasn’t a gun-free zone because they wanted it to be.  It was a gun-free zone because the state of Florida, in its infinite lack of wisdom in this case, actually has a law on the books, Statute 790.60, that makes it illegal to carry a weapon of any kind into a bar, essentially. 

And that was really tantamount to allowing this massacre to occur in this case, because here in Florida there are 1.4 million people who have weapons carry permits.  And that’s one of every 10 adults walking around loose.  And since there were 300 people in the club, that means that, if we use that rough figure one in 10, there would be 30 people with weapons in that club to have opposed Mateen, had they been permitted to carry their weapons into the club if they went by Florida law.  So I think we need to get these bad laws off the books and we need to get rid of gun-free zones to prevent these massacres from occurring again.

RUSH:  Let me ask you a question, Rich.  Do you think guys like Mateen and other mass murderers take the time to learn and pick targets that they know are gun-free zones, like schools and so forth, because they are confident they’re not gonna have any armed opposition at least for a while when they launch the attack?

CALLER:  Well, that would be a logical assumption. But, in Mateen’s case, we have more than logic to go on, because he was trained as a security guard, worked for G4S.  He knew police procedure.  He would have known Florida law.  He had scouted this place out repeatedly.  All of these reports that he was a secret closet gay because he had gone to this club on many occasions? Maybe he was scouting the club.  I think that’s what he was doing. So he knew that there was one armed guard there. He quickly disposed of him when he came on the scene on the night of the massacre.  He knew that none of these people were armed.  He knew Florida law.  No doubt about it. He scouted this place out.  In Mateen’s case, he knew exactly what he was doing.

RUSH:  So gun-free zones are self-defeating.  They’re absolutely ludicrous, are they not?  A gun-free zone is a red flag to a bull.

CALLER:  Definitely.  I mean, it’s totally illogical, because a criminal is not gonna follow the law.

RUSH:  Exactly.  It’s like making a school a gun-free zone.  It’s supposed to comfort the parents.  It means Little Johnny’s second grade classmate can’t grab Mommy’s gun and bring it to school.  I don’t know.  Rich, thank you.  Well stated in a brief amount of time.  Excellent.  Brevity is the soul of wit and all that.  You get an award.  No prize, but you get an award.  It’s just… There’s so much insanity out there today, you can’t keep up with it.

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