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RUSH: The Secret Service is mad; some former agents are mad.  But, you know, who is this guy?  I can’t remember his name?  O’Neill. Robert O’Neill. He’s the Special Forces guy who claims to have pulled the trigger, shot the bullet that killed Osama.  Well, he came out and identified himself, and a bunch of people in the Special Forces community, the SEAL community, said, “You just don’t do that.  We don’t do that.” It’s never been done before. 

“We’ve got all kinds of secret missions of great, heroic acts and you’ve never known which SEAL did it.”  So there was… It didn’t mean he didn’t do it.  My point is O’Neill went out and said… He’s now a Fox analyst.  He says he’s the guy, he’s the one that encountered bin Laden. He pulled the trigger; he killed him. He’s made a big deal of it.  His fellow SEALs, when he first did this, let it be known they thought this was a violation of tradition, decorum, propriety, and all that. But nobody said he didn’t do it.  The same with this guy writing a book. 

You’ve got all kinds of people saying, “Oh, this is horrible! I can’t believe he did it.” But nobody’s denying it, are they? (interruption) Oh, some of them are saying he couldn’t have been where he would have needed to be to see some of this stuff, right? (interruption)  Okay.  The Secret Service’s job is to protect the president.  They’re gonna circle the wagons.  It doesn’t mean the stuff isn’t true.  I mean, some of it reads believable, like Hillary found out about Monica and they’re having sex over in the Oval Office. So she put her over in the East Wing, and Clinton hired her back.

He actually started paying her so he could get her back in the West Wing.  She was in the the West Wing; Hillary took her to the East Wing and then Clinton started paying her — not an intern, paying her — so get her back in the West Wing, and then there’s all sorts of stuff.  Bibles being thrown and ashtrays being thrown… Everybody… Mondale’s daughter. He knew that.  I mean, that’s not earth-shattering news. Neither is Barbra Streisand.  That’s not news, either, although this guy might not mention Streisand.  I haven’t read the book.  

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