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RUSH:  Hey, look, folks, I don’t care how you slice it out there, there’s a degree of panic and concern on the Democrat side about Trump versus Hillary.  And I have the telltale signs to back that up.  They’ve got this CNN poll out there, and they’re not happy about it.  Now, the Drive-Bys are trying to present it as though it is just wonderful news for Hillary, but it isn’t.  When you factor everything in, it is not good news, and if you go to the right places in the Drive-By Media, you will see that certain members give it all up, give it away.  The way to look at this is, given the apparent…

See, everything here is “apparent.”  Everything is being… They’re judging Trump by the same old standards that you judge every other normal politician by.  You can’t do that.  So they’re looking at Trump and the fact that he doesn’t have any money compared to Hillary.  They’re looking at Trump and they don’t see a campaign organization.  They look at Trump and say, “Big deal,” that he fired somebody.  “Big whoop.  People get fired in campaigns all the time, for all kinds of different reasons.”  But they’re looking at all of this stuff and they’re looking at, “This guy isn’t even serious.”

Then they go to the Republican side and they see that there’s a near mutiny in there at the convention. They’re still plotting ways to overthrow Trump.  Given that, Hillary ought to be up 70-30, and she’s barely up above the margin of error — and, in certain areas of the CNN/ORC poll, Trump is cleaning her clock.  This poll is not satisfying.  It is not uplifting.  It is not pleasing to the Democrats.  They’re only acting like it is.  And I tell you, here’s the dead giveaway.  This is a CNN headline on their own poll. 

“Clinton Tops Trump But Neither Prompts Excitement.”  That’s the dead giveaway that this is not going the way the Democrats thought it would go.  They have been thinking since last June… The Democrat side, now, and some of the establishment Republicans, who cannot take themselves out of the mold. They cannot get themselves outside the box and look at this in the right way.  They’ve never been able to.  You can’t plug Trump into the standard, ordinary, everyday procedures of party politics.  But they’re trying to.  And when they do, of course Trump looks terrible, when you plug him into that playbook. 

But the polls are not showing that.  Now, as I say, the way they’re writing the polls would make the average, ordinary low-information voter think it looks bad.  But to us seasoned veterans here, the Democrats have been thinking privately — there have been some exceptions to this. Privately, the Democrats have been thinking ever since Trump first insulted Mexicans and McCain that this is gonna be a cakewalk.  They have believed it’s gonna be a cakewalk, and they’ve been biding third time.  And they’ve been biting their tongues. 

They’ve been doing everything they can to make it look like they consider Trump to be a serious opponent, but they never have thought that in the bowels of the Democrat Party advisory caucus like with Carville and with Begala and these guys. Now, Carville… Carville may have been up to speed on this from the beginning.  He may have had a proper level of concern about it. But I guarantee most of the other places they have thought this gonna be a slam dunk.  The Democrats, you know, they’ve gone their own ups and downs.

They’ve got Crazy Bernie over here. Hillary couldn’t close that out without monkeying with the rules and using the elites playing their power card over there.  But the way they look at this, Hillary should have been running away with this. It should be over. The polls that are up there right now should show Trump with no chance whatsoever.  It’s just not the case, and they’re all in a state of… I wouldn’t call it “panic,” but they’re concerned. 


RUSH: I didn’t spend a lot of time yesterday on Lewandowski, folks.  I’ll tell you why.  You didn’t need to… There was nothing here that you weren’t gonna hear anywhere else.  It’s not that big a deal.  People get fired on campaigns all the time.  We told you what was important about it and that is that Trump children were the primary movers and shakers, and they’re out there saying today, “Yeah, it would not be wrong to say that.”  Lewandowski’s being a loyal soldier. 

He’s still out there being loyal and talking up Trump and so forth, hoping he’s gonna be hired back somewhere down the road if Trump gets elected, or maybe even later on during the campaign. But the Drive-Bys are looking for Lewandowski to start throwing dirt. It wasn’t gonna happen.  Lewandowski is loyal to Trump. So just they’re trying to do anything they can here to destroy Trump in June, which was another thing that apparently now we are learning happens to be in the playbook, that June is where campaigns are won or last.  Who knew! 

But now, all of a sudden, we’re finding out that this is how Obama beat Romney. He did it in June, just like Hillary is now beating Trump in June ad buys. Romney couldn’t reply, didn’t have the ability to spend the money. Trump doesn’t have the money, and there are other historical aspects of this being brought to bear.  But all of this is the conventional wisdom on things, and I still maintain with Trump here, you can’t plug him into all of these formulas and systems that you can plug a standard, ordinary, everyday politician into.  Now, they’re trying to make Trump into that.

