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In April, the Democrat governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, took a page out of the Obama handbook. Without consulting the state legislature, he decided to make new law. With a stroke of his pen, McAuliffe restored voting rights to convicted criminals in his state, adding 200,000 felons to the voting rolls.

The results, are still unfolding. Last week, it was discovered that the new voters include many sex offenders who’ve completed their sentences, but are too dangerous to release.

After a civil hearing, the sex offenders in question are held at the Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation. The director of the facility said 176 sex offenders meet the governor’s criteria to have their voting rights restored.

When this news hit, Terry McAuliffe sent out his spokeswoman to muddy the waters. Christina Nuckols said McAuliffe’s executive order doesn’t cover these sex offenders. She claimed it “specifically excludes individuals who are under any form of supervised release,” and that none of them had their rights restored. It’s all just partisan misinformation and hysteria. She says.

So, even though the sex offenders are back on the voting rolls, they’re not. According to Terry McAuliffe. Former Clinton insider. With a long track record of dubious, under-the-table dealings.

This much can’t be disputed. The criminal class has a political champion. It’s the Democrat Party. From Crooked Hillary on down, or up, depending on your point of view. 

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