Even some on the Republican side are trying to make sure that Trump starts following the playbook rules and so forth.  But he’s resisting it.  He’s on the Today show today and he apologized to Elizabeth Warren for calling her Pocahontas.  He said it was an insult to Pocahontas.  So he apologized to Pocahontas.  He apologized for calling Warren Pocahontas. He didn’t apologize to Warren.  He apologized.  So he’s not backing out. 


RUSH: I want you to move up to audio sound bites seven and eight.  Dana Bash and Carol Costello of CNN.  This is CNN’s New Day this morning, the first sound bite, and they’re worried that Hillary Clinton… It’s all about their own poll, and they’re worried if Hillary can’t pull away now when Trump seems disorganized and the Republicans are organizing maybe a mutiny for their own convention… If Hillary can’t pull away now, what does it say about her?

BASH:  Trump was just doing an interview that I was watching where he was saying just that. You know, and normally I would just say, “Okay, that’s just candidate spin.”  But he’s right.  I mean, he has had about the worst few weeks that you can imagine for a general election candidate for a whole host of reasons.  The fact that he’s only five points down I don’t necessarily think shows his strengths as much as it shows his opponent’s weakness, one that Republicans don’t think that he is taking advantage of enough.

RUSH:  Well, and they’ve got a point.  Look, they’ve got a point.  Trump should have been hammering Hillary on that inspectors general report. Instead of going after “the Mexican judge,” he should have been hammering her on that and there a couple other topics.  He’s out there tweeting like mad today on her speech.  I think those tweets could be better.  If I were sitting next to him, his tweets would have been much better.  But I’m not sitting next to him.  His tweets are okay.  You wouldn’t find any Republican out there saying what he’s saying, and it’s a good thing that he’s doing it.

But so many of them could have been so much more specifically targeted.  I’ll show you what I mean when we get to the sound bites.  But the way CNN has headlined their own story on their own poll, “Clinton Tops Trump”? It’s only five points.  That’s barely outside the margin of error.  They’re thinking Hillary should be running away with now just ’cause of how bad a week, month, whatever, Trump’s had.  But their headline is, “Clinton Tops Trump, But Neither Prompts Excitement.”  Oh, they’re worried.  And here’s Carol Costello.  She’s always a good bellwether, figure out… You know, she wears it all on her sleeve there.  As Carol Costello goes, so does pretty much goes the attitude at CNN.  And this was a sound bite from this morning.

She’s talking to their political editor, Mark Preston, about the CNN poll.

COSTELLO:  Here’s the depressing part of the poll.  This really did depress me: 56% would be embarrassed if Trump were president; 39% would be embarrassed if Clinton were elected.  That’s just depressing!  Forty-six percent would be afraid if Mrs. Clinton became president — and I’m only saying I’m depressed because these are the two candidates that voters have to choose between.

RUSH:  That’s not why you mean.

COSTELLO:  It says something about the America we live in now! Extremely divided.  These two candidates that are running are not very well liked. But the fact of the matter is it’s what’s on the table and it’s what voters have to choose from when we reach November.

RUSH:  Right.  It’s like Rumsfeld said: “You go to war with the army you have.”  You go to the election with the candidate you have.  But I have to disagree with Carol Costello.  I don’t think she’s depressed because of the overall poll.  She’s depressed because she loves Hillary!  All of these women babes in journalism love Hillary, and she can’t get her arms around the fact that Mrs. Clinton is that unpopular.  These people think they shape opinion, make opinion, influence opinion, and the fact that 46% would be embarrassed if Hillary’s elected tells these people CNN they’re failing in their jobs. 

They’re there to make Hillary look like a queen, to make her likable, to make her lovable (’cause Hillary can’t do that on her own), and that’s why she’s depressed.  She makes a point: Look I’m only depressed because these are the two candidates we have to do.  She laughs at everything she says.  Thirty-nine percent would be embarrassed if Clinton were elected.  Forty-six percent be afraid if Mrs. Clinton became president.  They think that Trump had… Again, this is the standard, ordinary political belief, right out of the playbook. 

The week, the month that Trump has had should have finished him, and it should have sent everybody running eagerly to the Hillary camp, and it’s not working out that way.  They’ve wanted Hillary since 2000, and then since 2008.  And now finally — finally — Hillary has overcome all the obstacles that those mean misogynists and chauvinists put in her way, and now the public doesn’t care! The public is not excited. The public doesn’t… They’re just let down. They just can’t deal.  So that’s an indication.  Those two sound bites right there are an indication of the overall mental state of the Democrat Party at large.  Don’t doubt me.  

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